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Meeting Minutes


Nov. 27, 2012

Attendance: Zach Strang, Cheryl Kent, Ellesse Speath, Sam Rhodes, Steve Najara, Alec Parkin, Lee Silbert, Spencer Graham, George Hoey, Tim Jorgenson

I. Call to Order
            -Mr. Strang calls meeting to order at 5:34 pm on November 27, 2012.
II. Roll Call
            -Taken Manually
III. Public Forum
            -No one present to report
IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
            -Mr. Strang motions to approve the minutes as they are.  Motion carries.
V.  Changes and Approval to Agenda Items
            -Mr. Strang motions to approve the agenda as it is.  Motion carries.
VI. CUSG Report
            -No one present to report
VII. Program Area Liaison Reports
            -Nothing to report from the liaisons
VIII. Chair’s Report
            (Looking at attachment from email sent out earlier in the day)
-Ms. Kent: Customers are worried about possibility of the lack of amenities with the construction.  We want to do something to make sure they know that we want to take care of them. 
-(Like) Free week of classes, 1 free personal training session, member of the month, coffee, family pass
-(Against) Free month of membership and a discounted membership
-Tim: Need to pay attention to our green initiative if we want to be giving things out
-Ms. Kent: Membership will be increasing significantly around the holiday.
-George: We should attempt to tie in the alumni into the membership of the month for who they bring in, or qualifying them for the member of the month. 
-Lee: How significant are our non-student members in the use of the rec center?
-Tim: 24 Hour Fitness is the only gym with lower rates then us in the county.
-Mr. Strang: Is it worth riding ourselves form the profit of $5694 for students who do not bring their ID? We are looking at the option of using the student directory for people who forget. 
IX. Directors Report
            -Ms. Kent: Searching for Fitness and Wellness, Clubs, and Outdoor positions.
-Outdoor position is closed, and we are waiting on paperwork.
-Tim: Fit Well is happening now.  We are looking for the right person for the job.  We are hoping to close on that by Jan 1, but if not it will be in Feb. 
X. Executive Team Reports
-Tim: Intermurals are in their second week of tournament play.
-The demand for personal trainers doubled in October.  We are on the hunt for more trainers. 
-Outdoor is already starting summer scheduling. 
-Clubs are winding down. 
-Relay for life is getting pulled together.  It is a walk to end cancer.  Colleges Against Cancer wants to take it over, but it has been in the Rec for many years. 
-Ms. Kent: Although we cannot waive the fee entirely, we do give them a significantly discounted rate. 
MOTION: (Sam) Motion to bump facilities on a Friday in the East gyms for Relay for life.
-Second by Spencer, Motion passes 6:0:1
MOTION: (Spencer) Motion to lower the rental rate for Relay for Life as long as is stays within the CUFF guidelines. 
-Second by Sam, Motion passes 6:0:1
-Steve: We are getting the building back to regular temperature.  We are dealing abnormal shifts. 
-We have begun Phase 2 planning.  This includes the weight room, lobby, conference rooms, etc.  These wont begin until February.  The weight room will move in January during break.  It will be closed Jan 2 and 3. 
-George: Have there been issues with fumes in the building? I encountered some very strong gasoline smells last week. 
-Ms. Kent:  There were some issues with people leaving the doors open in the loading dock and a few other places which was causing some issues.  We have sent out a notice that no doors are to be left open. 
XI. Old Business
            a. Buff Up the Rec
-Waiting for the package to come back
XII. New Business
            -None to report
XIII. Announcements
-Steering/Rec Board meeting on Dec 4th
XIV. Adjournment
            -Mr. Strang: Motion to adjourn.  Motion carries at 6:44 pm.