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Meeting Minutes 2010


Minutes 2010


Attendance: Diane Betz, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Eric Economy, Michelle Elvig, Colin Finch, Catie Gibson, Tyler Goering, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Cheryl Kent, Herb Kienle, Nan Lu, Patricio Nieto, Dan Rummel

  • CALL TO ORDER: 5:33

    Chair’s Report
    • Jessica has been contacted from the Boulder Emergency Squad about using the Dive well
      • They do not want to be charged.
      • He would like to come into a rec board meeting to discuss the topic
        • It is a non profit, volunteer organization – they do not have the money to pay a rental fee
      • The main question is: Do you want to hear their speech in a Rec Board meeting?
        • Colin suggests that they give us a written proposal of what they want and why. We will review it and if we think that it is appropriate to bring them in, then they will be invited to come and speak to us at a rec board meeting
      • Keep in mind that if we give it to them for free, we will have to give other groups the facility for free – such as ROTC
      • We would like the sub committee to meet and discuss everything. Once we receive a written proposal, we will take care of the situation as necessary
  1. New Business
    1. Additional Lockers: price; rent and/or daily use? (*see handout)
      1. We have some available/unused space in the Women’s locker room – so we are experimenting with the space by putting in new lockers
        1. We need to discuss if we want them to be daily lockers and how much we are going to rent them for
        2. We have two sets of 12 lockers – should we rent half of them and use the other half for daily rentals?
          1. Suggested prices (on hand out)
            1. 3 tier locker = $15/semester (6)
            2. 2 tier locker = $20/semester (4)
            3. 1 tier locker = $27/semester (2)
        3. Nan suggests that we rent half of the new lockers and use the other lockers for daily use
          1. The daily lockers will have the digital locks on them
        4. Student will have to have to ask for those specific lockers in that area to be able to rent them


Bruce made a motion to approve 11 of the new lockers for daily use and 12 of the lockers to rent in the women’s locker room – one tier at $15/emester, two tier at $20/semester, and 3 tier at $30/semester

Motion was approved 7-0

    1. Budget: General Reviews
      1. Cheryl: We do not want to spend too much money on things that are going to be torn down in the next few years. However we do need to keep our rec center in good condition. We want everything to look good so we can keep our current customers happy.
        1. We will replace things that are a safety issue
    2. Budget: Capital items
      1. Digital locks
        1. 140,000 checking out of locks per year
        2. with the digital locks, students will just have to go find an open locker in the locker room and will not have to visit the check out desk to rent out a locker
        3.  Catie has been in touch with 7 universities about the digital locks – she found that the hardest part is learning how to use the new locks
        4. Battery life is 1-1/2 years
          1. So we will need to set up a plan
          2. That is the only labor cost
          3. They are $70 a piece
        5. We have about 560 large lockers all together
          1. The goal is to totally phase out the day lock system
        6. Re-chargeable batteries is not the best route – we can recycle them
          1. We need to think about setting a time limit – these locks last about 4 hours
        7. More freedom for students since they can just find an open locker – maybe more people will lock up their things
        8. Colin wants to make sure that these locks are transferable so when we do buy new lockers, it does not limit the type of lockers that we can chose from
          1. They are very versatile and can be transferred to most lockers – we should not be limiting our selves
        9. Another worry is the time limit…we do not want students to feel like they only have four hours and then their locker will be unlocked
        10. There are different locking mechanisms for the daily use digilock and the semester long digilock, therefore down the road we will hopefully be putting both locks
        11. These locks will serve students better – less waiting time
      1. Bear Creek Dumbbells
        1. The Bear Creek facility originally did not have dumbbells when it first opened – we now have dumbbells and thick pad to protect the flooring
          1. We bought rubber coated dumbbells to also protect the flooring
        2. Dan brought in a used dumbbell from Bear Creek – it has several chunks missing from the rubber and some of the metal is exposed off of the ends. The heads on the dumbbell were also loose
        3. The request includes the price for racks and dumbbells
          1. The new racks do have set spots for each dumbbell instead of it being open and unorganized
        4. The lighter weight dumbbells from Bear Creek will be moved into the women’s locker room (if dumbbells are replaced)
        5. We Started with 27 sets of dumbbells at Bear Creek
          1. 3 sets have already been removed due to safety reasons – this has happened in the past year
        6. Currently there is not a high failing rate for the dumbbells at bear creek – luxury vs necessity
        7. Cheryl wants us to make sure that we do not commingle our capital list and our SOR request
        8. Safe wise, there is no extra space for new and old dumbbells
        9. Colin wants to know if we could put this request off for a year? Will it cause huge issues?
          1. It is pretty unpredictable. Yes we could maybe wait a year but we may have to remove several dumbbells over the next year for safety issues
        10. Urethane is the material of the dumbbells they are requesting, more and more universities are turning to this style of dumbbells.
          1. 5 year warranty
        11. The design of the new dumbbells has an interlocking mechanism, so they should not get loose.
        12. It is a possibility to purchase only a few sets of dumbbells to get through the year
      1. Bear Creek Fitness Machines
        1. Replacing old machines
        2. The newest equipment goes into the cardio room usually so with the added volume that is expected for Bear Creek, we would like to replace some of the machines
          1. Bear Creek had more dated equipment. It seems to rarely get anything new. We should be better about replacing things over at Bear Creek since it serves a portion of the student population
        3. Colin would like to know why the bikes and the machines at Bear Creek are two different requests?
          1. The issue we are running into is the trading market, as well as inflation.
          2. Colin want to roll in more of the equipment – we buy 5 bikes each year, why can’t we up that and give the machines to both facilities
            1. Are we going to have to put R&R for Bear Creek on each year?
            2. How are we going to deal with three different budgets for three different facilities in the future? Will they have separate budgets? This is a discussion that can be dealt with at a later date
      2. Fitness bikes
        1. We are now requesting 10 bikes instead of 5 bikes
          1. We added 10 bikes because we wanted to try to hit our $291,000 budget
          2. If we replace 10 bikes, the older ones will go to Bear Creek – we will push to about 20 bikes at Bear Creek instead of 12
            1. Yellow bikes will be here and all the black bikes will be at Bear Creek
      3. Eric thinks it would be best to move the digital locks up and more the wind screens down


Eric made a motion to move #8 and #9 (switch digital locks with wind screens)

Tyler seconds

Motion passes 7-0

      1. Locks: colin wants to know why students are still allowed to check out a lock if they did not return their first one?
        1. Even Norlin is having a hard time tracking certain students about books. You really have to think about the time and money to put in to go after people
          1. You have to realize when a loss is ok
        2. Nan is going to request to Diane and Catie to come up with a way improve the current system
          1. We may have to re-program
            1. It is possible that a student drops off a locker and it is not checked in. Someone could then check out that same lock a few hours later and it goes through the system again
        3. With the reductions, is it possible to get every item on our capital requests?
          1. Cheryl is confident
        4. It is highly disputable to charge students/patrons for not returning a lock
          1. The bursars office would most likely, not be interested in this

Colin made a motion to approve the capital list, #1-13
Eric seconds the motion
Motion is approved 7-0

