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Recreation Board Meeting Minutes


Sep 11th, 2012

Attendance: Christopher Anderson, Richard Bateman, Colin Finch, Spencer Graham, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, John Lanz, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Alec Parkin, Sam Rhoades, Lee Silbert, Ellesse Spaeth, Zack Strang

  1. Call to Order at 5:37p.
  2. Roll Call.  Introduction around.
  3. Public Forum: None.
  4. Reading & Approval of Minutes:
  5. Ms. Lu: Minutes from last Board meeting not finalized yet. Will have it complete for approval in next meeting. Liaison assignment list is on the back of the agenda.
  6. Changes/Approval of Agenda Items: None.
  7. CUSG Reports: None.
  8. Program Area Liaison Report:
    1. Mr. Strang: Rink and Pool not assigned yet. Would Mr. Gilbert like to take them?
      Mr. Gilbert: Yes.
  1. Chair’s Report:

Mr. Strang:

    1. Ms. Gabby Krupp, a first-year student, has been hired as the Rec Board Secretary.  Please send future Board meeting agenda items directly to Ms. Krupp and cc me and Cheryl.
    2. Mr. Lanz and Ms Spaeth have been ratified by the Legislative Council.
    3. Mr. Royal has resigned as Chair of the Steering Committee because of his course load.  Mr. Chris Schaefbauer with CUSG is interested in it. If you are interested please let me know.
  1. Director’s Report: None
  2. Executive Team Reports:
    1. Mr. Jorgensen: All Programs areas short on staff, because of retirement, transition to other areas, etc.  Fall revenues look good so far; especially Ropes Course.
    2. Mr. Najera: All staff is busy with construction.  New staff member Steve Cass started, replacing Ross Mabon, in the Maintenance area.  Patty McConnell took Diane Belz’s old position and now oversees facility operations and scheduling, supervising Dan Rummel and Dan Keane. Construction inside the building phase I involves moving of offices and service/activity areas will start in October.
    3. Ms. Lu: Met with OIT DDS and Managed Services groups and started planning for the friendly takeover.
  3. Facility Requests: None.
  4. Old Business
    1. Buff Up the Rec:

Mr. Strang: The project is still over the budget, which is as expected.  Possible value engineering list has many items of small amounts (in the thousands) Cutting these may not get us under the budget so we may have to look at some big ticket items.  This is something Cheryl, the contractors, and our project managers from FacMan are working on.
Mr. Finch: So instead of “shaving” off and cut items which are difficult to add later, cut something that can be added on easily later.  The rooftop tennis courts, for example, can be built at a later date as long as we put the requisite structural support in now.

    1. Steering:

Mr. Strang: Steering Committee will be called soon and the plan is to have it every other Tue evening on the week no Rec Board meetings are scheduled.

  1. Purpose:

Mr. Strang: Student input and involvement; advisory in nature, not a decision making entity.  Primary purpose is to ensure students’ voices are heard.
Mr. Strang will be meeting with Chris Schaefbauer regarding chairing the committee.
Mr. Finch: Chris will be gone after a year when his position at CUSG turned over.  Any concern about continuity? 
Mr. Strang: He is highly interested and may stay on even after his position with CUSG is done.
Mr. Finch: I’d like to see a student from Rec Board vice-chair the committee to ensure the Board’s voice is heard.  I would strongly encourage students to apply.
Mr. Strang: Steering’s functions and organization are all open for discussion and suggestions.  For example, we may consider two co-chairs.
Mr. Anderson: I agree with Colin; this will ensure communication between Rec Board and the Steering Committee.

  1. Functions & Goals:

Mr. Strang: Three primary functions have been identified: Communication, Fund-raising, and Budgetary Guidance.  Specific goals will be set by the subcommittee for each function when Steering Committee meets next.
Communication: Social media management, presentations, etc.  The general goal is to keep students updated and involved.
Fund-raising: Explore opportunities to develop donors and sponsorships.
Budgetary Guidance: Will look at timing of fee collection.

  1. Communication:

Mr. Strang: Please tell your friends about both Rec Board and the Steering Committee if they are interested in participating.

  1. New Business
    1. Reservation Requests:  None.
    2. IFC:

Mr. Strang: IFC wants to bring up an IFC IM league request.  I met with Derik of IFC and have let him know space availability remains the issue.

  1. Announcements: None.
  2. Adjournment: Mr. Rhoades motioned, seconded by Mr. Lanz. Ms. Spaeth called the question. Acclamation.  Motion carried.