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Meeting Minutes


January 24th 2012

Attendance: Diane Belz, Jarryd Butler, Isra Chaker, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Patricio Nieto, Sam Rhoades, Ellesse Spaeth, Zack Strang

  1. Call to Order: 5:56pm
    1. Mr. Rhoades motions to approve the minutes from January 19, 2012. Mr. Hoey seconds. Motion passes 4-0-1.
    2. Bruce Deakyne and  Patricio Nieto arrive at 6:02pm
  2. Facility Request
    1. Boulder Valley School District
    2. Ms. Belz: In the early fall I requested for dive meets on Saturdays for the boys and girls swim team. They would like to run their swim meet along with their dive meet. It will fill our decks. Do we want to close the deck to our own swimmers and club water polo in order to accommodate this event? It will be on Friday, April 13, 2012 from 3pm-8pm and Saturday, April 14, 2012 from 1pm-4pm. We will charge full rate and open Carlson for our guests. The rental is $1,000 and they are paying the full price.
      1. Mr. Strang motions to approve the usage of the pool for Boulder Valley School District on April 13th and 14th. Ms. Chaker seconds. Motion passes 6-0-0.
  3. Budget Report
    1. Two cut scenarios and enhancements
      1. Ms. Lu: Changes to zero plus unduckable scenario
        1. Page 17: last week we put in an operating expense that is slightly higher than the one we now have. The maintenance cost has been dropped for us, so now we are asking for less.
        2. Page 12: Scenario one in column B—last week the coverage revenue was 25% of our debt. After further discussion, we could have up to $300,000 of over collection that can be used for better debt service coverage.
        3. Page 11: Since our last meeting, we got additional info from OIT. The funding we need for item number 4 has been reduced to $35,000.
        4. Page 11: Mr. Jorgensen: There has been an additional item (number 14) Kayak club will be receiving more adequate equipment. We are making sure that none of it goes in the pool because that deteriorates the quality. 
        5. Ms. Lu: Comfortable with the order?
    2. Ms. Lu: Section V Bill-- The dollar amount is set at $10.75 per student for facilities fields. Legislature will not do much with it. It is part of our operating budget that doesn’t need to go through any additional approval.
      1. Ms. Chaker: Is this sufficient?
      2. Ms. Lu: fields are not the areas that need the most attention right now. Our operating budget is suffering a lot, so we are looking for safe costs.
    3. Ms. Lu (yellow packet): 2 lists of items--one that adds up to the required cuts, and a shorter list that reviews budgets of unduckables. The items are not in any particular order.
      1. Mr. Jorgensen: Program staff regularly meets to figure out where they can reduce expenses or build revenue.
      2. Mr. Najera: I meet with facilities every other week and we talk about directives from CUSG and I directed them to start looking at possible cuts. We decided on some cuts with senior management.
      3. Ms. Chaker: Is there anything we can cut besides student hourly?
      4. Ms. Kent: We were forced to make very difficult cuts. We try to avoid student hourly, but we could not do that this year.
      5. Ms. Lu: we have to cut things from the administration side. We don’t want to have to cut travel, but in this scenario, that is what it has to be.
      6. Ms. Kent: we want to take a balanced approach in our cuts with student and staff employees. 
    4. Ms. Chaker: This year’s budget should be more optimistic compared to last year. There is a fresh set of new ears and eyes for the budget. My role is to advocate for the recreation center. 
    5. Point by point review
      1. Mr. Jorgensen: There are 15 clubs and each one gets $3500 per club. There are cuts that are being equally made in tier 1 (most active clubs.)
        1. Mr. Rhoades: Would it be better to increase the revenue and decrease the expenses?
        2. Ms. Kent: I would generate the revenue rather than cutting budgets. $10.00 will not be a very big factor.
        3. Mr. Jorgensen: This is Kris and Patty and what they think is most feasible from a financial perspective. From a programmatic standpoint, everyone said they need to take an equal cut and take on equal burdens  
        4. Mr. Jorgensen: Fitness wellness program making a cut of $2100 which is staff uniforms and office supplies
        5. Discussion on program areas on cut scenarios (yellow handout)
        6. Mr. Jorgensen: Reduce intramural postseason (only top 60% of teams enter post season for less games and less expenses.)
        7. With full time program people it is all about fairness. Equality straight across the board.
      2. Ms. Lu—Administration
        1. We feel as an office that we need to make sacrifices. We will look at cutting primarily summer hours of our student employees.
        2. Travel for professional staff cuts
        3. Mr. Najera: closing east entrance will save costs
        4. Mr. Najera: Closing of the ice rink goes over two fiscal years. We looked at hourly savings. There will be added expenses for taking down and putting back up as well as utilities costs.
        5. Mr. Belz: My biggest camp (revenue of $6800) is not renting this summer and is looking at 2013, but with the construction there are no guarantees. We could lose Longless Hockey which, per year, brings in roughly $18,000. We don’t know what the outcome of the new facilities will be.
          1. Discussion on potential closure of the ice rink
          2. Ms. Chaker: Why not raise the price of rental skates to $5? I know people who wouldn’t be opposed to it and it would generate more revenue. That would be something that I would push for. $2 is so cheap compared to other places.
            1. Ms. Kent: we are finally getting a lot of people. What is the threshold? It’s not a bad plan. If it is a nominal increase.
            2. Mr. Deakyne: Maybe $3, because it is underutilized and we want people to use the area.
    6. Problem areas
    7. Ms. Lu: Next page is a subset of the first page.
    8. Ms. Chaker: I would push for 0% plus enhancements. I’m more optimistic about this budget cycle.
    9. Ms. Kent: Ideas for prioritization (for 3% cut)? It’s all tough, but I think we have shaved what we can. We need to keep in mind the investments of students and the services we provide.
      1. Mr. Deakyne: This is the order I put it in: 1A 2G 3J 4M 5B 6C 7O 8K 9F 10H 11E 12I 13D 14L 15N
      2. Mr. Strang: I agree
      3. Mr. Hoey: I would like to think that Fitness and Wellness would be a main consideration. Also, student income is very important.
      4. Ms. Lu: increase always affects volume. 
      5. Ms. Chaker: I see this as fitting, but I want to get a better understanding of where things are going and I would like to set up a meeting and have communication with all of you.
        1. Ms. Chaker leaves meeting at 7:52pm
      6. Mr. Finch: If this is supposed to be yearly, then I don’t think the ice rink should be on this at all.