    1. Budget: Individual Budgets
      1. See hand out – this year we have no salary increase
      2. We have more Unduckable decrease than we have in Unduckable increase
      3. We are not allowed to make any budget adjustments except neutral budget adjustments
        1. We will be reducing student fees by approximately $94,000 or 1.88%
          1. We cannot afford to do this. We will be leaving our selves with a very small budget
        2. We are hoping to gain some money from our revenue losses
      4. This same thing happened to Wardenberg last year
      5. How to read page 13 – you may also go talk with Nan for an in depth lesson
        1. GAR and GIR are basically the “taxes” we pay in the school
          1. General Administrative Recharge (GAR)
          2. General Infrastructure Recharge (GIR)
      6. Page 18 – this page focuses on IT
        1. Maintaining our server and computers
      7. Page 19 – focuses on Building services
      8. Page 21 – focuses on Maintenance 
        1. This is about a $1.7 million budget
        2. It includes the custodial staff pay and maintaining the facility
        3. The revolving fund, we have to pay back
      9. Page 24 – focuses on Food Services
        1. Revenue we make from fending machines
          1. It is going down because people are spending less and all but one coke machine have been removed from the rec center
      10. Page 26 – focuses on Outdoor Program
        1. Trips either make it or break it – you must have enough coming in to break even, or the trip does not happen
        2. Your student fees pay for all program areas employees
      11. Page 27 – Intramurals
        1. We will offer more sports and increase the price
      12. Page 28 – focuses on Club Sports
        1. Their main revenue comes in from the hockey locker rentals
      13. Page 29 – focuses on instructional program
        1. Classes are popular but we are now competing with surrounding facilities
        2. We have to pay for the benefits of instructors that are not students
          1. Estimated: 75% are students
      14. Page 30 – focuses on Childcare
      15. Page 31 – focuses on Late Night
        1. It may be reduced to new student welcome
          1. Rec center spends about $6,000-7,000
        2. We are still going to keep our regular hours
        3. The three main late night events are: new student welcome, jamfest, and relay for life
        4. We would like to look into the numbers of the late night hours to decide if we want to change our hours
      16. Page 32 – Bear Creek
        1. We closed the tanning center, so we no longer bring in the revenue that we used to from the tanning
        2. The Bear Creek budget is changing
        3. We would also like to look into changing the Bear Creek hours
      17. Page 37 – focuses on 61LCB11 (outdoor facilities)
        1. Outdoor facilities – farrand field, kit field, franklin, etc…
        2. Pay an employee to maintain this fields

Eric made a motion to approve the first reading of the budget
Bruce Seconded the motion
Motion passes 7-0

  1. Director’s & Executive Team Members Reports
    1. B&D visit and more student involvement (see handout)
      1. Tentative overview of B&D meetings on January 27th – 28th
      2. Do you think it is important to have a separate meeting with the rec board?
    1. The capacity we can have in the room at once is 18 individuals
      1. We must have RSVPs
    2. Cheryl will be email out the info to the rec board, that way we can encourage more student participation by relaying the information to our peers
      1. Students can go to any of the 4 sessions
      2. If a student is interested but cannot make the student time, contact the staff and they will try their best to work something out
    3. The Steering committee is a group that is under the rec board umbrella – we have several rec board members on the steering committee
    4. If we get a big enough turn out of students and student employees, than we will split them into two groups
  1. Program Area Liaison Reports
    1. Rec track has been updated to version 10.2
      1. Staff is being trained and we will see how it goes

Tyler will be the new liaison for intramurals
Patricio will be the new liaison for club sports

  • Adjournment: 8:35pm


 Recreation Board Meeting                                                                                              5:30PM                                                                                                                                 

Attendance: Patricio Niete, Cheryl Kent, George Hoey, Jessica Cicchinielli, Bruce Deakyne, Tyler DeWitt, Tyler Goering, Tim Jorgensen, Eric Economy, Robbie Vivat, Colin Finch

  • Call to Order and Approval of Minutes
  • Called to order at 5:35pm.

Motion to approve minutes – Approved

  • Chair’s Report
  • Intramural Sports Advisory Board
    • Duties and purpose
  • USCU Report - Tom
  • Jamfest is a success
  • Legislation changes
    • Tri-Execs are now President and Vice President
  • Extra week for elections
  • New name – CUSG – and new logo
    • Awaiting final vote
  • Budget and Finance board is done
  • Board of Regents meeting on campus
  • Discussion about Fraternities use of Farrand Field for Greek Week
    • Fraternities are unsanctioned – rentals to them are facility rentals
    • Pauline – CU and Fraternities need to work together
    • UCSU should continue investigating the request
  • New Business
  • Boulder Rescue Squad request
    • Colin – Different fee structures for student groups and non-student groups
    • In the past this group has not been charged
    • Precedent needs to be set with regards to fee structure
    • Nan – Lawsuit discussion next week
      • Fees need to be viewpoint neutral
      • Nan will review our policy to ensure viewpoint neutrality

Bruce – Motion to allow Boulder Rescue use of dive well at 50% discount (promotion of life safety) until rental rate sub committee has an approved board plan.
Motion seconded, motion passes 6-1

  • Program Area Liaison Reports
  • New Tyler – IM
  • Eric – Weight Room and Cardio
  • Jessica – Child care
  • Bruce – Membership and IT
  • Colin – Outdoors
  • Patricio – Club
  • George – Pool and Rink
  • Old Tyler – Instruction
  • Budget Update – Nan
  • GAIR rate increased to 5.96
    • Finance board is supportive
  • 1st Reading – March 3, 7pm UMC 335
  • 2nd Reading – March 10, 7pm UMC 381 (room change)
  • Final Vote – March 18, 7pm UMC 247
  • Director’s Report
  • Feasibility Study
    • Survey results are in
      • Statistical analysis by next Wednesday at 6pm
      • Colin – Can we look at raw data instead of the analysis?
  • Master Plan update
    • Met with facility planning
      • $40 million budget gap
      • Gap is too large for a possible doubling of the Rec Center
      • Need to shape planning parameters and priorities
    • More talks to come – administration discussing best course of action for the university
      • Student need is greater than budget
      • Keep budget numbers private
  • AVC for Health & Wellness Search
    • April 6 – 20 is on campus day for candidates
    • Bruce and Jessica will keep us posted on what happens at social functions
    • Candidates are diverse and well qualified
      • Someone will be in place by June
  • Other New Business
  • Review ambiguous bylaws and policies, clean up loose ends
    • When? Subcomittee?
  • Rec Board Offices
    • If you want to run for chair or vice chair let Jessica know by Spring Break
  • Relay for Life – Time
    • April 16
      • 5th year running and have raised tens of thousands of dollars
      • Rec Center has a team
        • Donate time or money and be supportive

IX. Adjournment at 7:30
Motion to Adjourn: passes 7-0


Recreation Board Meeting          5:30pm

Attendance: Tyler DeWitt, Tyler Goering, Bruce Deakyne, Jessica Cicchinelli, Eric Economy, Tim Jorgensen, Nan Lu, Diane Belz, Robbie Vivat

