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Meeting Minutes


January 19th 2012

Attendance: Diane Belz, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Patricio Nieto, Sam Rhoades, Blake Royal, Alex Voigt

  • Call to Order: 6:09pm
  • Approval of Minutes:
    • Mr. Rhoades motions to approve the minutes from the meeting on January 17, 2012. Ms. Voigt seconds, motion passes 5-0-0.
  • CUSG Report
  • Program Area Liaison Reports
    • Mr. Deakyne: Reminder to meet with liaisons representative before next Thursday’s meeting.
  • Executive Team Reports
    • Mr. Jorgensen: Jam fest is going to be revised, it is not going to be late night, and will have an entry fee. Challenge fest will include more sports.
    • Mr. Jorgensen: Intramural benchmarking. Increasing fees by $5.00 on popular sports ($10.00 for ultimate Frisbee) to make intramurals more self-sufficient and to help in covering the minimum wage increase. Effective immediately.
      • Ms. Voigt motions to approve fee increases. Mr. Nieto seconds the motion. Motion passes 5-0-1.
    • Mr. Najera: The cardio room is fixed. The problem was a damper that was getting stuck and staying open allowing the cold air to come in. The safety measures did operate properly; it was just too much cold air. 
  • Chair’s Report
    • Mr. Deakyne: Micro master plan
    • Discussion of meeting times for future meetings.
  • Director’s Report
    • Ms. Kent: Fundraising foundation and involvement of students. They like the buff up the rec campaign and are interested in using our group as a sounding board. They want to find more ways to involve students in their campaign.
    • Ms. Kent: We have a new person working for Pauline, Melinda Canino
    • Ms. Kent: Aquatic meeting is Wednesday night next week.
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Budget Request for FY1213-Scenerio I: 0% unduckable

Mr. Deakyne: Could we get unduckables and also get some cuts?
Ms. Lu: Yes
Ms. Lu: There are some unique factors for this current fiscal year. We have never run deficits before.
Ms. Lu: Changes—we increased the money we would like to have allocated to IT technology replacement. We need to replace 10 work stations. Because of the renovations we might have to set up a mobile office (handheld devices for checking in.) We changed the dollar amount for the carpet cleaning machine (downgraded.) Skates and skate sharpener costs were also lowered.
Mr. Deakyne: weight room floor—does this pose a safety risk?
Mr. Najera: The weight room floor was not made for the function in a weight room, so that floor needs to be completely replaced in the renovation.
Mr. Rhoades: What is Webtrac?
Ms. Lu: The product we use for online sales, like classes.
Ms. Lu: (going through whole budget.)
Page 12: individual budgets—unique: make entry on books for amount that equals 25% of payment for the year. We will budget a transfer of the exact same amount to equal zero because we are required of have 125% of bond payment in our account.
Next page is capital request page and a summary of the end of the current year. Current year GIR rate is 5%.
Next page are costs associated with our bond
Membership: This is an area where we see major setbacks in revenue generation.
Ms. Belz: Facility Rental--we are seeing major declines in revenues. Anything that happens within the core of the university will affect rentals. Losing regulars means that they may not come back.
Administration marketing: This is the main budget that pays the central offices staff salary.
Mr. Jorgensen: Student Development and Marketing ($20,000): ad sales on the TV screens, tables with products, bookstore banner etc…
Ms. Kent: My budget is for a student year end banquet and beginning of the year training--typically for student development and any other initiatives that we have. It is an “as needed” account. 
Ms. Lu: liability and property insurance as well as supplies for the main office.
Ms. Lu: Travel for professional staff—conferences and information of the most up to date knowledge for the staff
Ms. Lu: We only get 98% of funding for salaries and we cover the other 2%.
Ms. Lu: IT function which is one IT technician and a very tiny budget. We are trying to address this deficient area.
Mr. Najera: Building services—Dan’s salary, check in people and facility supervisors as well as a modest operating budget. Increase has to do with minimum wage increase.
Equipment room, checkout, and operations—staff and equipment room. We haven’t gotten the plan yet and with the movement of equipment, we don’t know how much installation will cost. We will have to move some stuff around and make areas so that equipment can still be used.
Ms. Lu: professional staff has two tracks (professional exempt and classified)
Mr. Najera: Maintenance covers 3 speed types: facilities, parts, and custodial budgets.
Ms. Lu: Fund balance
Mr. Najera: ice rink cuts because of renovations; don’t need to do additional repairs. Larger hourly budget for the pool because lifeguards make more and there is a larger staff. Pool operation is about the same.
Ms. Lu: Vending contracts consolidated by the university. Vending income is extra money that is called guaranteed vending income.
Mr. Jorgensen: increases in outdoor program are the challenge course, certifications, and permit issues. Trips need to break even.
Mr. Jorgensen: Intramurals (see above discussion.)
Ms. Lu: program areas get specific subsidies.
Mr. Jorgensen: Collegiate sport clubs--Not a lot of changes. Increasing demand for a trainer and more supervision in the evening. With travel restraints there is more paperwork and this has become a real challenge.
Mr. Jorgensen: Fitness and Wellness—drop in revenue shows decrease in class participation. This is a direct result of membership. 
Mr. Jorgensen: Late night comes from the parent’s fund and next year it’s expected to be $20,000. Late night consists of welcome back Ice and Dice, Jamfest (now challenge fest) and Relay for Life.
Mr. Najera: Will-Vill rec center creates very little revenue. The salaries are part of Dan Rummel’s budget. The hourly is the student staff.
Mr. Nieto Motions to approve the second reading of the 0% + unduckables. Ms. Voigt seconds. Motion approved 6-0-0 

  • Buff Up The Rec
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment: Mr. Finch motions to adjourn, Mr. Nieto seconds. Motion passes 6-0-0. Meeting Adjourned at 8:57pm