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Meeting Minutes


Rec Board Minutes Sept 6th, 2011

Attendance: Diane Belz, Chris Carruth, Bruce Deakyne, Spencer Graham, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Sam Rhoades, Zack Strang, Alex Voigt, Andrew Yoder

  1. Call to Order: 5:38pm

Mr. Strang motioned to approve the minutes for August 23 with revisions in item F. Mr. Graham seconded the motion. Motion passes 4-0-1

  1. CUSG Report
    1. Mr. Yoder: I told the executive staff about the new steering committee and they have an interest in inclusion. There is an open house at the UMC office from 1pm-3pm. We are encouraging people with relations to Student Government to come.
    2. Mr. Deakyne: We will send out reminder email tonight regarding this event.
  2. Program Area Liaison Reports
    1. Mr. Graham: (Outdoor program) I Met with Doug and Annaliese. The freshman trips went very well and had 105 freshman student participants. They have introduction courses such as ice and rock climbing and scuba. They would like to be more consolidated because their gear is everywhere and nowhere close to the location of their office. Their hope is that a consolidation of the program will be possible with the renovation of the facility. They would like the checking out of gear to be more fluid as well. Their challenges include the acquisition of permits in certain areas such as climbing permits and feel like there is a lot of red tape when it comes to this process. I plan to update them with what is going on with steering.
    2. Mr. Rhoades: I met with Patty McConnell in club sports. There are 32 sports 61 teams which participate in intercollegiate competition. The program area is considering putting together a club sports council.
  3. Executive Team Reports
    1. Mr. Najera: We resurfaced the Williams Village tennis courts and are resurfacing the main recreation center tennis courts on Thursday. We are continuing to work on keeping the building working and looking nice.
    2. Mr. Jorgensen:
      1. Intramural online registration has some kinks, but for the most part is coming together.
      2. We are working to make the Live Free weekend more intentional around programming. Friday intramurals is doing Ultimate Frisbee, Saturday is Rockwall, and Sunday is fitness and wellness classes. We plan on adding discussions this time and be actively engaged as a rec center. We need to talk about how we will pledge as a rec board because there are different levels: total abstinence, and responsible.
  4. Chair’s Report
    1. Mr. Deakyne: GLBTQ wants to get involved with steering committee.  There is a meeting next Monday night at 6:30pm at the UMC. Design workshops and steering committee information will be given to them. These will be similar to campaign presentations
      1. After meeting with Brooks. IFC has expressed interest in intramural league for just fraternities to participate in and compete against other fraternities. We are helping them integrate into the existing intramural program.
      2. The Design Workshop is on Thursday. Please try to make it by to one of the workshops for conceptual design at 9am-11am, 1pm-3pm, or 5pm-7pm. September 21-23 is the second design workshop.
  5. Director’s Report
    1. Ms. Kent: We need to clarify who is staying on steering committee. We need contact information and verification if you did not receive the steering committee email.
    2. The design workshops are building on each other for each session. The 5pm session is a synthesis of the two previous sessions. Please bring good ideas and don’t be afraid to challenge assumptions. This needs to be an engaging process. I would like to keep participation limited to steering, CUSG, and Recreation Board members. We will have other opportunities to bring the design process to the students at large at a later date.
    3. Process of reformulating steering groups (advisory to rec board and broaden perspectives) TAB tactical advisory board: with administrators, CUSG, representation from around campus. Strategic planning group. Relationships, communication, and strategy of approval of buff up the rec in administration.
    4. Mr. Deakyne, Ms. Kent, Mr. Strang, and CUSG will meet weekly or biweekly about the project and recreation center issues. This needs to be addressed soon to make sure everyone is on the same page.
      1. Mr. Deakyne: A digital calendar should be set up so we know which dates will work for everyone.
      2. Mr. Yoder: Nick McCarter would be a good substitute if I can’t make meeting.
  6. Facility Requests
      1. Ms. Belz: (revisit from prior meeting as it was a tabled issue) Matt Schwartz from CUSG has great ideas about getting students involved with elections. He wants students to run the election. We are well aware of the student group front for the elections, so it makes sense to have students running it rather than Boulder County. We have scheduled the Children’s Center for this year’s October early elections. There are no security concerns as long as the room is manned. We will be working in conjunction with locksmiths to ensure the security of the room. They have a 25% discount for an outside group. The November Boulder County Elections of 2012 are impossible because of construction that will be happening on the building. They have withdrawn their request to renew for next year.  
      2. Mr. Strang motioned to approve use of Children Center Conference Room with 25% discount for October election. Mr. Graham seconded. Motioned approved 4-0-1.    
      3. We have created an agreement with the ROTC program regarding nonstudent cadet’s use of the recreation center. A calculation to determine a fair number of nonstudent entrances to the building for ROTC Physical Training was used to determine a flat amount for non CU student membership charges. It is a rough estimate to get this year’s process but there will be a sign in at the back entrance so that we can do a full event evaluation next year.
        1. Ms. Lu: Does this only apply when they come in as group?
        2. Ms. Belz: Nonstudents do not come to campus unless they are doing a workout as a group. We want them to schedule so that we are aware when they are going to come but it is often times spur of moment because of weather.

iii. Ms. Belz: Last Spring when reserving space for student groups, there were a number turned away because of our policy. For student groups you can get a facility for free one time, but many groups want a weekly meeting, like a number of dance groups. Continued requests are required by the policy to make their request by the 15th of the month previous to when they will use the facility. This happens on a first come first serve basis and became somewhat unfair because too many groups wanted the same time, so continued reservations were not possible. John Meyer only let groups schedule two dates (2 weeks) and I tried to implement it this way for the fall (red part of policy) but the problem is that groups are unable to advertise for their event when the policy is like this. Should we only do twice per month OR should we continue to do first come first serve?
The Reduction of hours leads to a reduction of availability for student groups for certain areas. This bumps up all the times and creates problems with scheduling. Saturdays are booked with one-time events, so that day is unavailable for student groups as well. There is a problem in the dynamics of who gets priority in scheduling.
We need discussion and feedback: .
Mr. Deakyne: What about “ghost groups?”
Ms. Belz: They are going through SOFO to get an authorized signer; this would not work unless they have other authorization.
Ms. Belz: Some students groups have a lot of non-student attendance, which is why advertising is so important.
Mr. Deakyne: We don’t want to change costs because that is bias toward bigger groups.  Is there anywhere else on campus that these groups could go?
Ms. Belz: We are the only sports facility. Groups don’t want to pay for security at the UMC which is why they came here.
Ms. Belz: Many small groups are not organized enough to hold all of their scheduled reservations.
Mr. Deakyne: Motion OR subcommittee?
Ms. Kent: We need to look at all 600 to 800 groups. The policy must work for all. We need to be as fair as we can.
Mr. Deakyne: Andrew and CUSG, what is your take on this?
Mr. Yoder: One of senators on legislation says that 2 times were week is not a fair policy, but I would agree with Ms. Kent that we need to look at all of the student groups.
Mr. Graham: For the sake of transparency, do we go with policy similar to UMC?
Ms. Belz: We are just so different the UMC, we have much less space and options.
Mr. Strang: Motions to approve policy with said changes. Mr. Graham seconds the motion with a subcommittee that will look into other options. Motion passes 4-0-1.

  1. Old Business
  2. New Business
  3. Buff Up The Rec
  4. Announcements
  5. Adjournment

Mr. Strang motions to move into executive session. Motion is seconded by Mr. Graham. Motion passes 4-0-1. Meeting adjourned at 6:38