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Meeting Minutes


January 16, 2014


Recreation Board Minutes
January 16, 2014

Attendance: James Bradbury, Lee Silbert, Sam Rhoades, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Alec Parkin, Richard Bateman, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Ellesse Spaeth

  1. Call to Order
    1. Call to order at 5:30
  2. Roll Call
    1. Roll call taken
  3. Public Forum
    1. None
  4. Reading/Approval of Minutes
    1. Approved
  5. Changes/ Approval of Agenda Items
    1. Approved to eliminate all agenda items besides the budget reading 5:0:1
  6. Budget Reading
    1. Steve: Significant change to equipment due to the expansion.  Equipment check out was moved out of the area, now different.  Increase in budget in equipment and hourly paired with a decrease in equipment maintenance in another portion of the budget.  New student were hired for more equipment cleaning and maintenance. 
      1. Operating expenses increase by $18,000
      2. Added machines, maintenance, staff, and new training room with supplies ($10,000) opening in Feb.
      3. Hourly increase: $154,000 included weight and equipment through Dec. Equipment check out now goes through Dan in an alternative budget.  Doubling of cardio and weight is about $80,000 bringing your total.  **Footnote needed on physical budget
      4. $42,000 added to equipment check out, budget remained the same as well as operating expenses
      5. Building services: With Dan Keane with no changes of the budget request.  This hourly is the Faculty Supervisors
      6. Locker Operations: Decrease in revenue with anticipated construction of the pool in the wet lockers. 
      7. Membership: Fall was the lowest we have seen in year, but not surprising.  Seeing signs of increasing membership.  Low revenue for this year with great potential of good years to follow.  Hourly might have a need for additional money that should be taken care of from additional revenue. 
      8. Facility Operations: Projection is the same as last year.  Spring fees will be distributed to different areas within the hourly portion we have $62,000 that will not be distributed.  That money is temporarily being put in this budget with the most potential to grow.  It will drop back in the next year.  Guest services manager is not under this budget.   Drop in operating expenses because this budget will need less facility rentals
      9. Marketing: Annie with 4 students where the hourly goes.  Push with social media.  Operating expenses with a lot of signage and events.  Travel with conventions also falls under that budget.  This is the first year with a staff in the second year of this position. 
      10. Out of house IT is going to the server. 
      11. Administrative:  Pays for the salary of the admin suit.  Large portion of the budget.  Insurance covers property and liability based on value of the building and that decision is not transparent.  General liability is based on head counts, injuries, lawsuits, etc.  Change of management triggered huge change in insurance premiums.  Travel pays for professional staff to attend conferences.  Operating expenses is typical with some small student development.  It is for internal events. 
      12. Revenue: Student fees take care of the deficit of facilities in the amount of 5.9 million.  First fee is in the 2013 budget.  This is a full year with a new fee.  GAIR accrued to the bonds.  Considered an ‘unduckable’ amount.  PIE Pooled Investment Income.
      13. Pg. 1) Decrease in revenues looking at $100,000 in deficit.  Optimistic from the current week.  We will go forward of this budget with the understanding that we will be better expected with upcoming fiscal year. 
    2. Nan: Need $5.9M in operating, 4.7 attributed to old fee, 1.2 needing to be paid by the new fee.  Translated into number from SOFO.  $20.88 fee.
    3. Pg. 7 Memo: Asking for a small enhancement to reverse a cut from 2 years.  Largest enhancement in any cost center. 
        1. Motion to approve the second reading of the budget with the understanding that it can still be changed.  5:0:0
  7. Adjournment
    1. Meeting called to close at 6:43