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Meeting Minutes


October 8, 2013


Recreation Board Minutes
October 8, 2013
Attendance: Macy Juhl, Sam Rhoades, Steve Najera, Ellesse Spaeth, George Hoey, Lee Silbert, Tim Jorgensen, Nan Lu, Gary Chadwick, Richard Bateman, Alec Parkin, Chris Schaefbauer

I. Call to Order
-Meeting called to oder at 5:47 following hard hat construction tour
II. Roll Call
-Roll taken
III. Public Forum
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
-Minutes approved
V. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items
VI. CUSG Report
-Chris: Fundraising for flood efforts, keeping track of the contributions. Doing trail clean up.  CUSG effort for no Saturday finals is in effect.  Eldora is taking back their policy change.  
VII. Program Area Liaison Reports
-Alec: Club sports have CU v. CSU hockey game on the 19th. Women’s soccer is undefeated.  Scheduling conflicts upcoming with displacement from the flood. 
-Gary: Effort to balance program and leisure recreation with scheduling on fields. 
VIII. Chair’s Report
-Sam: No announcements
IX. Director’s Report
-Gary: I would like a working roster for everyone on Rec Board
X. Executive Team Reports
-Nan: Looked at the pool deck to not be included in this project, but its own separate project.  Would be looking to use funding from SOR.  The budget process is beginning earlier this year from the Chancellor’s Agreement.
-Tim: Intermural about to begin their second sessions. Flag football season is coming.  Fitwell is doing very well with classes.  Have a new program staff. 
*Talked about bringing liaisons in for presentation during Rec Board meetings
-Steve: Area E offices open Thursday and Friday.  They are temporary use until January.  Southwest addition open] January 6th. Mike and Tina will be coming to meet with us about the project progress.  Made up three weeks lost in construction time lost.  Areas of Farrand closed for the rest of the year.  Damage cost is still being assessed.  Those costs will go to Insurance and FEMA. New construction with the paths to practice fields and soccer competition fields. 
XI. Facility Requests
XII. Old Business
XIII. New Business
XIV: Announcements
XV. Adjournment
-Meeting called to close at 6:19 pm