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Meeting Minutes


March 8, 2012

Attendance: Diane Belz, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Tim Joregensen, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Patricio Nieto, Sam Rhoades, Alex Voigt

  1. Call to Order: 6:00pm
    1. Corrections to the minutes from March 1, 2012, and approval of agenda for March 8, 2012
      1. Mr. Rhoades motions to approve minutes from March 1, 2012 with corrections. Mr. Nieto seconds. Ms. Voigt calls to question. Motion passes 5-0-0.
      2. Mr. Nieto motions to approve agenda for March 8, 2012. Mr. Rhoades seconds. Mr. Rhoades calls to question. Motion passes 5-0-0.
  2. CUSG Report

To be discussed in section VIII, Old Business.

  1. Program Area Liaison Reports


  1. Executive/Task Team Reports
    1. Mr. Jorgensen: Sign-ups for intramural soccer are way up, sign-ups for flag football down. We are ahead of revenue. Many of our club sports teams are competing at national levels. The Challenge Course staff is gearing up for summer. There will be a Fitness and Wellness upgrade staff meeting on Saturday, March 10, 2012.
    2. Ms. Belz: The new open recreation programs aim to bring new users to the Rec. We are trying to reach different avenues. One of the events is underwater hockey, which uses four lanes in the competition pool. It has had a decent turnout. We are still trying to identify if the new users are coming in for the new programming, specifically. Drop-in broomball is scheduled for next week. Staff will be there to hand out equipment and monitor the game. There will be a $2 equipment charge for broomball.
    3. Ms. Lu: None.
    4. Mr. Najera: The maintenance staff is working hard to prepare outdoor fields for club sports and intramurals. Two weeks ago, we decided to convert a conference room into a functional training room that includes P90X type of stuff, a television and DVD player. It has a capacity to hold eight people and has been popular. We are planning to have an open house so that the Rec Board and Rec staff can check it out. There was a problem with the heat exchanger in the Carlson Gym. A new backup power source was being installed and the power was shut off. The heat exchanger did not turn off and melted several PVC pipes causing flooding. Carlson is back, up and running.
  2. Chair’s Report
  1. Director’s Report
  1. Facility Requests
  1. Old Business
    1. Budgets
      1. Mr. Deakyne:Budget hearings (March 7) went pretty well; the number passed. This year, the executives submitted their own recommendations for the budget. The executives recommended 0% without unduckables, a $66,000 budget cut, and an additional fee for broomball. Two-thirds of intramural teams are making it to the playoffs.The Finance Board did not want to close the East Entrance, and also focused on program enhancement. Some questions need better answers, including IT enhancement. Why can’t we use OIT or students to fill the position? We are working on getting more information.

Ms. Lu: The primary point analyzed was the impact of the renovations on student use of the Rec. When the Rec is being renovated, additional staff may be needed at Carlson Gym, and other locations. These duties will be added to staff duties. The students may feel some impact, but the support staff will feel more. The impact of not hiring an IT person was also analyzed. IT support will be important during construction. Hiring an IT person during construction will also set the stage for IT infrastructure and support in the future. Our current POS software has the capability to utilize biometrics, but it is not stable enough to fully use.
Mr. Finch arrives 6:22pm.
Mr. Finch: The optimal time to invest in IT infrastructure is now rather than later. Steve be prepared to answer questions about the possibility of hiring students for this position.
Mr. Najera: Students have diverse schedules and assisting Bob is more than a student task. OIT offers two services, desktop support of managing services.
Mr. Jorgensen: We want a person to understand the program area. They need a Bachelor’s Degree, and at least two years of experience.

  1. New Business
    1. Mr. Deakyne: We present at 6:30pm on Wednesday, March 14 at Leg. Council
  2. Buff Up The Rec
    1. We are currently moving forward with the design process.
  3. Announcements
    1. The Rec Center staff lock-in will take place Saturday, March 10.
  4. Adjournment                     
    1. Mr. Nieto motions to adjourn. Mr. Rhoades seconds. Mr. Nieto calls to question. Motion passes 6-0-0. Meeting adjourns 7:01pm.