  • Call to Order and Approval of Minutes
    • Called to order at 5:37pm
    • Tyler D moves to approve minutes – Motion approved
  • Student Advisory Committee – Angie Roeback
  • Students from various Rec Center departments assembled to identify policy changes for Rec Center and student employment
  • Results of survey of Rec Center employees
    • Small sample size but general trends
    • Improve customer service, supervision, hiring process
    • Mass trainings are ineffective
    • First order of business is addressing customer service
  • Colin – What’s the makeup? – 13 student employees
  • Colin – What are the goals? – Identifying policy changes to mediate between employees and rec board. Next we want to look at laptops, homework on the job, uniforms, efficiency
  • Tim – This is important so we avoid getting disconnected from the students
  • Tyler D – Are homework and nametags a problem? – Supervisors need to support better time management and homework needs to be work appropriate
  • Colin – More info on poor customer service – encourage smiling
  • Jessica – More info on mass training
  • George – Diversity training/ diversity consideration?
  • CUSG Report
  • Greek week on Farrand will not happen
  • Elections to be held 2nd week of April
    • Big turnout expected with 2 big tickets running
    • Half a dozen independents
    • Successfully increased competition but need to increase voter turnout
    • Colin – How are you increasing turnout? – Increased branding and advertising debates
  • Just finished budgeting
    • Student fee increase of 1.36% = $4 per student
    • 2 years in a row of under 2% increases is fabulous
  • Chair Report
  • Rec Board budget finalized – close to estimates but not the best year for money
  • Do not need to go through finance board
  • Need an unpaid marketing intern
  • Need list serv help – Colin can help
  • Old Business
  • Policy/By-law review
  • Nan – need a subcommittee
  • Bruce – I want to look them over first
  • Meet on April 1st and 8th to go over by-laws and rental rates
  • Announcements
  • Early voting in the Rec Center next fall – October 16-29
  • In 2008 we received recognition for this
  • For 2010 we need four conference rooms for two weeks
    • Large request but supports civic engagement
  • Diane – It will impact internal groups but using the UMC to accommodate re-scheduled meetings can do get it done.
    • It is a loss of revenue
  • Tim – Most meetings are in September so those will not be affected and programs can plan around this because it is so far in advance
  • Locks will need to be changed
  • Bruce finds old minutes on iPhone – Way to go Bruce
  • Tyler D moves to approve motion to allow early voting in the four conference rooms for two weeks with the provision that safety for Rec Center customers will be ensured – Motion passes 6-0
  • New Business
  • Wardenburg Health Fair
  • Jess – Contacted by Wardenburg to work with them to put on this fair that helps students learn ways to maximize health in college
    • I am interested in partnering with Wardenburg
  • Nan – We can give Rec staff directive to work with Wardenburg
  • Colin – Need to include Rec Board members
  • Eric, Tyler G, and Jess are interested in helping
  • Patty Kish is the contact


  • Diane’s Request
  • 42nd annual High School Honors Institute
  • 475 HS students introduced to engineering life on campus
  • Want to use pool, patio, and lawn
  • Requires moving lap swimming to Claire Smalls
  • They do not want to pay to use pool because in the past it was free
  • Need Rec Center from 7:30am – 10am on July 25-27
  • Tyler D – They can find money so I do not feel bad charging them
  • It is putting students out of the pool
  • Bruce – This event is worthwhile for the participants
  • Tyler G – We need to cement the establish precedent for rental rates
  • We are giving them the patio and lawn at no cost
  • We are all ok with charging them the $3 a day fee
  • Tyler D – Move to approve 50% discount rate for pool use and free use of the patio and lawn – Motion passes 6-0
  • Adjournment
  • Tyler D – Motion to adjourn – Motion passes 6-0
  • Adjourned at 6:48pm


Recreation Board Meeting               5:30pm

Attendance: Tyler DeWitt, Tyler Goering, Bruce Deakyne, Jessica Cicchinelli, Eric Economy, Tim Jorgensen, Nan Lu, Diane Belz, Robbie Vivat, Patricio Nieto, George Hoey, Herb Kienle, Cheryl Kent

  • Call to Order and Approval of Minutes
    • Called to order at 5:41pm
    • Bruce moves to approve minutes – Motion approved
  • Executive Reports
    • Herb
      • May 10th to May 17th is closed week for maintenance and repairs
      • Work to be done on gym floor and ice rink
    • Tim
      • Student Thank You Banquet on April 18th
      • Varsity room at Dal Ward, dress business casual
      • Need to revisit sign policy – Tyler G and Tyler D volunteer to help
      • In three weeks I will have some marketing info
      • If we have questions or request input from the student advisory committee than we can attend one of their meetings – every other Wednesday at 4pm
    • Nan
      • 3rd quarter presentation is on April 27th
      • Working with ITS to transfer student info to new system
    • Cheryl
      • Steering committee on April 7th
      • Will review findings and demand and market analysis presentations based on focus groups and interviews
      • Need to refine Survey #2
      • The next two weeks finalists for AVC for Health and Wellness will be on campus – strong and qualified candidate pool
      • Open forums on April 8, 9, 13, 14, all at 2:15pm in Wardenburg West Solarium third floor
      • We are working on proposal changes on the way alcohol and drug prevention efforts and services are handled/provided
  • Chair Report – Jessica
    • Wardenburg Health Fair is April 15 from 12-3pm at UMC fountain
    • Jess, Tyler G, and Patricio can help out with our table
  • Policy By-law Review
    • Our jurisdiction is to review policies, maintaining facilities, do the budget, set rental fees, review implementation of policies of Cheryl, and we run ourselves as we see fit
    • Rec Board consists of voting students, non-voting students, non-voting members, proxies
    • Need to review appointing power of Leg Council
    • Special requests for rental rates are being looked at
    • Need to review where we talk about ropes course and climbing wall payments
    • Rec services director and staff section is verbose
    • Need to look at peak hours
    • Clean up waiver and request procedures
    • Cheryl – we need to define who is the non-student voting member, and formalize election process with regards to nominations, dates, votes – Its loose and needs more structure
    • Tyler G and Patricio volunteer to be on review subcommittee
  • Announcements
    • Next week we will go over rental rates and on April 22nd we will go over bylaws
    • Herb – zero waste bill is upcoming and I will present on it the next meeting
  • Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn – Adjourned at 7:13pm


Recreation Board Meeting       5:30pm

Attendance: Tyler DeWitt, Tyler Goering, Bruce Deakyne, Jessica Cicchinelli, Eric Economy, Tim Jorgensen, Nan Lu, Diane Belz, Patricio Nieto, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Colin Finch

