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Recreation Board Minutes

HockeyOctober 9, 2012

Attendance: Spencer Graham, Alec Parkin, Colin Finch, Sam Rhoades, Lee Silbert, Richard Bateman, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, George Hoey, Ellesse Spaeth, John Lanz, Steve Najera, Tim Jorgenson, Zack Strang

I. Call to Order
-Mr. Strang calls meeting to order at 5:36 pm
II. Roll Call
            -Done with paper sign in sheet
III. Public Forum
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
            -Editing of spelling of names in attendance
-Mr. Strang motion to approve minutes, seconds, call to question, no opposition, motion carries.
V. Changes/Approval of agenda items
-Mr. Strang motions to remove ‘Facility Requests’ from the agenda, seconds, call to question, no opposition, motion carries.
VI. CUSG Report
            -No CUSG representatives present
-Question brought up about Tyler’s attendance at meeting due to schedule conflictions
VII. Program Area Liaison Reports
-Some liaisons still have not met with their program heads, but all have scheduled a time to do so.
VIII. Chair’s Report
-Mr. Strang reports on the success of groundbreaking. 
-Ice breakers (Name, major, favorite recreational activity, where you’re from)
-Report of what you learned
IX. Director’s Report
-Ms. Kent: It is very busy because of the moving day for the office for Nan, Pauline, Patty, Iris, Angele, and herself.
-Working on all possible ways to support the staff in the hectic times ahead
X. Executive Team Reports
            Mr. Jorgenson:
-Numbers are still up
-Fit Well program is transitioning into group trainers
-Outdoor (scuba, fishing, challenge) is doing incredibly well
-Oct 18th will be a meeting to design the new rock wall
-October 19th CU vs. CSU hockey game
-October 19th golf scramble
-Intramurals are creating tournament schedules
-Looking for 5 program head positions.
Steve Najera:
-Staff is moving offices today and next Wednesday
-Scrambling to meet deadlines with demo starting next week
-Wanting to paint or create a contest to paint the temp desk for the new entrance
Nan Lu:
-We are seeing a drop in Faculty/Staff membership
-October 30 we go to the finance board for first quarter report
XI Facility Requests
            -Taken off Agenda
-Should be expecting some in the next few weeks
XII Old Business
A. Buff Up the Rec
            Cheryl (During Director’s Report)
            -70 page addendum was sent back out
-Still waiting to see where finances will lie
-Looking at scenarios as to when to apply the new fee
-Attempting to work with student affairs
-Completing internal review
Nan Lu (From Executive Report)
-Have been meeting with the campus finance office
-Looking into taking out a loan (outcome on projection will be in 1-2 weeks)
-Just completed the program review (results sometime in October/November)
Zach Strang
            -Next Steering meeting is October 17, 2012 from 3-4 pm
-We want more attendance at those meetings
-Goal is to create a self-sustaining group
-Presentations: 1. Town Hall Meeting
2. CUSG Exec (Next Thursday)
3. IFC
-Ms. Kent: mentions Zach’s great speech at groundbreaking
XIII New Business
            -Nothing to report
XIV Announcements
            -Last day for Colin Finch
-Mr. Strang thanks him for all of his hard work and dedication to the Rec Board
-Ms. Kent shares her experience with him and applauds him for being the heart and soul of the rec center.  Thanks him for always stepping up to the plate. 
-George thanks him for being a great mentor to all the people who ever needed his assistance
XV Adjournment
-Mr. Strang call for adjournment, seconds, called to question, motion carries at 6:49 pm.