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Meeting Minutes


January 14, 2014


Recreation Board Minutes

Attendance: Spencer Graham, Chris Schaefbauer, James Bradbury, Lee Silbert, Sam Rhoades, Nan Lu, Gary Chadwick, Steve Najera, Alec Parkin, Richard Bateman, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Ellesse Spaeth, Macy Juhl, John Lanz

  1. Call to Order
    1. Call to order at 5:30
  2. Roll Call
    1. Roll call taken
  3. Public Forum
    1. None
  4. Reading/Approval of Minutes
    1. Approved
  5. Changes/ Approval of Agenda Items
    1. Approved
  6. Old Business
    1. Buff Up the Rec
      1. Gary: Saunders came through right at the end and the staff came through with finishing efforts.  Area D was not able to open, but opening in three weeks.

-Students and press reaction on twitter was fantastic
-Steve: Some negative feedback with all things that can be fixed or better understood. 

  1. CUSG Report
      1. Chris: Budget hearings in two weeks through the first couple weeks of March
  2. New Business
    1. SOR
      1. Steve: Not enough contingencies for the pool deck.  Asking to earmark $783,732 as a separate project after the renovation.  Hoping to start in May and end in November.  Available contingencies will go back to the add alternates. 
        1. Motion for a SOR request to earmark the $783,732. 

-Motion carries 6-0-1

    1. Reprioritize Add Alternates
      1. Some add alternates that could be grouped or moved due to lack of direct effect on safety and game play

-Items 1-5 are completed
-Acoustic treatments aren’t necessary as a priority
1. Motion to approve the new order of the add alternates to 6, 10, 16, 8, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20


c.   Carlson Update
i.          Steve: El Paso Flooring coming on Tuesday to make an
Estimate on the old floor.  Rough estimate of $200,00-     250,000.
-Facilities Management should look to pay for half of the cost. 
      d.   Franklin Field 
i.          Steve: Looking to see what it would look like to have new fields and new fields in Boulder Creek.  Tom Goodhue will be making design of the field lay out.
            -Gary: Want to allow these projects to be mutually exclusive between athletics and Boulder Creek.  
            -Athletics want a weekend by the end of January, but it is not possible with Leg.    

  1. Chair’s Report
    1. Sam: Excited about being the chair and looking for any ideas to add to things I would like to achieve this semester. 
  2. Director’s Report
    1. Gary: Have to decide on the Cochairman for Carlos Garcia

-Vice Chancellor approved the budget
-Admin prioritization being done by the university within about two month with all of the programs.  We need to prioritize the recreation center’s department.  Worrisome for the affect of the staff.  

  1. Executive Team Reports
    1. Tim: A ton of hours with all of the programs starting. 
  2. Budgets
    1. Nan: Looking at the copy approved by the Vice Chancellor, but that does not allow for lack of changes.

-Paying expansion cost along with increase cost of operation not exceeding $21 per student. 
-Paying back 12 year loan/3.5 million dollar bridge loan
-A lot of unknowns in the budget with the new space, increase comes from an operation side of the budget specifically utilities.  Also looking for more student employment to maintain the cleanliness of the new equipment that will coordinate with the maintenance staff. 
-Decrease in debt services for energy climate revolving fund (ECRF) that is run out of the E center for environment related project that were outstanding that will expire this year.  
-Need to increase operating expenses and hourly for the new and more advanced equipment in the newly renovated spaces.  The hourly will see an increase in usage for the ice arena. 
-Professional Exempts are at-will employees with less protection and Classified Staff are state contract employees with better job security and protection.     
-Hourly and operating increase for the outside leisure pool from estimate of the increase in cost. 
-Problematic area of clubs.  Clubs fundraise almost $400,000 that is not reflected in the budget.  Subsidy is determined from the tiers of the clubs.   
-Special Events is Jam fest in Feb.  They are meant to draw people in the door that we have not done a lot with. 
-No vending machines in the building and in the exploratory stages of what we want in place of them. 
-Recreation at Bear Creek revenue coming from the day passes.  Maintaining the majority of levels.  Some equipment is found in the capital budget.    

  1. Announcements
    1. FitWell pass is $75 this week for the year on sale. 
  2. Adjournment
    1. Motion to close at 7:30