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  • GUIDELINES: The National Travel account is allocated to support teams in their effort to attend national competitions as part of supporting the Collegiate Sport Clubs program goal to strive towards competitiveness at a national level. Teams must participate in the Optional Fee Campaign in order to receive funding from the National Travel account, as the monies in this account are generated through the Campaign. Therefore, if a team fails to fulfill its duties as part of the campaign, it is not eligible for funding from National Travel. If a team misses its assigned dates to participate in the campaign, but later makes those days up, it will be penalized with a $200 deduction potential funding from this account. Tier four clubs are eligible for a reduced amount of National Travel Funds, not to exceed more than $500. Tier five teams are not eligible for National Travel Funding. If a team chooses not to, or is unable to participate in national competition, the team is eligible to use money from the National Travel account for team equipment. Teams may apply to use their National Travel Funds in one of three ways, for (1) individual travel, (2) team travel, or (3) capital equipment.

    TEAM: Teams of five or more are eligible to receive $1,000 from the National Travel funding to support the team’s efforts to travel and compete in national competition.

    INDIVIDUAL: Teams may send up to four individual full-time, full fee-paying University of Colorado at Boulder students. Each individual student is eligible for no more than *$125 from the National Travel funds to support her/his efforts to travel to and compete in a national competition. Clubs sending five or more team members qualify as a team.

    EQUIPMENT: If a team chooses not to, or is unable to attend its national championship, it may apply for team equipment to be funded through the National Travel Fund. This equipment must stay with the team and the Collegiate Sport Clubs program and may not belong to individual players. Teams are eligible for $500 worth of capital equipment from the National Travel Fund. Note: Please attach an addendum for equipment requests. This addendum should include the type of equipment requested, reasons that the team requires this equipment, an itemized list of costs for the requested equipment, and the total cost.

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