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Meeting Minutes


Dec 4, 2012

Attendance: Zack Strang, Cheryl Kent, Ellesse Spaeth, Spencer Graham, Lee Silbert, George Hoey, Tim Jorgenson, Steve Najara, Nan Lu, Rachelle Riley, Dan Keene

I. Call to Order
-Meeting called to order at 5:38 pm on January 15, 2013
II. Roll Call
-Taken manually
III. Public Forum

  1. Kittredge Field Renovations

-Cheryl: Explanation of MOU
-Tom: CU did not meet title nine in Women’s sports.  Looked into lacrosse because it is growing incredibly quick.  The question is where would we house the team.  Wanting to partner to practice at Kitt. This would come with field enhancements while they are using the fields.  Lacrosse usage would be temporary. 
-Rachelle: Kitt’s last renovation was in 2006.  Looking into terf, netting, scoreboard, lighting.  Upgrades would be done in a three to five year range. 
-Changes: 30FC to 50FC  lights (75FC if games would be broadcasted with additional poles)
-Expecting money from the Pac 12
-Terf is at the end of its lifetime and needs to be replaced. 
-Locker rooms are the higher ticket item.  Looking for a location with a team room, restrooms, and rain overhang. 
-Looking to practice in the fall with construction starting in July. 
-Tom: Looking to extend our relationship passed this project. 
-Cheryl: Building a fund for renovations
$500,000 Field
$200,000 Lights
$75,000 Score
$50,000 Sound
$1,000,000 Building
-Steve: Scheduled camps moved to Boulder Creek
-Rachelle: Locker rooms would be placed between the two existing fields
-Spencer: Motion to approve the renovation of Kittredge Field with the stipulation that students will be involved throughout the entirety of the decision making process. 
Motion passed 6:0:0
(Spencer and Ellesse volunteer to be involved as rec board reps)
-George: We need to recognize the importance of the dicision we just made because Title 9 is keeping gender equality in our school.  It is critical for the health of the university. 
IV. Reading and Approval of the Minutes
-Motion passed to approve
V. Changes/Approval of Agenda
-Motion passed to approve
VI.  CUSG Report
-No one present to report
VII. Program Area Liaison Reports
-Nothing to report
VIII. Chairs Report
-Zach: We need increased attendance with the January budget season here
IX.  Director’s Report
-Cheryl: Good retreat to create relationship items as a leadership team. 
-Staff will not be available on Friday
- Full report will be given at a later date
-Nan: Outcome was very clear with the review.  It will be a great tool for this process.
X. Executive Team Reports
-Steve: The move went well.  There has been a lot of moving around. 
-Phase 3 in April
-Weight room renovations start in Feb
-There have been some electrical issues
-Ice rink, studio on schedule.  Locker rooms are not on schedule.
-Tim: Rec Staff training was on Sunday
-Annie was excited about it
-FitWell is still hiring
-Nan: Budget Presentation
XI. Old Business

  1. Buff Up the Rec

XII. New Business
-Nan presentation
XIII. Announcements
-Nothing to report
-Meeting on Thursday
XIV. Adjourn
-Motion passed to adjourn at 8:30