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Meeting Minutes


January 20, 2011

Attendance: Ellis Bennett, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Spencer Graham, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Tim Jorgenson, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang.

  • CALL TO ORDER at 6:39 pm. 
  • Executive Team Reports/ Task Team Reports 
    • Mr. Jorgenson- Theme of employing students while educating and developing them. For marketing, we are working on where we can get the most money for our efforts, probably in memberships.
    • Ms. Kent- We are still moving forward with a grant so we will know in a few weeks where we stand. Tim is a rep on our student affairs impact team (alcohol/drugs strategy).
    • Mr. Finch- Can we do the wellness week during the election?
    • Ms. Kent- No because the grant wouldn’t go through until next year.
  • Budget


  • Ms. Kent- Bruce and I met with Sitcoms and Douglas and they are willing to do some sessions on “election training light” giving us some materials to help with the election.
  • Mr. Finch- I have some ideas for ways to make money- ask young alumni related to the Rec (old Rec board members) and an old Rec Board member who is now president of the San Diego chapter. Also, I am going to ask two companies for a sponsorship.
  • Ms. Lu- We have an easy to work with 0% budget to work with a $258 unduckable increase.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- The Rec center and the UMC have been on their own with FacMan and so we are trying to team up with the rest of campus. So we need to allot $35,000 to the HVAC system. Number 9 (on capital request list) has been changed so that we can fix the coil in the rink ($28,000), install status switches on freezestats ($14,000) and install status switches on fans and pumps and connect to software program ($23,750) all to reduce repair fees. These are attached to critical alarms so they addressed right away and don’t become larger issues.
  • Ms. Kent- We deleted the $10,000 to repair tables and chairs and $5000 for custodial equipment, both of which can wait.
  • Ms. Lu- These are things that will stay in the budget with or without the renovation.

Mr. Strang motioned to approve the 0% and Ms. Cicchinelli approved. Motion passed 3-0-2.  


    • Mr. Finch- I propose that we don’t prioritize any of these cuts and instead present them as a package for each 0%, 3% and 5% cuts. I think that the first thing to go will be the childcare center.
    • Mr. Jorgenson- I have numbers that I have prepared for the Child Care center (shows charts).
    • Ms. Lu- the surprising thing is that 70% of users are non-students so it looks like this is a program that is heavily subsidized by students when a small percentage of students are actually using this service.
    • Ms. Kent- If we triple our rates and lost nobody we still wouldn’t generate enough revenue to sustain the childcare center. This is a unique service for a university to have drop-off childcare at a Rec center.
    • Ms. Cicchinelli- I think that we don’t know what to do with it and Doris was so overqualified so it will be hard to find a replacement that will do the same job.
    • Ms. Kent- If we do keep it open we need an enhancement of a full time person with the qualifications for when the center is open.
    • Mr. Deakyne-Could we have a 1% cut scenario instead of a 0% cut scenario so we can possibly employ a full-time position for the childcare center?
    • Mr. Jorgenson- If we stick with the %0 and keep the childcare center can we keep a temporary position and reevaluate in the future?
    • Ms. Kent- We reduce the hours of operation and only keep it open when this person we hire is there.
    • Mr. Jorgenson- Maybe we cut off the age of children at school age (age 5).
    • Ms. Kent- Why don’t we look at the numbers with reduced hours of operation, raising the rate and combining the FTE’s so we aren’t keeping the GLII position to look for efficiencies? We need a nighttime and weekend supervisor more than we need a full-time position.
    • Ms. Lu- We are proposing to make the childcare program a smaller program changing the GLI position to a GPII position and essentially shifting the money.

Mr. Strang motioned to amend the 0% with the said suggestions. Ms. Cicchinelli seconded. Motion passed 3-0-2.
*Mr. Deakyne made a Point of order due to bylaw misinterpretation. Mr. Strang motioned to revote and Mr. Finch seconded. Motion passed 5-0-0.  

  • Ms. Kent- We are going to change custodial service by filling it with a temporary instead of a professional custodial person.
  • Mr. Deakyne- A lot of clubs look at the supply and demand for how much they charge; increasing club fees will drop off more people and reduce the overall revenue. It will hurt some clubs more than others but if some people are taking a cut others will have to too.

Mr. Finch motioned to approve the first reading of the 3% items. Ms. Cicchinelli seconded. Motion passed 5-0-0.  

  • Adjournment at 8:55 pm.