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Men's Lacrosse

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Click here to sign up for club lacrosse. All CU Students who would like to participate on a CU Collegiate Club Sport team MUST click on the link above and fill out the member release form.

Website Men's Lacrosse Club
Organizational Meeting

Thursday, August 29

5:30pm Humanities 250

Club Leadership

3 Coaches, 2 officers


Approximately 50 players and one team and 5 practice players

Practice Info.

Spring semester: 5 practices/week on Kittredge and Athletic Bubble

Competition Info.

15 spring games & 2 tournaments, and MCLA National Tournament

National Affiliation

Member of MCLA and RMLC

Membership Requirements
  1. Must be Enrolled in 12 or more credit hours, full fee paying, and be in good standing at CU
  2. Pay Club Dues - approx $2500-2800 for A Team

Company solicitation, private donations & fundraisers


Jerseys provided


John Galvin:

Benjamin Weisz: