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Meeting Minutes


Dec. 4, 2012

Attendance: Zach Strang, Cheryl Kent, Ellesse Speath, Sam Rhodes, Steve Najara, Alec Parkin, Lee Silbert, Spencer Graham, George Hoey, Tim Jorgenson

I. Call to Order
            -Mr. Strang call meeting to order at 5:33 pm on December 4, 2012
II. Roll Call
III. Public Forum
-None present
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
-Motion passed to approve the steering and rec board minutes
V. Changes and Approval to Agenda Items
-Motion passed to approve all agenda items
VI. CUSG Report
-No one present
VII. Program Area Liaison Report
-Nothing to report from the liaisons
VIII. Chair’s Report
-Zach: Explanation of the Lacrosse usage of the Kittredge Fields as a practice field. 
-Construction would begin as early as July 1
-The possibilities are: turfs, lights, move scoreboard, grandstand, locker rooms, and concession stand
-Issue is with summer camps that we have no other place to put them
-Could be there anywhere from 3-7 years (eventually move to boulder creek development)
IX. Director’s Report
-Cheryl: Staff retreat in January to sort through drafts, and working on the new organization and development goals
X. Executive Team Reports
-Tim: Found a contact for relay for life, other then that the program is winding down for the semester
-Steve: Construction going on for a large pipe going through the business field
-Looking for a way to make the least amount of impact doing that because rugby uses the field for practice
-Replacing some equipment at Bear Creek
-Carlson 206 floor is refinished but not totally done
-Dance floor studio floor will be fixed over break
-Visiting the DU rec center to get ideas for event center layouts
-Preparing for phase two renovations (weight)
Attempt to make the move in two days that the weight room will be closed from Jan 1-3
-Motion to approve the attempt to open up the Bear Creek weight room during the days the Rec weight room will be closed. Pass 6:0:1
-Annie: Doing a lot of meeting with student groups.  Adding display boards on the fences to raise awareness.  Needing to identify more student groups to connect with. 
-Nan: Challenge to identify the budget but will be an exciting time in Jan
XI. Old Business
XII. New Business

  1. Budget Project Update

-Tina: 63.5 mil ---- Construction 45.5 mil (starting)
49.6 (Saunders Adjustment)
2.6 (Contingency)
-DD Phase with pack 1-3: 50.8 mil
-Saunders in holding a bidding contingency
-Enough funds in contingency to cover 2 mil past budget
-Additional conversation for additional million
Wanting to wait for bid pack 4 (April)
-Pack for is a week late and coming back on Christmas
XII. Announcements
            -Zach: Budget meetings tues/thurs
XIV. Adjournment
-Motion passed to adjourn at 6:19