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Meeting Minutes


September 10, 2013


Recreation Board Minutes

Attendance: Ruth Sanchez, Steve Najera, Nan Lu, Lee Silbert, Alec Parkin, Richard Bateman, Tim Jorgeson, Ellesse Spaeth, Zack Strang, Sam Rhoades, Tina Wells, James Bradbury, John Lanz, Chris Scheafbouer, Spencer Graham

I. Call to Order
-Meeting called to order at 5:31 pm on September 10, 2013
II. Roll Call
-Roll call taken
III.  Public Forum
a. Boulder Bushin Kan: Sean Zinnan 1995, representing the 501c non-profit group
-Ancient martial art with roots in Japan
-Were using the Carleson dance gym but have lost the space to availability
-Proposal is looking for a way of securing the space in the gym for set times because they need the space and amenities but are not an official student recognized organization. 
Zac: No available space with all of the renovations
Tim: The one reason they do not want to be added to the Rec classes is that they do not want to compete.
*Come back to decision next meeting thinking about next year’s possibilities
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
-Minutes approved
V. Changes/Approval to Agenda Items
-Agenda approved
VI. CUSG Report
-Chris: Election packets are out.  Hosting forum to talk about solutions to the ongoing issue of student safety.  Making revisions to the blue lights for lack of use and a cost to the university for maintenance.
VII. Program Area Liaison Reports
-No reports
VIII. Chair’s Report
a. Franklin Field
Zac: Policy after events patrons have one hour to evacuate.  The request is to move the time frame from 60 min to 90min. 
-Questions about how well it is enforced and who is responsible for the cleanup afterwards. 
b. Site tour scheduled for Thursday the 19th from 11-12
IX. Director’s Report
-No director’s reports
X. Executive Team Reports
Tim: Rescheduling intermural, club gearing up, fit well is in the studios
Nan: Tuesday finance board, fourth quarter reports are in
Steve: Rain in the building, not repaired for the open gaps in the building, which caused a lot of damage.  Caused issues with Saunders reaction to the damage
XI. Facility Requests
-No requests
XII. Old Business
a) Tina: Started under budget at 3.2 to construction and 1.4 to the changes
-$298,000 for the last 6 months of construction
-$920,000 in constructions contingencies and $470,000 back to the fund
-Risk factors in potholes
-65% complete
-Awarded more alternates from reduction contingency
-SW addition for casting open in spring semester, move in Jan 6th
-Turf and lower gym complete in late March
-Tennis courts (October), courts in 30 day curing process
-Opening delay is causing budget changes
XIII. New Business
-No new business
XIV. Announcements
-Ellesse: Chipotle for the next meeting
XV. Adjournment
-Meeting called to close at 6:50 pm