There are a lot of different ways to be a part of the CU Collegiate Recovery Community and get involved. Our doors are open to all who are sober, abstinent or in recovery, and to allies of the recovery community. We ask only that you respect the space and community that gathers here.

Lunch, Lounge and Study

The Center "lounge" is open for socializing, studying and meetups Mon-Fri from 10am-5pm and for evening and weekend study hours, meeting or events as listed on the CUCRC Schedule. If you are new to sobriety or recovery, this is a good way to meet and connect with other sober students -- the CUCRC is a home away from home for many of our members, right in the middle of campus.


Interested in getting a little more involved with the CUCRC? Looking to get connected with a supportive peer community? Want to help the recovery center continue to grow and thrive for others? Check out our CORE Member Program, which offers additional support and benefits for those interested in making a commitment to participating in CU Collegiate Recovery Center programs.

Campus Housing

Incoming freshmen, transfer and current CU-Boulder students that meet the criteria may also qualify for the CORE campus housing option, a recovery-focused and sober community located in Graduate and Family Housing. 

Meetings and Support Groups

See our Meetings page for a list of 12-step recovery meetings, support groups and clubs that currently meet in the CUCRC space. The Center is open to all support needs and fellowships, and available for reservation. The space can accommodate meetings up to 30 people. If you are interested in holding a group or recovery meeting in the CUCRC, contact us at or call 303-492-9642.

Events and Activities

The CUCRC hosts many regular weekly activities and special events open to all members and friends, and to those who are supportive of the recovery community. There are also some special opportunities that are available for CUCRC members. See our current Schedule. Have an idea for an event or fun activity or experience you would like to propose? Let us know!

Education, Leadership and Service

If you would like to be a part of making things happen at the CUCRC, we would love to see you get involved. Contact us to discuss volunteer opportunities, or check out our CORE Member Program. If you are in a degree program or career path in a recovery-related field and are interested in discussing opportunities for internships or gaining other professional experience, contact our director Danny Conroy at

Support the CUCRC

Make a tangible difference in the lives of young people in recovery by contributing to the CU Collegiate Recovery Center fund. Your contribution will be earmarked specifically for the CUCRC and will make a lasting impact on the lives of the young people that we serve.


Currently our program funds go toward providing events and activities for the community, and running the Center facility. We are eager to continue to grow in our programming, and also be able to offer scholarships and work/study positions to support members who demonstrate a commitment to their recovery, their academics and the community. Help us make this happen!