  • Call to Order and Approval of Minutes
    • Called to order at 5:39pm
    • Motion to approve minutes – Motion approved 6-0
  • Executive Reports
    • Jess
      • Need give-aways and ideas for Health Fair.  Can we hustle some more from businesses?  Will forward email to you with more info. 
      • If you have time to do it, please email me.  Also email me if you have any ideas. 
      • Eric and I will be there for the first two hours.  Tyler (new) will be there for the last hour.  Thanks.
    • Tim
      • Processed elk meat on the table.  Eat at your own risk.
      • Admitted students day this coming Sat.  4/10.  Will send you all details
      • Y’all welcome to the Student Appreciation Banquet.  Nice Mexican meal.  Vegetarian available too.  Please come.
    • Herb
      • We are recycling more than we’re recording.  They only measure the ones out by the loading dock.  We should take them to the loading dock to get credit for.  Big initiative.  We’ll try to keep track for the future.   
    • Colin
      • Follow up on Student Employee Committee
      • Cheryl - Dan’s the point person.  Eric and Herb can follow up with the specifics, especially with check out. Will try to speak better English. 
  • Rental Rates Committee
    • Diane – Great job by the committee! Thank you!
    • Tyler D moves to approve the five-category fee schedule, with the stipulation to allow for future fee changes to make up for lost revenue - Motion approved 7-0-0
  • Announcements
    • Cheryl:  B&D found us to be the most active campus population.  Draft for second survey available for review.  Please give your feedback ASAP to me. 
    • Jess:  The dollar amount drew a lot of attention, we need to be proactive and figure out ways to respond to inquiries and starting educating fellow students.
    • Cheryl:  The project dollar amount will not be published, just the increase in Student Fee.  We are working to refine the talking points, working with U Comm.  Probably a by-weekly communication.  Will explore this further.  Also met with the Chancellor yesterday.
    • Jess: The Chancellor was impressed with the consultant and responded positively.
    • Cheryl:  Replacement for my boss: the first candidate was on campus today.
  • Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn – Adjourned at 7:10pm


Recreation Board Meeting   5:30pm


  • meeting called to order at 5:40
  • eric moves to approve minutes – minutes approved
  • cusg is now the official name – empower won the elections
  • jess – I will thank patti
  • jess – health fair went very well – thanks for your help
  • we need to better stress that rec center is available to everyone
  • steering committee
  • survey went out to 8K students and 3K faculty/staff – randomly
  • survey talked about how much we will pay and what we will get out of the renovations
  • results will come back in 2 weeks
  • this summer we are trying to get more members for the steering committee – especially people that don’t use the rec center and use other fitness places
  • policy/by-law presentation
  • jess- thanks to tyler g and patricio
  • tims sign report is tabled until next week
  • election candidates
  • bruce is interested in running for chair
  • possibly patricio and tyler g for vice chair
  • dianes rental request
  • outside firm wants to use our gym to have a bball tourney
  • june 26 and 27
  • want to rent both Carlson and expansion gym
  • it will bring in $3900
  • open rec bball can be accomdated in the old gym and we can use this to generate rental income
  • from 11am to 9pm
  • user impact will be minimal
  • tyler g moves to approve rental request – motion approved 5-0
  • the same customer wants to explore a long term relationship
  • relay for life is tomorrow – we have a record amount of people and donations
  • Cheryl – thank you all for your time and services – much appreciated and you all did a great job – its been a pleasure working with you all
  • Jess- we are meeting the 22nd and not the 29th
  • cheryl – wahts structure for elections?
  • Colin – executive session
  • Next week is the last meeting of the year

- move to adjourn – adjourned at 6:40pm


Recreation Board Meeting        5:30pm


  • meeting called to order at 5:50pm
  • motion to approve minutes with tyler switch – motion approved 7-0
  • election speeches
  • bruce – I love the board
  • I have learned a lot about how the rec center and student fees work
  • Excited about rec expansion project
  • I still have room to grow and learn
  • Patricio
  • The rec board has helped me grow and learn
  • My actions speak to what I am capable of
  • I am willing to work hard
  • Tyler g
  • Im excited for next year
  • I use the rec center a lot and have learned a lot about it
  • I want to take it to the next level
  • Tim and shawn marketing
  • How much advertising do we want to expose to students as they walk thru the door
  • We need to relocate where we advertise in the rec
  • Key locations
  • Back of the cashier
  • Behind card swipers
  • Checkout
  • We have a big opportunity to generate revenue from ads
  • We now only advertise university affilitates but we can make more money from outside affiliates who want to target college kids
  • We will get an unpaid intern for the summer/fall to continue with research and implementation
  • We will keep checking in with the rec board with updates and progress and input
  • Tyler g – if this can help us generate rev then I think it is positive for students
  • Robbie – the ads are mutually beneficial for companies and students
  • Eric – I do not want it to be in your face and want mostly local ads that are geared towards students and recreating
  • Colin – I am concerned about too much ads and having them in your face.
  • Jess  - if looking at ads allows me better rec services then ill take it
  • Tim – its important to gauge how much we will invest in digital screens and how much ads we will have in the building
  • Bruce – ad revenue can help us offer more services in the expansion
  • Jess – lets have them progress and explore the possibilities further
  • Tim – lets add digitial screens this summer maybe three in order to sell ads and put them in the prime locations
  • Tim – I want to start this summer with marketing and talking to advertisers
  • Other institutions are in the same boat as us
  • Colin – lets survey students
  • Tyler d moves to install the three tvs and continue with research – motion approved 6-0
  • Sign report – tim and tylers
  • Make rules on signs less constrictive
  • They can keep signs for more than 1 week to marketing directors discretion
  • Same with easels they can stay up longer
  • Herb – easels need to look nice
  • Private business can now have signs
  • Most decisions are now decided by the head of marketing
  • Nan – timely removal of outdates material
  • Tyler d moves to approve adjusted sign policy – motion approved 7-0
  • Liason reports
  • Eric – lets look into virtual golf
  • Exec reports
  • Nan – we have received 956 sruvey responses
  • They close tomorrow
  • Tim – the appreciation dinner went very well
  • Relay for life had a great turnout and we had a ton of donations over $62,000
  • Huge success
  • IM is almost done with playoffs
  • Club sports is doing well in nationals
  • Gearing up for summer orientation
  • Policy bylaws
  • Change title to cusg
  • Bylaws pg 1 remove 2nd bullet under prospective members
  • Policy pg 3 missing word vote in first paragraph
  • Move to approve the changes in policy and bylaws by eric – motion approved 7-0
  • Colin move to approve new fee structures – motion approved 7-0
  • Nan locker and membership changes
  • Changes to impound times for lockers
  • Changes to locker rental rates
  • Tyler d moves to approved updated locker policies – motion approved 7-0
  • Start offering daily guest passes
  • Sell monthly memberships and add a new category of memberships of primary spouse
  • patricio moves to approve updated membership policies – motion approved 7-0


Attendance: Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Eric Economy, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Nan Lu, Steve Nester, Kris Schoech, Peter Swanson, Corey Wiggins, Patricio Nieto.

  • CALL TO ORDER: 5:37
  • Swim & Dive club Proposal
  • Mr. Deakyne: We do not have quorum now. We’ll ask the Club to present first and may vote next week or if more people show up.
  • Mr. Nester: The Swim & Dive Club requests to extend the same pool use arrangement as approved by the Board last year.  Will provide own life guards and the guards will be held at the same performance standard as employee life guards. Self-guarding saves the Club money and provides fund-raising opportunities.
  • Mr. Finch: All clubs are internal Rec Center groups.  Why all of a sudden the change of policy and clubs are expected to either provide guards or pay for guards?
  • Mr. Schoech: Pool operation does not have the budget to pay for the extra guards to comply with regulations when clubs practice.
  • Mr. Finch:  Seemed to be a shift in philosophy. Why do internal users have to pay?
  • Ms. Lu: We need to either self-guard or pay for the guards needed to be in compliance because existing budget cannot support the extra guards.  This is something that needs to be brought up in our next budget request cycle. 
  • Mr. Schoech: Yes, it is on the table.
  • Mr. Jorgensen:   Self-policing generally does not work, but we’ll be willing to give it a try.
  • Mr. Economy motioned to continue with what was approved last year until the next RB meeting so the Pool/Rink manager Ms. Bogner and Swim Club Coordinator Ms. McConnell can be here. Seconded by Patricio Nieto. Motion passed 3-0-2.
  • CUSG Reports
  • Mr. Swanson: One of the ballot issues in the coming fall election will be to revise the constitution to pass referenda that involve large dollar amounts with simple majority at 25% turnout; instead of the existing rule of 25% voting Yes.

