At the CUCRC you can find a community of like-minded people and connect with others who are choosing to live substance-free. 

CUCRC Members

Founded in August 2013, an estimated 200 individuals attended events, meetings, or activities at the CUCRC during its first year.

  • 40 students currently use the Center weekly
  • Another 110+ students, alumni, and other young people in recovery are connected with the Center and attend various programs

All members and friends supportive of the community are welcome at the Center during open times to lunch, lounge or study. There are over 52 different activities and support meetings held at the Center each month where inviduals can connect with others who are walking the walk, or propose an activity or gathering of their own. 

Check out the current CUCRC Schedule. We are often adding new meetings, activities or study times, so check regularly for the most current information.

"(The CUCRC) provides a safe, close knit environment where the energy is one of sincerity... everyone who passes through the doors truly desires to be there." Jonathan G., 10 years sober