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Meeting Minutes


September 24, 2013


Recreation Board Minutes

Attendance: Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Richard Bateman, James Bradbury, Bryan Hostetter, Nicole Latocque, Tim Jorgenson, Zack Strang, Alec Parkin, Ellesse Spaeth, George Hoey, Lee Silbert, Gary Chadwick, John Lanz, Sam Rhoades

I. Call to Order
-Meeting called to order at 5:30
II. Roll Call
-Roll call taken
III. Public Forum
-Three cheers for Chipotle!
-Tim introduced new IM Assistant Director Bryan Hosteler.
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
-No minutes to be approved
V. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items
-No agenda
VI. CUSG Report
-Franklin field delay closing passed
VII. Program Area Liaison Reports
-Boulder Bushin Kan Request:
Nicole: Similar in nature to our program in the Rec.  Instructors considered it would be a conflict of interest, they would like to incorporate that type of martial art but they are not interested
Steve: Can they explore a new sports club?
Gary: They need to meet curtain criteria so SF is not subsidizing community event.  It can be offered to them as an option.
Motion: Sam motion to not grant them the space asked for.  Motion passes 7:0:1
VIII. Chairs Report
-Zack: Site tour next week during regular times
-Zack: Professor Mark S has a question re using paper to clean machines.  Steve will respond.
IX. Directors Report
-Feel free to call for bylaws/policy
X. Executive Team Reports
Tim: 10/19 is the CU vs CSU hockey game
-Soccer tournament this last weekend
-OP interviewed for Challenge Course Coordinators and will make a decision soon
Nicole: New spaces and classes are very popular, getting great feedback.
-Friday power hour-free, various programs 5:00 pm every Friday
-New conditioning classes
Bryan: Weather challenges causing a lot of rescheduling to games
Steve: Areas on the fields with water damage are being closed.
-Construction ---- focus on the roof.  Will get more info from OAC tomorrow. Ice delayed due to the floor. Working with Saunders.