Ms. Kent: should we illuminate it and increase letter O?

    1. Ms. Lu: Page 8—If we look at the projection for the current year end, we will ask for 100% year mark so we can use it for the new fiscal year budgeted deficit. If we get 0% plus unduckable we will have $75,513 left . We do not have a firm understanding of revenue expenses right now. Whenever we think about dipping further into fund balance, this is where we could fall back on.
      1. Mr. Deakyne: Maybe shuffle point L to 11. Or 12.
      2. Mr. Finch: I propose we take it entirely off the list
      3. Ms. Kent: we could offer it as a one-time cut.
      4. Ms. Kent: Item L to a one year strategy, and address item L on a yearly basis.
      5. Ms. Lu: drop item M to the bottom
      6. Ms. Kent: combine the two into a one year strategy
      7. Ms. Lu: we could always fall back on a deficit.
      8. Mr. Finch: We need to portray that it is a yearly closure during that time. We can’t guarantee anything. We can’t say if it’s a one-time cut.
      9. Mr. Deaykne: Point O—leave in the middle or lower it in priority?
        1. Mr. Rhoades: I think it should be lower because fund balance is very important
        2. Mr. Deakyne: New number 12? Number 13? O vs. fitness wellness price increase
        3. Point O. moved to 12.
        4. 1A, 2G, 3J, 4M, 5B, 6C, 7K, 8F, 9H, 10E, 11I, 12O, 13D 14L 15N
      10. Agreed Order for Cuts
      11. Enhancements—Ms. Kent: Assistant Marketing Director Position and an IT Position
        1. Ms. Kent: Assistant Marketing Director Position: Other areas have a marketing staff (Wardenberg.) If we look at other institutions, we see that most departments have between 2 and 4 people assigned to marketing. We are looking at one position with competitive rates at the institution level. $50,000-$55,000 plus benefits (salary and benefits is at $76,245.) Promoting and program plans. (See blue handout.)We are behind in terms of what our peers are producing and our numbers show that.
          1. Mr. Jorgensen: asking a lot right now of program people
          2. Mr. Finch: We need someone in social media
        2. Ms. Lu: IT Position: (area of deficit) Timeliness and quality deficit. There are very complex needs. 1 IT person is not enough. We are trying to bring in an ITP. It is the buyers’ market right now to get an IT person. One person in charge of desktop support and another in charge of planning and higher level organization. (first priority)
          1. Ms. Kent: IT number one need, marketing number 2 
      12. Intramurals and cubs
        1. Mr. Jorgensen: Team sport initiative: 18,000 (with end in mind) broken down in 2 components but it is all going back into student pockets.
          1. Clubs--Media relations student hours increased from 10 to 20 hours. (lowest priority)
          2. Cubs--Evening weekend supervisor hours increased from 10 to 20 hours per week (this one is the connection with the clubs on the field to Kris and Patty—very important)
          3. Intramurals—Officials: $7.65 to $8.50 and Supervisors: from $8-8.50 or $9.00—$12,143
          4. Intramurals--Increased training for officials. Increased pay rate and training results in a better student employee all around.
            1. Mr. Rhoades: Cut of post season: how will numbers be adjusted?
            2. Mr. Jorgensen: Some adjustment, but the majority of games happen during regular season.
    2. Mr. Rhoades motions to approve the 3% budget cuts, priority, and capital list change. Mr. Rhoades adds enhancements as a friendly amendment. Mr. Strang seconds. Motion passes 5-0-0.    
  1. Announcements
    1. Ms. Kent: Tomorrow at 6:30pm is the Aquatics design with students.
    2. Ms. Kent: Steering is at 8am on Thursday in conference rooms 3 and 4. Discussion with architects with design workshops all day.
    3. Mr. Hoey: Tomorrow is the spring career fair 9am to 3pm. 
  2. Adjournment: Mr. Rhoades motions to adjourn. Mr. Nieto Seconds the motion. Motion Passes 5-0-0. Meeting adjourned 8:42pm.