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Meeting Minutes


November 19, 2013


Recreation Board Minutes

Attendance: John Lanz, Sam Rhoades, Macy Juhl, Zack Strang, Steve Najera, Gary Chadwick, Lee Silbert, Tim Jorgensen, Ellesse Spaeth

I. Call To Order
-Meeting called to order at 5:31 pm
II. Roll Call
-Roll call taken
III. Public Forum
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
-None minutes to approve
V. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items
-No agenda
VI. Old Business
Steve: Ice arena is troubleshooting with the first games over the weekend.  Issues with the ice not freezing properly around the edges. 
-Closed Jan 6-9th
-Locker room repair over break
-No penalty clauses for liquidated damages
-November 30th closure for steam outage with HVAC
VII. CUSG Report
-No report
VIII. New Business
-No new business
IX. Program Area Liaison Reports
Lee: Katie getting ready for January 6th
X. Chairs Reports
Zack: Rec looking at Franklin trades with athletics
Gary: Long range goal to make a field house on Franklin. 
-Looking for 4 fields to return
XI. Directors Report
Gary: Gone Friday through break
-Planning design for center courts
-Like the interlocken CU to separate rec from athletics
XII. Executive Team Reports
Tim: Annie strong for New Year
- Website launch, chancellor looked over website.  Looking at 2 years to go into affect.
-PAC12 program in Feb
-Intermural wrapping up seasons
-Mens and Womens national soccer championships in Arizona
-Ski team is going to Italy for freestyle
-Outdoor climbing wall going well, Emily on challenge course
-Darley going under construction