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Meeting Minutes


January 11, 2011


Attendance: Diane Belz, Ellis Bennett, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Tyler Goering, Spencer Graham, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Alicia Muirhead, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang.

  • CALL TO ORDER at 6:35 pm. 
  • CUSG Report
  • Program Area Liaison Reports, if any
  • Bruce- should we reassign or keep them for this semester?
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- keep them.


  • Executive Team Reports/ Task Team Reports
  • Ms. Kent- looking for searches and nothing new from Tim since he is out of town.


  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr., Deakyne--Budgetà 0% flat, 3% cut and 5% cut. 1% is around $50,000.
  • Mr. Swanson- On the scenarios, programs are the emphasis then hours.
  • Mr. Deakyne- moving on to the search committee, we have extended an offer to Steve Najera from UCLA so he will be starting soon.


  • Director’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- More activity this first week and participation increasing with intramural sign-ups starting next week and the start of the semester.
  • Ms. Belz- Construction of the Women’s locker room went underway over Winter break, so there will be a little bit of an inconvenience this week with construction. 
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  1. Budget Tutorial by Nan


  • Ms. Lu- Main budget is approved every year based on specific requests. Total student fee for FY1011: $4,950,627. 78% student fee and 22% self-generated revenue (memberships, user fees).
  • Ms. Lu- Field Budgetà 5.7 million project to improve Recreation services; R and R (renewal and replacement).
  • Ms. Lu- We will start by using the self-generated revenue. Salaries and Benefits are a huge portion of operating costs.  We earned about $1. 4 million. Capital equipment is considered anything that is used within one or two years. GAR/GIR (General Administrative/Infrastructure Recharge) is %5. 96 of the total expenses.  Short by $5 million using only self-generated revenue, so that’s where student fees come into play.
  • Ms. Kent- about 150 programs per week (classes etc.)
  • Ms. Lu-Terms: Unduckable- things that you cannot avoid costs (like a utility increase, insurance premiums, RTD fees), SOR is the surplus of revenue, which is held for emergencies. Debt Services Coverage Ratio is a legal mandate showing that you can pay %100 of what you owe when receiving bonds. GAR/GIR, Compensated Absence is when you have to pay someone’s salary when they are not present (sick leave, vacation time, maternity leave…),
  • Mr. Deakyne- Capital Items (resurfaced tennis courts, new equipment, rescue boat for crew team, bikes, digilocks and so on. Last year we had about $100,000 to play with in this category.
  • Ms. Kent- we had a week less than expected and will come back to you all on the 18th with a finalized budget, which will be presented to you then.
  • Mr. Swanson­- Tickets attempted to try to keep student fees low with a %0 increase in student fees. Programs first, hours later.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- Do we have any reduction in our costs?
  • Ms. Lu- about $16,000 less and we will have a savings in salaries potential.
  • Ms. Kent- We are starting better than last year with unduckables. We are looking at changing late night hours (11 pm to 1 am) and will reconsider the childcare center. We can maybe increase memberships by adding weekend-only memberships and maybe we can partner up with student hourly. If there is anything you want us to consider or not consider, let us know.
  • Ms. Lu- Why do we need two people at checkout?
  • Ms. Belz- Make sure you are balancing consequences to cutting programs.
  • Mr. Swanson- Can we increase intramural fees because the demand is high?
  • Ms. Cicchinelli-Consider decreasing price of classes because of decreased enrollment?
  •  Ms. Lu- we have seen a downward trend in the past couple of years but now we are steady.
  • Ms. Kent- we have to be careful but it is a good potential strategy.
  • Mr. Graham- Are we losing more in gym memberships or in class enrollments?
  • Ms. Lu- we are trying to offer different kind of memberships for people. The economy has effected people’s decisions on whether or not to continue or add a membership.
  • Ms. Kent- We are looking at off-peak memberships; students are paying either way, but we can’t lose the faculty and so on.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- I think classes are an issue since they are free at other gyms.
  • Mr. Goering- I think that parking is also a big issue.
  • Mr. Graham- Overcrowding is a big issue.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- I do not want to see the Children’s center disappear.
  • Mr. Strang- Maybe advertise more because it is tucked away.  
  • Project Update 
  • Mr. Deakyne- The biggest news is survey 3 resulting in %70 approval, which is %10 more than the usual %60 approval needed for referendum.
  • Ms. Kent- We are up to about $63 million, which is pretty good.  We have to wait until we have the program plan to get the information out to students. We need %25 of eligible student voters with a simple majority to pass. It is going to require getting out the word, time and attention.
  • Announcements
  • Alternative breaks with low elements ropes in the Rec center is currently going on in the Rec center.
  • Grant was written for the Colorado Health Foundation ($70,000), and we have never received this much in the past.  
  • Adjournment

Mr. Deakyne motion to move into executive session. Motion passed at 8:18 pm.