    Mr. Wiggins:  CUSG will also campaign to counter apathy.

  • Program Area Liaison Reports
  • Liaisons are assigned as following:
    • FWP: George
    • OP: Patricio
    • Clubs: New RB member (interviews to start in the next week or so)
    • IM: Jessica
    • Children’s Center: Bruce
    • Pool/Rink: Patricio
    • Building Services/BC: Tyler
    • Membership: Eric
    • IT: Tyler
    • WR/Checkout: Bruce
    • Maintenance/Custodial: Colin
  • Executive Team Reports
  • Mr. Jorgensen:  Program areas registrations are up; there seemed to be great interest in participation.
  • Chair’s Report
  • Went to Finance Board last week and briefed the Board on the status of major repair jobs done and/or ongoing in the rink, women’s locker room, and for pool roof.
  • Student employee training programs are now live on CULearn.  Rec Board members can get set up and go into to see for themselves.
  • Director’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne (reporting on Ms. Kent’s behalf):
  • Search Committee for Assoc Director for Facilities will meet tomorrow.
  • Ms. Doris Fasbender (Coordinator for Childcare Program) announced her retirement at end of December this year.   The Childcare Program will be reviewed at the time.  Mr. Larry Schwarz (Sr. Coordinator for Fitness & Wellness Program) announced his retirement at end of November this year.  There might be some salary savings from the retirements.
  • Volunteers are needed for Parents’ Weekend.
  • New Business
  • Facility requests:  Dance Marathon on Nov 5th and Taste of Africa on Nov 12th to use General Gym(open rec facilities). Mr. Finch motioned to approve request for Dance Marathon.  Seconded by Mr. Economy.  Motion passed 5-0-0. Mr. Economy motioned to approve request for Taste of Africa.  Seconded by Mr. Nieto.  Motion passed 5-0-0.
  • Meeting time set for the rest of the semester at 6:30pm; every other week unless notified otherwise.
  • The Board will be conducting interviews for the open position on Tue, Sep 14th.  There will not be a regular Board meeting on that day.
  • Board should consider what goals the Board wants to accomplish this year.
  • Announcements

The Rocky Mountain College Cup (Soccer) will be held on Sep 11th at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

  • Adjournment: 6:54pm


Attendance: Ellis Bennett,Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Eric Economy, Colin Finch, Tyler Goering, Cheryl Kent, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang, Patricio Nieto

  • CALL TO ORDER: 6:41
  • Approval of minuetes 6-0-0
  • CUSG Reports
  • Mr. Deakyne- Fall elections are coming up.
  • Mr. Swanson- October 4th at 5 pm petitions due.
  • Program Area Liaison Reports
  • Mr. Deakyne- Mid-October. Assigned Zack Clubs  and to meet with Patty McConnell.
  • Executive Team Reports/ Task Team Reports
  • Ms. Kent- wellness committee is working with the C4C on student chats, working with res life. About 10 staff members are going over Monday night talking about stress, “Don’t worry, be happy” Help students meet other students (oct. 4th)
  • Ms. Kent- Working with CSU as a competition to be the most fit campus in Colorado. Working with CSU and CU foundation to write a grant that is going to be submitted to the Colorado health foundation. 1st- getting active 2nd- healthy eating and nutrition. There will be future competitions (mid to late November to discuss)
  • Ms. Kent- working with engineers on pool roof, coordinating with Barb and Tim on rink alarms to handle daily alarms going off, deal so rink does not melt.
  • Chair’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- Sites for Satellite facility. “Satellite Site Design Centre” #15 and #16 are the most important- ability to garner student and administration support.Site size, building expansion potential, land availability timeline, parking, optimal site configuration, links to other campus amenities, vehicular access to site and traffic impact, pedestrian and bike access site, construction costs etc. (Shows campus map with plans, pink spots where we could add on if needed to)Almost doubling this footprint, which would be very challenging with land constraints, satellite facility is needed, today’s meeting is just to talk about possible satellite locations. How big of a footprint can we get for a satellite facility?
  • Mr.Nieto- How big are these compared to Bear Creek?
  • Mr. Finch- 90,000-100,000 square feet
  • Ms. Kent- If we don’t have a satellite location then we wont know what our constraints are. Todays assignment is to talk about the satellite but will talk about main center later. 2 most popular spotsà Near Coors Events center
  • Mr. Economy-  steep hill, expensive?
  • Mr. Deakyne- building on the parking lot?
  • Ms. Kent- 2nd siteà regent parking lot, a lot more political concerns.Pros and Consà not knocking down a building to get there, close to kittredge and will vill and C4C, good access off of regent but hard to get into, steep slopeside (con) but offers unique design. Height limitation, eyed already by school of music. Less political competition for site by Coors Events Center,. Another site at corner of Colorado and 28th and regent, convenience of parking garage, politically mutual, great access off of Colorado, but close to existing rec center. Students in survey wanted in to be on campus.
  • Isra- Agree with one being adjacent to Coors event center, go with the site that doesn’t have land constraints, don’t want a lot of budget going to land. Less politically charged, bring more energy and action to this part of campus.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli-  some of these locations are not easily accessible. Students on the hill are going to the rec center so parking has to be available.
  • Ms. Kent- pedestal parking. Can’t use green space.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- concern about girls walking alone at night.
  • Mr. Deakyne- people complained about not wanting to walk at night near Coors  event center but this could bring energy and lights over there and attract people there.
  • Mr. Finch- good location for south boulder residents.
  • Ms. Kent-  lowest cost optionà 28th and Colorado parking structure, in front of engineering because fairly flat, big and open, great staging and parking, good bus routes and bike path, gateway to campus that we haven’t had before and lots of parking. Either reproduce the parking or do underground parking.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- How about east campus?
  • Mr. Deakyne- mostly research oriented right now and students don’t know about it so might be hard to get students support, may bring more life to east campus, maybe put undergrad stuff out there in the future, housing etc. More central to campus is preferable, probably not planning on developing out there now.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- I think that we all felt like that all agreed that it is important to have a facility to make it easily accessible for both night and daytime. Quick in and out. More accessible to freshman in kittredge but theyre already going to the rec center anyway.
  • Ms. Kent-attractive location for nighttime driving attraction.
  • Mr. Strang- info on how many students are driving and how many walking?
  • Ms. Kent- most of campus population lives within mile of campus
  • Mr. Goering- strict height restrictions on campus? You can utilize a lot more space if you put parking on 1st floor then go up.
  • Mr. Economy- target grad students and upperclassmen, but underclassmen will not support east campus because too far away.
  • Mr. Swanson- UGGS fight to the bone against student fees so will be against this plan. Rally people (directed to Jessica) to support this.
  • Director’s Report
  • none
  • New Business
  • none
  • Adjournment: 8:20 pm


