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Over 4,000 CU students, faculty, staff and alumni pass through our doors daily! That's over 28,000 pairs of eyes every week! How many other places do you know that get that kind of traffic? You really can't pass up that kind of exposure. Advertising with us will benefit any marketing strategy. We have several different plans to assist with your marketing needs, whether it is to promote your business, individual department or your student group. We have several large screen monitors strategically located around the recreation center for optimum viewing of your advertising material. We can also provide you with premium posting areas for your banners and other signage. This is the perfect opportunity, and place, for you to reach out and market to the University of Colorado Community. If you are interested in advertising with CU Recreation Services, please fill out the Advertisement Form and contact Tim Jorgensen at (303) 492-7678 or e-mail:

Advertising Form (downloadable PDF form)