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CUOP Instructor Development Course


CUOP Instructor Course

If you love the outdoors and have wanted to learn skills to be an instructor, this Instructor Course may be your opportunity to explore the world of wilderness education. The CU Outdoor Program (CUOP) instructors are student-staff educators that teach basic wilderness adventure, back packing and leadership on short wilderness courses.

When you successfully complete the CUOP Instructor Course you will be considered for an Instructor position with the Outdoor Program.

Launch your wilderness education career with:

  • CUOP Instructor Course - A series of classes and workshop presentations culminating in a two day wilderness experience for aspiring wilderness instructors. You'll get the tools to teach the next generation of CUOP students: in-depth instruction on teaching wilderness curriculum and training about standard institutional wilderness program protocols.
  • The class fee includes all gear and field day food.
Date Time Course Content Location Fee Code
1/22 6-8pm Session I – Foundations:
a. Intro to Training
b. History of Outdoor Ed & CUOP
c. Expectations & Requirements
OP Office $100 320153A
1/29 6-8pm

Session II – Interpersonal Skills:
a. Group Dynamics
b. Expedition Behavior
c. Communication
d. Conflict Resolution

OP Office    
2/5 6-8pm

Session III  – Risk Management
a. Outdoor Leadership
b. Judgment & Decision Making
c. CUOP Protocols
d. Evacuations

OP Office    



Session IV – Instruction
a. Learning styles
b. Teaching Methods
c. Lesson Planning
d. Debriefing
e. Teach a lesson

OP Office    
3/5 6-8pm

Session V – Trip Planning
Participants plan an overnight trip
a. Trip planning
b. Menu Planning
c. Lesson Plans

OP Office    
3/8-3/10   Session VI – Training Trip
Technical Skills
a. Pre-Trip meeting
b. Trip - Backpacking
c. Evaluations
Golden Gate Canyon SP    
4/9 6-8pm Session VII
Pre-trip Meeting (Run by new instructors)
a. Run a pre trip meeting for the Staff Trip
b. Organize needed trip/participant
c. Ensure final trip arrangements have been made
OP Office    
4/12-4/14 6-8pm Session IIX
Instructor Check - Out Trip
a. Lead staff trip
b. You are responsible for menu and food purchases
c. Reserve and pull group and rental gear
Golden Gate Canyon SP    
4/30   Session IX
Vehicle & FA/CPR Certification:
a. Complete the CU vehicle certification and trailer training
b. Get certified in FA/CPR if not current
Rec Center & Transportation Services Building    

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All or part of the CU Outdoor program is conducted on public lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. National Park Service, Boulder County Open Space and/or Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.