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Meeting Minutes


October 22, 2013


Recreation Board Minutes

Attendance: Gary Chadwick, Steve Najera, Nan Lu, Chris Schaefbauer, Lee Silbert, John Lanz, Alec Parkin, Spencer Graham, Zack Strang, Macy Juhl, Patty Hartman, James Bradbury, Richard Bateman, Coco Wham, Catherine Bogart, John Myre, Sam Rhoades, Ellesse Spaeth

Finance Board:
-Updated project presentation by Steve and Tina
-Looking into packaging pool deck as a separate project
I. Call to Order
-Meeting called to order at 6:03
II. Roll call
-Roll call taken
III. Public Forum
IV. Reading & Approval of Minutes
-Minutes approved
V. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items
-Moved CUSG and New Business to the top of the agenda
VI. CUSG Report
a) Women’s Locker Room: Moving forward with ‘more private’ workout area.
-Religious issues of women brought to attention
-Zack: Focus on working and feasibility as well as competing interest of rooms with rec programming.  This will be in informal, private, and temporary space. 
-Proposed 1) matts behind cardio area 2) multipurpose room over the rink 3) wording: trouble with exclusivity in gender “ski scope scheduling” for times of day
-Need more numbers for religious vs. gender issues. Problems with making a gender-neutral space for title 9
-Gary: Program time for religious compensation.  We can pride ourselves on accommodating for reasons of diversity.
VII. New Business
a) Policy change: Pattyà Scheduling proposal for requests on the Event Management System
-Event management form wasn’t required for conference with 10 days
-Approved and sent back for confirmation
-Want to streamline EMF for anything outside of the Rec including the ice arena
-Aligning with the UMC
-Chris: Move to approve the policy change 6:0:1
VIII. Old Business
b) SOR request: Steveà $500,000
-Additional project allows for general circumstances
-Consider adding it back through add alternates
-Issues with potential lack of contingencies
-6 month project, want to earmark SOR
IX. Program Area Liaison Report
-Richard with Lara for membership
-Men’s locker room sold out
-Gary: Staff has responsibility for staff to extend hours.  We should bring in liaisons for reports/presentations
-Lee: Weightsà Temperature and transition kinks getting worked out
X. Chair’s Report
-Zack: Terms/norms needing transition for new members.  Interviews and elections are coming up. 
-Chancellor will be more involved in budgets this year.  There will be three budget readings
XI. Director’s Report
-Gary: Athletics has interest to move team house to the north end of Franklin field
-Wanting a trade that could allow for long range plans.  Looking for four fields with synthetic turf and lighting
XII. Executive Team Reports
-Steve: Heat in the rec center, adjustments being made
XIV: Announcements
XV. Adjournment
-Meeting called to close at 7:31 pm