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Meeting Minutes


March 29th 2011


Attendance: Mo Barber, Diane Belz, Ellis Bennett, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Tyler Goering, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Alicia Muirhead, Tim Jorgensen, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang. 

  • CALL TO ORDER at 5:37 pm.

Mr. Goering motioned to approve the minutes, Ms. Muirhead seconded. Motion passed 5-0-0.

  • CUSG Report
  • Mr. Goering- None other than debates tonight.
  • Program Area Liaison Reports None.
  • Executive team/ Task Team Reports
  • Mr. Jorgensen- the Fitness and Wellness position is starting to be advertised this week so we will need someone to help out with the hiring process through June. We added a couple more digital screens downstairs since there wasn’t a lot of information going on down there. You are all invited to the banquet on Sunday April 17th, with a deadline for RSVP (Seniors and key leaders in the Rec Center). Finally, Cheryl worked with the Foundation and we got a grant that takes on the premise of a graduate assistantship that is a competition between CU and CSU. We will be hiring a GA to help out with the Fitness and Wellness Program for the next year or so. The job description will be out April 18th.
  • Ms. Kent- The rink is a little bit worse than anticipated. Contractors that have reviewed the situation are recommending four compressors. We are probably looking at adding about $17,000-20,000 to the project that we were not originally planning. Nan, how do you recommend we go further with this before Finance Board next week?
  • Ms. Lu- I do not think we need to meet next week and I think we should vote on this.

Mr. Goering motioned to grant permission to go to Finance Board. Ms. Cicchinelli seconded.
Motion passed 5-0-0.


  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne- All I have is the debate tonight and the elections next week. I think Sam has discussed chalking and we could use all the help with tabling as possible.
  • Director’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- We need to make sure that we remind everyone to vote during voting week, We have had a few people asking about when voting is open and so we need to remind people to do it. The other bit of information, the voting rally is going on Monday on Farrand Field from 3-5 pm rain or shine. We are still trying to get clarification on what is going to happen at the event but there will be computers, games, prizes and a DJ.  
  • Old Business
  1. Diane’s Request
    • Ms. Belz- I wanted to review the free membership over Spring Break quickly and we “sold” 209 passes for non-members. 79 current pass holders were listed as those passes because of guests that they brought in. We reached 39 people that have an affiliation of purchasing a pass of one way or another.
  1. Alcohol Policy
    • Ms. Belz- In the past we have had events that allowed alcohol in the building so at this point we need to vote on whether we can allow whether alcohol is allowed in the Rec Center, a no-alcohol facility, They would need to get a liquor permit from the State of Colorado and they would need to follow all of the guidelines. We have had alcohol on the fields for large events and tailgates so if they were able to get a permit would you allow them to do this?
    • Mr. Swanson- I remember the UMC having an issue with this, do you know how that turned out?
    • Ms. Belz- This is a site-specific permit and we are all on the same page so anyone who wants to have alcohol on campus has to have a permit.
    • Ms. Muirhead- What kind of people in the past have been doing these events?
    • Ms. Belz- Usually they are alumni groups. This group is older and wants to be inside for the October game.  I think this is a goodwill gesture and if they can meet the guidelines this seems appropriate for the PAC10 and can create revenue for us.
    • Ms. Lu- Why wouldn’t we want this?
    • Ms. Belz- Because this is a no-alcohol facility and students may not want alcohol here.
    • Mr. Goering- I think this is a good gesture and there is always the possibility of saying no to this in the future,
    • Ms. Muirhead- Alcohol should not be allowed for student groups but for an Alumni Association I support this.
    • Mr. Hoey- What is the revenue for this?
    • Ms. Belz- About $1500
    • Mr. Deakyne- I disagree with what has been said because of how I feel about how alcohol and sports do not mix. I think it gives off a mixed message and we do not know how people will be able to handle their alcohol. I think for the fields it is different because you do not need to walk through the Rec Center.
    • Mr. Swanson- There are two sides and it should be weighed and though about.
    • Ms. Cicchinelli- I think it is a conflict to say that student groups can’t drink in their building but Alumni can.
    • Mr. Deakyne- The revenue factor is based on how much this benefits the students.
    • Ms. Kent- we can be more restrictive and become an overflow space for some of the nicer events on campus.
    • Mr. Jorgensen- This is a pretty big decision so I think that this should be considered and given time to talk to your fellow students. I know there is a timeline and we should get on this but you may feel better about your decision if you give it more time.

Mr. Goering motioned to table Agenda item B to two weeks from now. Ms. Cicchinelli seconded. Motion passes 7-0-0.

  • New Business
  • Ms. Kent- Some of the students who use the childcare center met with us to discuss some ideas of what to do and there is a possibility of extending funds to the childcare center for another year. Potential funding- Academic Affairs. We need to discuss the possibility and the impact. Is that something that this group is willing to take on? 
  • Mr. Finch- we had a lot of things cut from our budget so if we are going to put money towards something we need to give it to a priority item.
  • Mr. Deakyne- It was first on our list because it was a big cut and so if we can run it for less money with funds from elsewhere than we should consider this.
  • Mr. Goering- I would support this for another year if we could find the funds to support it. On the other hand, this has been on the chopping block for 10 years, so when are we going to cut this? If the cost is proportional with the number of students who benefit than I support this.
  • Mr. Finch- One of the reasons that this has not been cut in the past is because we had professional staff that we did not want to lay off so this year is different so we are at a midpoint that we don’t really know what to do.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- Usage should be proportional to funding so the percentage of students using this service should correlate to the percentage of budget used.


Ms. Cicchinelli motioned to adjourn and Mr. Goering seconded. Motion passed 7-0-0.

Adjournment at 6:29 pm