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Meeting Minutes


April 26, 2011

Attendance: Ellis Bennett, Diane Belz, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Tyler Goering, Spencer Graham, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Alicia Muirhead, Steve Najera, Sam Rhoade, Dan Rummel, Zack Strang.

  • CALL TO ORDER: 5:35 pm.

Ms. Muirhead motioned to approve the minutes for April 12th with corrections. Mr. Graham seconded. Motion passes 5-0-0.

  • Executive Team Reports/ Task Team Reports
  • Mr, Najera- An update on the ice rink- they began work on it on Monday and the timeline is 4-6 weeks depending on how bad the oil is and how many cleanings they need to do. We did phase one of the roof update but it was not a solution to the issue so we are trying to figure out whether we want to go to Phase 2 or not (an $80,000 project) or do we want to wait a year and a half to get it fixed?
  • Mr. Graham- I think that it would be a good idea to save that money if those leaks are not too bad.
  • Mr. Najera- My suggestion is to go with it until the winter and then reevaluate it then. We did inform Finance Board already anyways.
  • Ms. Kent- I don’t think we should go with the SOR funds yet because we have not passed this project yet and we still have some patch dollars that we can use in the meantime.
  • Mr. Najera- Maintenance week starts May 9th so we will be doing some work with the HVAC system, some re-carpeting, some of the tiling in the locker rooms and a steam valve (~$13,000)
  • Mr. Najera- We also have a student staff breakfast on Tuesday May 3rd 9-10:30 am.
  • Ms. Lu- I am looking at closing this year’s budget for the heads up.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- Both searches are going on right now, which closes this Saturday.
  • Mr. Goering- We put together 10 calling questions for the first round of calls and a list of questions for the first round of interviews.
  • Mr. Jorgensen- the objective is to hire around July 4th. The GA position right now has 10 applicants. Their office will most likely be next to the Childcare center, which is closing around July 1st.

The five criteria:
-Marketing creativity
-Interpersonal skills (communication- written and oral) and listening
-Organizational skills
-Broad interest in fitness and wellness and social factors

  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne- We went to Finance Board last week to present the third quarter report
  • Director’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- We have a few things going on with the project and it looks like we will be going to the Reagents in June. Bruce, myself and several other folk with be meeting with Andrew Yoder and maybe Carly. We need to have convincing and communication to the Board that this is a good idea and the student vote is definitely helpful. It does not hurt to have a parent or two to send an email and express their support of the project. If you want to you should write editorials and blogs to gain media attention around the project.
  • Mr. Goering- the best thing to do is to find comments that have misinformation on it and correct it so that the right information is out there for the public.
  • Mr. Najera- After the election there was a lot of excitement around the project and since it has kind of tempered a little a bit so maybe we should explain that to the Board.
  • Ms. Kent- The three campuses are combining as one and with the big increases in tuition there are concerns that we have to raise tuition with declining revenues, so it is hard to justify cuts when it comes to programs and services. There is no reason that we can’t continue but we do need to see this as a hurdle and see this as phase two of the project. Our VCs seem unified in terms of being in favor of the project and so now we are determining the best way to bring it forward.
  • Mr. Finch- not passing the project would be a slap in the face to the students because they are the ones who passed this project and their decision should be highly valued.
  • Ms. Kent- It is really the student government and student leaders’ role to put pressure on this and we have an autonomy agreement.
  • Mr. Goering- speaking from a CUSG standpoint, we are all pro-Rec Center so we will be pushing this.
  • Mr. Najera- Any time there are fee hikes or anything the Reagents get blamed so I think that they want to make sure that they will be supported.
  • Ms. Kent- We have Club Sports Banquet tomorrow night and the Thursday morning gathering here so if you guys can make it please do.  
  • New Business
  1. Campus Tours
    • Mr. Deakyne- I have been hearing that the tours that are going around are starting to give misinformation. Jess you used to give campus tours, do you have any suggestions?
    • Ms. Cicchinelli- You should send out an email with talking points because only a small portion of ambassadors actually go to the meetings.
    • Mr. Jorgensen- I have heard them for years giving information that is wrong and this is hard to control. I think that they want to entertain and liven it up so it may stray from the truth sometimes.
    • Ms. Cicchinelli- They send a lot of information and require a lot from the ambassadors that may make people lose interest.
    • Mr. Deakyne- If you can think of any good talking points then shoot me an email.
    • Mr. Rummel- Tell them to stick to the basics instead of spicing it up so much because that’s when misinformation happens.
  • Announcements
  • Mr. Finch- There are some companies that will advertise
  • Mr. Jorgensen- REACH gives a cut each year that did allow us to get the TVs downstairs but they do promise a lot and not deliver.


  • Adjournment at 6:18 pm.

Mr. Strang motioned to adjourn and Ms. Chichinelli seconded. Motion passes 7-0-0.