Attendance: Ellis Bennett,Jessica, Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Eric Economy, Colin Finch, Tyler Goering, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Patricio Nieto, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang

  • CALL TO ORDER: 6:32
  • Approval of minuetes 7-0-0
  • CUSG Reports
  • Mr. Swanson- Passed Student Referendum Accessibility and Respect of Constitution Act. 25% voter turnout versus interpretation of Constitution by the Regents
  • Program Area Liaison Reports
  • Mr. Deakyne- Next week need to have contacted Liaison reports because there will be discussion.
  • Ms. Kent- Met with cashiers and strength training staff and putting together a book, will show in a few minutes.
  • Executive Team Reports/ Task Team Reports
  • Ms. Lu-- staff are working hard to put a mock budget together. Develop approximate student fee increase that will be required. Have to work with campus budget office along with the treasurer’s office. Make sure there is enough revenue to cover additional %25 debt.
  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne- Fall election stuff that will come up later in the meeting.
  • Director’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- steering committee for search for Herb’s replacement, which Bruce will update. We are on track in terms of the timeline. In terms of Buff Up the Reek (handed around a timeline). If there is something missing let me know. This group is going to need to address any groups coming out of steering committee and technical advisory groups for referendum. Peter has investigated a marketing form for online campaigning columns, face book. In the next few weeks hope to have a recommendation back. A lot of people do not understand the process that has been going on for the last 2-4 years, so its about getting back to the basics. Supporting voter turnout.
  • Mr. Finch- Would like to propose to the boardà we are going to meet Rec Board every other week. Maybe that other week we can put aside an hour to touch base on the project and see what we as a board can do. Really step up our effort as the board to support this project and put more effort into (6 months away).  $120 million campaign? Our highest priority- the next step in recreation because currently the facilities are inadequate and people are going other places, even students that already pay the fee. This is our project as a board and need to be seen as the people pushing this.
  • Mr. Goering- I think it is a good plan to start meeting every other week. A bad idea to start pushing the votes until shorter notice before actual vote.
  • Mr. Finch- we know about the project just need to educate. Can create subcommittee to deal with media.
  • Mr. Swanson- I think that forming too many subcommittees gets dangerous because it gets too fragmented and it may be more beneficial to being it more into a meeting like this (rec board) than to lose
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- can we just make steering committee Tuesday nights at 6:30?
  • Mr. Deakyne- there are a few others that may not be able to make it to these meetings on Tuesdays.
  • Ms. Kent- Think about structure and how we want that to look.
  • Mr. Economy- See how the Monday meeting goes, see how many show up and if there is enough involvement than find a compromise.
  • Mr. Deakyne- can anyone make it to 6 o’clock club sports meeting? In terms of Colin’s suggestion, wait till Monday steering committee meeting, then another rec board meeting. Should we wait on or should we decide now? (3 weeks from tonight)
  • Mr. Finch-4-5 Monday (the 18th) 6-7 on Tuesday (the 19th)
  • Mr. Deakyne- phone interviews for replacement for Herb. Will decide on 3 or 4 to bring in for in person interview. Hopefully that will be mid-November and accept by mid-December and start around January 1st (as late as the 30th).
  • Mr. Hoey- How many phone interviews?
  • Mr. Deakyne- 13, a lot of people applied
  • Old Business
  • Ms. Kent- Childcare center- Doris is retiring at end of December, we need to make some decisions to make about what happens for spring. Can talk about it tonight or table it for later.
  • Mr. Deakyne- table it till the following meeting?
  • Ms. Kent- Happy to, address the future of childcare
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- getting rid of childcare center would not be supporting diversity
  • New Business
  • Tyler’s Announcement
    • Tyler- I am running for a representative position in the October elections. In the event that I do win, I would lose voting power but I could serve as a ledge (?) council representative. (Excel ticket) not Refresh ticket and than 5 other candidates that are running unaffiliated.
    • Colin- could be a voting ledge council voting member.
    • Tyler- ok
  • Fall Elections
    • Mr. Deakyne- Fall elections (October 25th-29th)à Peter makes it much more plausible for referendum to go through. I have a volunteer sign up sheet and will start passing it around; we got to meet with the election commissioners on Friday. Cannot ask Rec Center staff or representatives tell people to vote yes. Have to say, “vote” and give the facts but cannot say whether to vote or not. Can’t campaign in Board meetings, cant use student fees for election material, cant advocate for a candidate but we can encourage club sports to get out the vote.
    • Ms. Kent- we will be talking about it tomorrow night with club council
    • Mr. Finch- In previous referendums we have used club sports as a way to get out the vote.
    • Mr. Swanson- always a fan of talking to people in person and go to club meetings, the less chance of message getting diluted.
    • Ms. Kent- what exactly is the strategy to get out the vote in?
    • Mr. Swanson- main meeting as executive staff on Thursday. Working within the tickets and candidates. Call center wide
    • Mr. Goering- system is slow and you have to log in twice, make a step by step to make it as easy as possible to vote.
    • Ms. Kent- have computers on campus for people o vote on the spot
    • Mr. Goering- we can’t promote ourselves but we are going to be doing “Get Out the Vote” TVs.
    • Ms. Kent- there should be a Colorado Daily article coming out soon and there should be a favorable slant.
    • Mr. Finch- looking at giving supporting materials to staff in Rec center at main spots, entrances, intramural offices etc. with contact information and election material. Something that student staff can get involved with for people that are interested. (An information book)
    • Ms. Kent- a sign in sheet for knowledge of “Buff Up the Rec” and if they have checked out the website. Will be spot-checking staff to make sure they are learning about Buff Up the Rec.
  • Anouncements
  • Ms. Kent- we have a meeting tomorrow morning. Meeting with the Regents on the 13th. Campus wide town hall and on the 27th the VCs are meeting. Strategy session with student leaders. We looked at the top four locations for expansion (space for pros and cons) we decide to put the expansion of the student rec center on here.
  • Mr. Swanson- what is our position on Capitol Finance?
  • Ms. Kent- fear of student Country Club and extravagant rec center. The reality is that it’s the biggest marketing department for the school.
  • Mr. Finch- get rid of student athletic fee (instituted as a temporary fee for Title IX)
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- told UGGS about our project, a couple people were supportive and some people were very unsupportive (parking, and doesn’t want cars to be anywhere near campus) Got the impression that we were only talking about East Campus. PhD students not supportive, but grad students were.
  • Ms. Kent- CU vs. CSU (Oct. 29th) hockey ticket $20 to that game and an Avalanche game. Website- clubs- hockey and can buy tickets online.
  • Adjournment: 7:35 pm

October 26, 2010

Attendance: Ellis Bennett,Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Eric Economy, Colin Finch, Cheryl Kent, Tim Jorgenson, Nan Lu, Patricio Nieto, Zack Strang, Alexandra Voigt.

