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Recreation Board Meeting Minutes

HockeyAugust 28th, 2012

Attendance: Chris Anderson, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, John Lanz, Nan Lu, Patty McConnell, Pauline Olivas, Sam Rhoades, Blake Royal, Ellesse Spaeth, Zack Strang

  1. Mr. Strang called to order at 5:39P.
  2. Introduction around.  Mr. Chris Anderson introduced by Mr. Royal.  Mr. Anderson will be shadowing Mr. Royal.
  3. Approval of May 3rd minutes:

Mr. Finch motioned to approve.  Mr. Rhoades seconded.  Acclamation.  Motion carried.

  1. Mr. Strang motioned to add recruiting board members to New Business of the agenda. Mr. Royal called the question.  Mr. Rhoades seconded.  Acclamation.  Motion carried.
  2. CUSG Reports: None.

Mr. Spencer Graham joined the meeting at 5:50p.

  1. Board members discussed which areas they would like to be liaisons for.

Events and Facility Operations (Incl Bear Creek) – Mr. Royal
Equipment Services (Incl Check-Out) – Mr. Graham
Memberships and Guest Services – Mr. Strang
Custodial and Maintenance – Mr. Royal
Technology – Mr. Hoey
Intramural – Mr. Rhoades
Clubs – Mr. Finch
Outdoor Program – Mr. Lanz
Fitness&Wellness – Ms. Spaeth

  1. Chair’s Report

Mr. Strang:

  1. Glad to be back.
  2. There will be a meeting to go over possible value engineering items on August 30th, 8-10am for Buff Up the Rec. There will be discussion on items to keep.  
  3. Board meeting time is set at 5:30p, every other Tuesday, this semester.
  4. If you have any agenda item, please send it to me or Ms. Olivas, by noon on Monday of the week the Board meets.  Please also cc Ms. Kent.  Please put in subject line “Urgent” if it is urgent.
  5. Our goal for this semester: We need to have very efficient communication for the Board about Buff Up The Rec.

Ms. Kent: Staff member Annie Mulvany prepares weekly updates for the Rec staff.  We can start with that and just highlight the points important to the Board.
With the project, we should also have a public forum for people to speak after roll call.
Mr. Strang: We will start it next week.

  1. Director’s Report

Ms. Kent: We lost a very dear member of our own: the Board’s Secretary Connor Spaeth passed away during summer. Let’s keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
The Board observed a moment of silence for Mr. Connor Spaeth.
Ms. Kent: We have had some staffing changes: Ms. Patti Kish retired in June and we bring in Ms. Marci Black as a temporary help in the Fitness&Wellness area. Ms. Patty McConnell moves to supervise the Events/Facilities operation.  Clubs Sports will have Mr. John Meyer and Mr. John Gavin (Men’s Lax coach) in as temporary help.  Mr. Meyer will stay through just the first couple of weeks in fall semester. Mr. Gavin will stay for 4-5 months. Outdoor Program lost the senior staff Mr. Mahon earlier this year and has Mr. Levi Dexel in as temporary help till the position is filled.  Staff member Annie Mulvany is helping with marketing.  We will try to move her over to take the marketing position full-time, and the vacancy in Intramural will be filled later.  The vacant positions when filled will give us some salary savings to fund the marketing position.
Mr. Royal: Would it be co-coordinator positions in Clubs? What is the time frame for filling the position?
Ms. Kent: That has not been decided yet.
Ms. Kent: We had a very successful Ice & Dice.  It was well received by students who attended as well as departments we collaborated with.

  1. Executive Team Reports:  None
  2. Buff Up The Rec:

Mr. Royal: We need to make sure there is diversity in the Steering Committee.
Mr. Finch: As our representative, the Committee ensures the end product benefits the students.
Ms. Kent: The reality is we’ll need to advocate for students. We need to ensure what students voted on get built.  There will be push from the campus for something that does not directly benefit the students. The Steering Committee does not have an official standing to make decisions, but it will advocate for students.
If you hear about the complaints about sauna, it is important to understand it is a small, but very vocal group of members.  You can tweet or respond to FB postings, but don’t respond in your formal capacity as a Board member.
GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) came back over budget.  Therefore there will be another round of value engineering.  Currently both the pool and the tennis courts are included in the base budget.
Phasing:  It will be helpful if you the Board members know the phasing of the large blocks.  The Men’s locker room has closed and the Women’s locker room is separated into two sections with one for men and one for women.
Please mark Oct 5th for ground-breaking.  Details to follow.

  1. Facilities Request:

Ms. McConnell: Club Swim & Dive is requesting the use of Comp pool for a meet on Oct 6th, Saturday, 8a – 1p the drop-in swimmers will be using Clare pool if the Board approves it.
Mr. Royal moved to approve.  Mr. Graham seconded. Mr. Rhoads called the question.  Acclamation.  Motion carried.

  1. New Business

Mr. Finch reported on his progress on finding a replacement for his position; he wanted it to be someone who uses the facilities.

  1. Adjourned.