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Meeting Minutes


January 26th 2012


  1. Call to Order: 5:45pm
    1. Corrections to the minutes from January 24, 2012 and the final minutes (post executive session) from January 26, 2012

In title, change January 26 to January 24
Attendance: Spoeth = Spaeth
Before II. Facility request, Bruce Deakyne, Patricio Nieto arrive at 6:02pm
In Section II, all (3) references to January/February should be April (The rental is April 13-14).
In Section III.h (page 3) Shaker should be Chaker
In Section III.k (bottom of page 4), "enhancements" should be removed from the wording and added as a Friendly Amendment by Mr. Rhoades

  1. Facility Request
    1.  Hillell: Student group wishes to have a dinner for approximately 200-500 people in the General Gym similar to the Taste of Africa event.  They will bring in Rental City for tables and chairs.  Food brought in from a kosher kitchen.
      1. Mr. Royal motions to approve. Mr. Nieto seconds. Mr. Royal motions for approval Friday March 16, 2012 with Ms. Belz’s discretion to change to a different Friday—friendly amendment. Motion passes 7-0-0.
    2.  Student Organization wishes to rent the ice for an entire day for a broomball philanthropic tournament.  Ms. Belz mentions that this would cancel quite a few regularly attended open events on the ice.  Suggested to the student group to have the event in the morning on a Saturday.
      1. Mr. Nieto motions to approve to rent ice on a Saturday from 9am to 2pm with all applicable fees. Mr. Finch seconds. Motion passes 7-0-0.
    3.  Boulder County Roller Derby: Group requests to use the general gym this upcoming fall.  Ms. Belz told them it would not be available due to the construction and mentioned that summer would be possible.  They would bring in own flooring but would need bleachers for spectators.  This could be their inaugural event.
      1. Recommendation to pursue this further on the basis of not having done it before and to find a date and bring back a few more details for approval.
    4. Request for IFC: Request for a weekend for the main expansion gym.  Would run Friday Night and Saturday for a full tournament. 
      1. Discussion on combining with PanHellenic
      2. Recommendation to pursue further and come back with more details
  2. Budget Report
    1. Final Reading

Ms. Lu:  Updated budget has new order of cuts for 3%.  Nan did match the order to the 0% with the exception of leaving out Item H (Intramural). Nan felt that this was too large of an affect on the at large number of students.
Mr. Nieto confirmed that this would affect next year IM, not this Spring.
Mr. Deakyne requested clarification on travel and why is it coming from 3 categories.
Mr. Deakyne asked if there was a general agreement about item H.
Mr. Rhoades agreed with the move.
Mr. Royal asked if Mr. Deakyne was comfortable presenting this change
Ms. Kent stated that they try to save students jobs.
Mr. Deakyne stated the difference between the 2 pages is basically a ½
scenario. Feels it makes sense to leave off of smaller list
Mr. Deakyne: Any additional changes?
Ms. Lu page: 7 – Did a breakdown of the enhancements. Programs
Mr. Deakyne: Should we prioritize the items within the Program enhancement.
Mr. Jorgensen Handed out benchmarking on salaries for review
Mr. Deakyne:  Do we want to prioritize enhancements
Mr. Rhoades: Were we going to try and add some of the of the program enhancements to match with the other enhancements
Mr. Finch Suggested to wait until we get a feel from the finance board regarding enhancements
Mr. Nieto: Is there any possibility of getting a marketing internship.
Mr. Jorgensen: This has been looked into.  Did advertise but did not get any apps.  Also presented to professors but they wanted the student to report to a Marketing person, of which we do not have.  Discussion
Mr. Deakyne: Why isn’t the Outdoor Budget up for cuts?
Mr. Finch: Because it is its own budget set by the LEG bill in 2005
Mr. Deakyne:  Any additional questions/comments?
Ms. Kent: Are we willing to say one of the scenarios of cuts is acceptable in order to fund one or more of the enhancements.
Mr. Royal: What is the difference of Capital and Enhancements.
            Ms. Kent explained
Ms. Kent: Nan please explain the history on enhancements
Mr. Lu: We have been funded positions, money for facility rental, cardio                                        room
Ms. Kent : It ends up being ongoing expenses instead of a one time
Ms. Kent: idea is not to increase fees so a reduction somewhere else would fund this.
Mr. Deakyne: should we meet on Tuesday to discuss further?
Mr. Royal: Let’s look at which position we would prosper with more?  Do the enhancements outweigh what we would cut?
Mr. Finch : would disagree that the cuts are livable
Mr. Deakyne : page 33 – Feels that the need for IT is too important.  Maybe look at revenue generators.
Mr. Finch discussed the history of the past cuts. We have been cut a lot in the past.  Although the first ones seem small they are collectively over the years large.
Mr. Deakyne: Took a 3.6% cut last year.  Our new construction is built on a 0% cut. (FY1011 Budget)
Ms. Lu: discussion of using SOR for funding position until new budget takes place to take over position.
Ellesse: How would this affect us if we do not have this position?
Ms. Kent:  We would open less than optimal and we would struggle through the movement of operations through the construction phases as is.
Mr. Deakyne: Hand held devices during construction are likely
Ms. Lu: Conference room will probably be smart functions and we are not ready for this transition with our current staff
Ellesse: Who would train? 
Ms. Kent: This would be something that new person would do.  This is not just an access issue.  It is an opening issue that we would not have someone (or timing) that everything goes up at one time.  It would have to be phased as we move into the new building
Ms. Lu: We are experiencing the deficiency already. 
Mr. Deakyne: Suggested to take a few days to think about it.  Review cuts             and enhancements.  Let him know by email.  It there is a need to meet               again we will schedule another meeting next week.
Cheryl: Discussion on who will be helping with the presentation.                 Mr. Rhoades and Mr. Nieto both offered to assist. 
Ms. Lu: Has offered to review with anyone who would like to sit down                              with her.  Get with her next week to schedule a time.

  1. Announcements

            Mr. Deakyne: Vice chair nominations -- Mr. Strang is leaving next week. 
Mr. Finch said that we already requested people to email
Mr. Royal motions to move to Executive Session, Mr. Rhoades Seconds.
Post-Executive Session minutes from 1/26:
Mr. Nieto motions to approve the FY1213 Recreation Services budget request of 0% + unduckables for a student fee request of $4,840,514 and net budget request of $5,879,396 including the budget in its entirety. Mr. Strang seconds. Motion passes 5-0-2. 

Mr. Deakyne announces the board has voted Mr. Rhoades to be the new vice-chair effective immediately

  1. Adjournment

Ms. Voigt motions to adjourn. Mr. Royal seconds. Motion passes 7-0-0.