  • CALL TO ORDER: 6:35 pm.
    • Mr. Deakyne motioned. Approval of minutes 5-0-0.
  • CUSG Report
  • Program Area Liaison Reports, if any
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- One of our biggest selling point of the project is overcrowding for intramurals, 16,000 participants (closer to 8 to 10,000 because of multiple entries for the same person).  More space would drive up the numbers. Would help if people could register for intramurals online.
  • Mr. Deakyne- some up front costs (fees for first year) and additional fees for each year that they would have to approve. Turned down as a package deal. Hope to have staff  recommendations by November and go through in January for budgeting process.  Present to finance board and ledge.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- asked about ice rink and satellite facility, she didn’t think that would decrease participation in intramurals.
  • Mr. Deakyne- talked to Catie about weight room and check outà how to optimize staff, got new weight plates, and got rid of the 35’s. In terms of check out, track down students who haven’t returned towels and locks, haven’t had to do a huge towel order this year because now have to swipe buff card.
  • Mr. Finch- With digilocks,people can’t find their lockersà maybe if you put stickers on the actual lockers so that people can find them.
  • Mr. Economy- should be personal preference because still have both.
  • Ms. Kent- offer paper and pens for reminders
  • Mr. Deakyne- put digital locks outside, hallway next to pool with a camera on themà in a public place.
  • Mr. Strang- met with club sports about Buff Up the Rec- opinions, questionnairesà want to either meet with the whole Rec board or one of us personally.
  • Mr. Nieto- Met with Doug- things are going pretty well with the Outdoor Program.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- major issueà permits to operate on federal lands, culmination of a meeting at the state capitol. Cannot operate on BLM but not National Park Service. Need to get Mark Udall involvedà ongoing issue. Forces more creativity.
  • Ms. Kent- expense to contract someone to indemnify
  • Mr. Jorgenson- creates a few more hurdles for OP. Challenge course numbers around 30% where it should be without aggressive marketing. Doug is strategizing for special marketing for trip component.
  • Executive Team Reports/ Task Team Reports
  • Ms. Kent- worked with the foundation to write a grant for a fitness competition for the Colorado Fitness Association. Proposed 2 semesters (spring and summer or summer and fall). Joining Pac10, so will be invited to join the Pac10 fitness challenge.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- some of the other task teams have taken a backseat because Herb left and I have been taking over that role.
  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne- gave first quarter’s report to finance boardà haven’t been billed yet so there will be more bills late. Not a good gage of where we’re at. We were overcharged for some insurance premiums- were given back $43,000 so will go back to CUSG. In terms of search committee for Herb’s positionà narrowed down to 5 candidates, will be conducting day long interviews with different people. Rec Board and CUSG. On schedule to have this person starting next semester.  Nov. 10, 12, 15 ,17 ,19
  • Director’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- Between Bruce, Tyler and Peter there have been a lot of meetings- encountering a lot of questions, comments and direction with regards to willingness to support the project. Vice chancellor and chancellor with going forward with referendum. Survey number three going out. Conference call tomorrow to talk about survey, parameters of steering committee, BCPC Boulder County Planning Commission back to them on the 11th.. Survey 3- hope to go out to 10,000 students (randomized sample) designed to test one concept will have to hone in on best guess for referendum by Nov. 11th.  Difference of opinion on site selection for satellite facility. Political is this a good time to be funding a Rec program when were dealing with tuition increases?
  • Mr. Finch- were they supportive?
  • Ms. Kent- neutral; vice chancellor was supportive but others were concerned about how this fits in with master plan and others have political concerns
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- when can we start talking to people about donations?
  • Ms. Kent-  can ask members of the foundation? Best thing to do- ask for a meeting. Capacity for fundraising is challenging- other priorities.
  • Mr. Economy- just trying to find a starting point
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- all for corporate sponsorship, not going for the same donors, maybe that can move us up on the list.


  • Old Business
  1. Childcare center
  • Mr. Deakyne- Doris is retiring, have a lot of student employees but no one to oversee them. Maybe housing and dining can provide someone in the meantime while we search for someone else.
  1. Table Talk
  • Mr. Economy introduces the topic of election tables.
  • Ms. Voigt- doing a pretty good job of explaining things.
  • Mr. Economy-  they were very vague, exposure but could be more specific.
  • Mr. Deakyne- issue with Excel and Refresh tables butting heads- since Excel booked it first, they got the choice of table and location.
  • Mr. Economy- if you’re in the Rec, stop by and engage them to see what they tell you. If there is a problem- let someone know.
  • Ms. Lu-- do you want to say anything about the general election table.
  • Ms. Kent- democratic table- a rental table. Every party who wants to is capable to pay for a table.
  • Ms. Lu-  not endorsement of any kind, just a business decision.
  • New Business None.
  • Announcements
  • Mr. Jorgenson- Hockey (women’s and men’s) Friday night at 7 pm at the Pepsi Center
  • Adjournment
    Mr. Economy motioned to adjourn. Ms. Cicchinelli seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm 5-0-0.

Nov 9, 2010

Attendance: Ellis Bennett, Barb Bogner, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Eric Economy, Doris Fasbender, Colin Finch, Tyler Goering, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Tim Jorgenson, Nan Lu, Patty McConnell, Alicia Muirhead, Paticio Nieto, Michael Ricci, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang.

I.          CALL TO ORDER at 6:36 pm
Motion to approve the minutes with section VIIB added. Approval of minutes 6-0-0.

II.         Tiathlon Team Request

•      Mr. Hazekamp- President of CU tiathlon team, requesting participation in
competition pool-^ larger increase in participation in swim team practices- been
using the Claire Small pool to practice but with more paticipation this year there are excessive amount of athletes Mondays 7-8:30 pm and Thursday morning 7-8:30 am-> collisions between swimmers resulting in injuies. Sill have Tuesday and
Wednesday swims but not as congested at those practices. Noticing lower numbers in the competition pool so there will still be enough room for recreation swimmers to go to Claire Small. Also, Tiathlon team is non-cut so recreaion swimmers could join for practices.
Mr. Deakyne- one of the swimmers on Monday nights but it is not very crowded; we do have the venue to have an extra pool and the club team
Ms. Cicchinelli- with the swim team's use of the competition pool, we cannot justify not giving it to them since its only two nights a week and low numbers.
Ms. Bogner- Thursday mornings there are low numbers so that seems fine but not sure about Monday nights. How long do you practice?
Ms. Bogner- were incident reports completed? What happened for the inured people?
Mr. Hazekamp- Lifeguard was notified and person went home with an icepack. Mr. Finch- approve one lane for Thursday and then wait on Monday
Ms. Cicchinelli- look at swim team to see numbers at practice so there is some backing on the decision.
Mr. Nieto- would there be conflict with fall break hours?
Mr. Jorgenson- adults could be spending money so give them a heads up so they aren't surpised
Mr. Finch- are you requesting this for all semester? How long is your season? Lifeguarding?
Mr. Hazekamp- year round team; pay for their own lifeguards
Mr. Deakyne- put a notice in Rec center and maybe gather Monday numbers before notification. How do you feel about stating this second semester?
Mr. Hazekamp- sounds good; there is histoically a rise in paticipation in the second semester
Mr. Economy- if there are people that do object, what are our other options?
Mr. Deakyne- bigger challenge, there are a lot of conflicts so focus on building a stronger argument (polling etc.) so there is less opposition. Wait until we have the numbers to approve or temporarily improve now?
Mr. Strang- Temporarily improve for Thursday and then wait for the numbers for approval of Monday practices for next semester.
Ms. Cicchinelli- table both days because we don't know who the people are that are swimming in the comp pool those times so want to avoid problems.
Mr. Finch- makes sense to stat next semester so people will know where to meet Mr. Deakyne- if we approve this the 30th of November, is this enough ime to
forewarn people? Get numbers and re-repot the meeting after Thanksgiving,
November 30th or via email.
Ms. Cicchinelli- motion to table it until we get more information. Mr. Economy seconded. Moion passes 5-0-1.

