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Meeting Minutes


Nov. 6, 2012

Attendance: Sam Rhoades, Lee Silbert, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Ellesse Saeth, Zack Strang, Spencer Graham, Steve Najera, Nicole Larocque 

I. Call to order
II. Roll Call
            Manual check
III. Public Forum
No one to report
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
            Motion to approve minutes as they are by Sam.  Motion passed. 
V. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items
            Motion to approve agenda.  Motion passes. 
VI. CUSG Report
            No one to report
VII.  Program Area Liaison Report
            Lee: The ice rink is fighting to stay frozen
VIII. Chairs Report
Zach: (Report from Guest Services) Numbers are down slightly which is to be expected.  They are having some transitional issues with the locker rooms.   Still trying to figure out issues with future pricing.  Want to simplify membership packages.  Looking at the opportunity for online abilities to renew memberships.
IX. Director Report
Nicole: Want to centralize wellness with a website.  This would include tabs for students, faculty, and other community member for easy navigation.  Looking for a logo to put on CU Wellness. 
Cheryl: Looking for marketing ideas from the conference coming up.  Wanting to engage the “late night” students.  We are working with athletics for women’s lacrosse to share the field as well as partnering up to improve the Kittridge fields.  Athletics would be looking at paying $750,000.  This would go to a turf field, lighting, parking, bleachers, sound, locker rooms, or restrooms. Concerns would be what would the return on the investment be and working with timing and scheduling. This would not be permanent.  They are looking into building a complex over by Boulder Creek.
X. Executive Team Report
Steve: Working to finalize design.  Robots will be here tomorrow.  Construction has had a few setbacks.  We are troubleshooting to keep communication up and everything on pace.  We are already making plans for a smoother phase two. 
Nan: Just going through ½ quarter reports.  Membership is slightly down.  Met with student affairs as well as facility management.  There are continuous contingencies.  Finding a replacement for the gym floor is a priority. 
Cheryl: Press grants borrow 1 million dollars with the campus loan.  There are multiple options for the payment.  The remaining package is going out and should be back in December.  This will give us a better idea of where we are with the budget.
Nan: Do we want to delay the student fees? I think we want construction to be substantially completed before we start charging students. 
XI. Facility Requests
A. Instructional classes
Nicole: Opening up activities classes to non-students at a higher rate (Martial Arts, Life Guard Certification, CPR.)  The  classes are not meeting the student needs.  Bylaws no not allow membership for the general community.  We open us risk and security.  Right now were are looking into the legalities.  The hot button is for spring certification classes. 
Cheryl: Are we in line for a motion?
John: Motion for approval pilot for certification classes for external members with Nicole having the authority to create rate increase for the entirety of the spring semester, without an effect on the members to not compete with student enrolment/participation.
Spencer: Second
Zach: Discussion 6:0:1, motion carries.
XII. Old Business
            Nothing to report
XIII. New Business
            Nothing to report
XIV. Announcements
XV. Adjournment
            Motion to dismiss.  Motion carries at 7:03pm.