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How do I join a Club Sport?
Collegiate Sport Clubs are open to all fee-paying students of the University of Colorado at Boulder or CU Student Recreation Center members college age or above. Limiting factors include teams requiring try-outs and rules for the national governing bodies. To join a sport, check the list of meeting dates and attend the meeting for the sport you are interested in joining. If you are unable to attend the meeting, call the Collegiate Sport Clubs office at 492-5274 to obtain additional information.
What does it cost to join a club?
It varies for each club, but they try to keep membership costs to a minimum by doing fundraising to help support travel expenses, etc. Clubs also receive funding through the sources listed in the next question. For individual club costs, please attend the organizational meeting or contact the club coach or officer by looking at the specific clubs website.
How are the clubs funded?
Clubs are funded through the following means:
  • Student fee support through the recreation center budget
  • Donations to Collegiate Sport Clubs (you can make a donation by selecting Student Opportunities fees #1 for $4.75 when registering on line.)
  • Club fundraising projects
  • Club dues or membership fees
  • Some out-of-pocket expenses
Do I have to be an expert player to join a club?
No, most of the clubs are open to all levels of competitor/participant. Some clubs do have try-outs for a traveling or "A" team, but they usually also have a "B" team.
How do I get in touch with a coach or club officer for additional information?
Call the Collegiate Sport Clubs office staff to get a phone number for or email a specific club coach or officer, 303-492-5274