III.       Dois' Report

Mr. Jorgenson- introduces Doris, director of Children's Center. Whenever someone is leaving a position, it is important to evaluate the program and discuss an overview of what is happening currently in the Children's center so there is information to use for future discussion and decision making.
Ms. Fasbender- 62% not half-time not full-time started at 50% (20 hours a week to
25 hours a week) but started doing networking with family housing and women's resource center so it demanded more hours of my time outside of normal working hours at Rec center.
Ms. Cicchinelli-1 am concerned about the Children's center and how we're going to ind someone as qualified to take over, would like to see it continue the way it is going.
Ms. Fasbender- Person who fills the next position does not need to mirror my
qualifications because it has been evolving-^ hard to answer but would love to pass my book along to this person.
Mr. Jorgenson- trying to set up a second meeting with other childcare center down the street and see if there are any availabilities there that can help out for the time being.
Ms. Fasbender-1 have student employees that continue on, there is consistency in staff, always like to have an assistant who can oversee things in my absence, Adian Ogden. I will help with hiing even though I won't be here Spring semester. I asked Adrian to be the student liaison to help with the transition.
Mr. Deakyne- could bing in a new person that could be full time and oversee
childcare center and other operations, have savings from other retirements (Herb's). Ms. Fasbender- make sure they have some of the qualifications that are more
childcare-oriented. Family housing- licensed daycare/preschool. Our children's
center is not licensed, parent needs to be in the Rec center->less standards to meet. Open Monday- Fiday twice a day, 3 hours at a time, children can stay up to 2 hours a time, 10:30-1:30 and 4:30-7:30 and Saturday and Sunday 11-2. There really is no pattern, currently more on evenings but in the past morning shifts. Weekends are probably the most usage typically. 5 to 1 ratio (3 workers on a shift so max 15
children at a time). Won't open if there aren't at least two workers on at a time because of safety. Student employees need to have CPR and first aid and annual TB test.
Ms. Muirhead- Makeup of who is using this service?
Ms. Fasbender- 2/3 students, mostly graduate and 1/3 non-students Ms. Muirlxead- survey of times for grad students?
Ms. Fasbender- Do a parent survey annually.
Mr. Finch- Don't see numbers for vaiance in usage over past 10 years. What is the trend?

• Ms. Fasbender-1 know that our numbers are higher than they used to be- put
notices up over the years in women's and men's locker rooms and started
networking with family housing. We have signed up more families percentage
wise in the past but not necessarily more people showing up.
• Mr. Finch- Childcare is usually on the cut list because it is the most subsidized
program and least used from student body, do you see this still plays a role with
the direction we are heading and with the expansion?
• Ms. Fasbender-1 think student parents are one of the most underserved
populations on campus so I think it is a vital service and there are not too many ways to do that other than this, especially in a Rec center, where they can take a break. Few other campuses have childcare in their Rec center so we are modeled after that. Doesn't mean that it can't be changed to accommodate changes in Rec center but it has always been a successful program.
•      Ms. Fasbender- Biggest challenge- have to convince administration to subsidize.
I think the recreation pat is really vital in keeping them healthy and giving them
a break. Large percentage is going back to the hourly for students so it's a
wothwhile cause. for any questions.
IV.       CUSG Report

•      Mr. Swanson- elections happened, huge turnout. Tyler is a rep now and most
importantly we got our constitutional amendments though-> minimum of 25% of
voter turnout instead of 25% of whole student body. Highest turnout in 20 years.

V.            Program Area Liaison Reports, if any

VI.       Executive Team Reports/ Task Team Reports
•       Mr. Jorgenson- cheap date night at ice rink was packed last weekend and a big
success with little effot. Jamfest is coming up in February, another late night event. More Wellness initiatives because new director of Wardenburg.

VII.      Chair's Report

Mr. Deakyne- flag football this Sunday 10 am- 3 pm. Interviews for associate
director of facilities, have emailed times of meetings. Does anyone know if they can make M.W.F 3:30-4:30 until Thanksgiving break. Delaying the survey until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
Mr. Swanson- a couple meetings with the vice chancellors across the board, moving too fast for them to be comfotable with it so pushed the surveys back. More likely to be honed in on a site so can include that on the survey possibly. Meeting BCPC (Boulder Campus Planning Commission) on Thursday and will probably have a better idea of a site after that.
Mr. Economy- isn't that the idea of the survey, to select a site?
Mr. Swanson- more to gage whether it will be approved or not. Trying to get a site first.

•      Mr. Deakyne- next Tuesday at 6pm- Steering Committee, canceling Monday
meeings Share steeing and Rec Board on November 30th? 12/7 steeing meeting?

• Mr. Deakyne- last Rec board is probably Nov. 30m and will not have complete
survey results until next semester. Taste of Afica in the Rec center this Fiday

        Director's Report None.
IX.       Old Business None.
X.           New Business
a. Conflict Mateials Bill
Mr. Swanson has not gone to ledge yet because it is in its preliminary stages. In general, keep a lid on it until it becomes general information.
Mr. Finch- work for and I talked with the management team and discussed this-> would be great at a federal level but on an individual basis, you're never going to be able to get the answers you need without federal legislation so won't be able to upgrade or use your equipment.
Mr. Deakyne- agree with Colin that it is great in theory but not so much in practice. Ms. Lu- if this is feasible in the near future, procurement center that can push this but it is still very early in the process so no awareness currently.
b. Senior Skate
Mr. Deakyne- had an ad some years ago saying that Senior citizens could skate at half pice.
Ms. Lu- even the people responsible for putting the ad out do not remember this,
never paid for it and they kept running it (Boulder living, senior section) so this will
stop with the next issue. Propose to keep honoring this through this Calendar year.
Mr. Finch motions to allow it and Ms. Cicchinelli seconded. Motion passes 6-0-0.
c. Next RB Meeting
Mr. Deakyne- November 30th and steeing the week after.
d. RB candidates
Mr. Deakyne- Need to put an advetisement for Rec board members for next semester because Paticio is studying abroad and another candidate is studying abroad next semester. There is also a vacancy in the vice chair position because Tyler is now a rep.

XL       Announcements
Peter- Does everyone see East campus at not pat of campus? Mr. Finch- no
XII.      Adjournment
Mi: Deakyne motioned to adjoun and Mr. Strang seconded at 8:30 pm.