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Recreation Board Meeting Minutes


September 25, 2012

Attendance: Zach Strang, Sam Rhoades, Ellese Spaeth, John Lanz, Steve Najera, Lee Silbert, Cheryl Kent, Nicole Larocque, Spencer Graham, Alec Parkin, Christopher Anderson, Richard Bateman, Tim Jorgenson, Matt Wittlin

I. Call to Order
a. Mr. Zack Strang: Calls the meeting to order at 5:37 pm on September 25, 2012. 

II. Roll Call
a. Paper sign in sheet

III. Public Forum

IV. Reading and Approval of Minutes
a.  Approval/Corrections from the August 28th and September 11th meetings.
b. Corrections on August 28th minutes in section VIII, first line change in the word “I” to “We.”  Correction on August 28th minutes from section X, line 8, changing the word “twit” to “tweet.”
c. Mr. Strang: Motions to approve the minutes, Mr. Sam Rhoades seconds, call to question, no opposition to acclimation, motion carries.

V. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items
a. Mr. Strang: Motions to approve the agenda, Mr. Sam Rhoades seconds, call to question, no opposition to acclimation, motion carries.

VI. CUSG Report

VII. Program Area Liaison Reports
a. Mr. Strang: Asks that program heads check in with their liaisons before October 5th whether that be by phone, meeting, or email. 
b. Club Sports: All club sports are doing very well.  Men’s soccer is playing on Franklin fields.  The hockey vs. alumni game is Friday at 8pm.  They will play Wyoming in two weeks.  Women’s soccer will be playing at Mesa this week.  They are working on finding a new location for club sports once phase one of renovations begins. 
c. Intermural: All teams are in the process of official’s evaluations.  Next week is the last week of regular play before tournaments.  First golf tournament will be Friday October 6.  Outdoor programs have increased drastically. 

VIII. Chair’s Report
a. Mr. Strang: Steering will be broken into two chairs.  We want more student involvement.  Chris Shaefbauer will be the head.  Next meeting is October 3 from 3-5.  These meetings will only be called when necessary.  The new entrance will open in a few weeks by the basketball courts. 

IX. Director’s Report
a. Ms. Cheryl: The numbers of participation in clubs has been at a steady increase, only hockey’s involvement has decreased and that is only slightly.  We are in need of a plan for outreach to people in the community to get them involved in the rec center.  We also need to prepare the users of the rec center as well as the surrounding areas to prepare them for the noise as we begin phase one of construction. 

X. Executive Team Report
a. Mr. Najera: Phase one is to begin on time.  There will be a formal walk through after meeting.  Facility staff is being prepared currently to make things as smooth as possible.

XI. Facility Requests

XII. Old Business
a. Ms. Cheryl: (Finances) We were 20% over budget over the summer.  We are down to 2.2 million over now.  That will continue to decrease as project carries on.  We are still asking for a guaranteed max price.  We are looking at a buy out of 1 million dollars from the CU system.  There are 5-7 ways to pay that back. 
(Payback) There is a 4.126% interest increase on the investment.
b. Mr. Strang: When to implement the fee is the issue.  Do we want one-time expenses or long term pay offs? 

XIII. New Business
a. Presenter form Fit Well:  The rec center has seen positive results with the increasing cost of classes.  We have just approved sales of a “Be fit pass”  for classes offered in the rec center.  There are some position vacancies in this area. 
b. We want to introduce the PAC12 challenge to the campus.  It is a community initiative that will run from October 22-26.  It is based off of Facebook.  It is a point based system then logs your daily activity.  It is open to extended family.  This is an opportunity to showcase all of the Rec Center’s activities.  Also wanted to discuss the possibilities in doing a package on membership costs for that week. 
c. Chair: Is membership down this time of year?
d. Ms. Cheryl:  There is always a flux at the beginning of the year and around the beginning of the second semester.  This time of the year is typically a time to reenergize before the next rush, but yet membership is down during this time of year.
e. Mr. Strang:  Calls to motion, Mr. Rhoades seconds, calls to question, motion passes.

XIV. Announcements
a. Ms. Cheryl: Groundbreaking will be on October 5, 2012 at 4pm on the pool patio.  The actual ceremony will begin at 4:30, along with a series of short speeches.  The daily Boulder camera will be there to record the event.  Everyone is invited.
b. Mr. Strang: We need to clarify whether Blake will be continuing his program liaison duties.

XV. Adjournment
a. Mr. Zach Strang: Calls motions to move the executive session, Mr. Sam Rhoades seconds, calls to question, motion passes at 6:32 pm. 
b. Renovation tour was given to all meeting participants.