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Meeting Minutes


Jan. 17, 2013

Attendance: Zack Strang, Cheryl Kent, Sam Rhodes, John Lanz, Ellesse Spaeth, Spencer Graham, Lee Silbert, George Hoey, Tim Jorgenson, Steve Najara, Nan Lu, Richard Bateman, Alec Parkin

I. Call to Order
-Call to order at 5:40
II. Roll Call
-Roll call taken
III. Reading and Approval of Minutes
-Motion passed to approve January 15th minutes
IV. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items
-Changes made to make Thursday an all budget meeting
V. Budget
-Looking at Blue packet on last page in column D/F
-Fiscal year 13 ends in 2013
-Cash transfers to subject to GAIR
-Approx. 4 mill from student support
-900,000 goes back to student employment
-Pg 13 needs to prove that we can cover the bond debt of 120%
-Won’t need to ask for additional money, it will come from the school
-White packet
-Cycle, rowing, 3-7 group
-Hockey/Rugby uniforms
-Franklin Scoreboard
-Student fee revenue page

  1. Motion to approve the 5,10,15% pricing for (1,2,3), passed 6:0:1
  2. Motion to approve the three listed changes in policy regarding pricing, passed 6:0:1
  3. Motion to approve new locker prices, passed 6:0:1
  4. Motion to approve the first reading of the 2013 budget, passed 6:0:1

VI. Adjourn
-Motion to adjourn at 8:07