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Recreation Board Meeting Minutes

HockeyMay 3, 2012

Attendance: Richard Bateman, Bruce Deakyne, , Colin Finch, Cheryl Kent, John Lanz, Nan Lu, Patricio Nieto, Sam Rhoades, Ellesse Spaeth, Alex Voigt

  1. Call to Order, Approval of Minutes, Approval of Agenda
  2. Mr. Deakyne: Calls the meeting to order at 5:55, on May 3rd.
  3. Corrections to the April 26th Minutes: Typo for minutes: Section 4, Part b, second line down changed to “open.” Top of Page two, under Director’s Report, “site” spelled wrong.  Buff Up the Rec, Section 10 a, second to last sentence changed to “I made a request to Deb coffin to have a donor wall.”
  4. Mr. Nieto: motions to approve the minutes, Mr. Rhoades seconds, call to question, no opposition to acclimation, motion carries.


  1. CUSG Report
    1. Mr. Deakyne: New ledge members.
  1. Program Area Liaison Reports
    1. Mr. Deakyne: Talk to liaisons before summer break.


  1. Executive/Task Team Reports
    1. Ms. Lu: Meeting with OIT; we will find out more next school year.

For Diane’s replacement we would like a student member to participate in the search for new employee, happening during the summer.

  1. Chair’s Report
    1. Mr. Deakyne: No reports tonight. I emailed out Zach’s responses to the questions asked by executive board. Spenser has not responded.


  1. Director’s Report
    1. Ms. Kent: I want to thank you Bruce for all your service. Patricio and Alex thanks for all your service.

 Finance board looking to fill positions, if you know of people who are interested let them know.

    1. Mr. Deakyne: If you are interested in a CUSG job there are lots of new positions to fill.
    2. Ms. Kent: We lost a member of our staff yesterday, Doug passed away from cancer.
    3. Mr. Finch: Make motion for the board to give thanks and condolences to Doug’s family. Mr. Finch motions, Mr. Neito seconds, Mr. Nieto calls to questions, motions passes (6,0,0).
  1. Facility Requests
    1. Mr. Deakyne: We don’t have any.


  1. Old Business
  2. Request for limited executive decision power.  Written request revised as recommended by Board in last meeting.
  3. Mr. Nieto: motions to request executive decision power, Ms. Voigt seconds, Mr. Finch calls to question, motion passes (6,0,0).
  1. New Business
    1. Mr. Deakyne: Bylaw reviewed, looking at changes to the Bylaws.

Want a separate Chair for the Steering Committee, so the Chair of the Board can focus more on Board issues.

    1. Mr. Finch: About membership guidelines: Voting members should be students that are considered full time student by the school.
    2. Ms. Lu: Mr. Rhoades is writing down and changing all information brought up in discussion for the By-Laws.
    3. Ms. Kent: Have to present Bylaws to the Legislative Council to get ratified.
    4. Mr. Deakyne: This will probably be in two weeks because we have to get on their schedule. Can we pull up policy and remove Child-care from the list of services. We will submit all policy changes and Bylaw.
    5. Ms. Lu: Policy: The Instruction program needs to be changed to Fitness and Wellness.
    6. Ms. Kent: Collegiate Sport Club program changed because of typo. How about our Mission?
    7. Mr. Deakyne: Reads the Mission statement to the Rec Board.    
    8. Ms. Lu: I will make a note of the Mission Statement and I will clean it up.        
    9. Mr. Deakyne: Mr. Rhoades can you make a note to put in an update Mission, Vision and Values statements.    
    10. Ms. Kent: Permission to give an update. I will have a meeting next week with Deb Coffin and Angela F. and I will be talking about the donor wall and other opportunities; we are trying to get them to see our way of thinking. Especially to keep student fees down. The cost for the donor wall has to be recognized at the regent level.
    11. Mr. Deakyne: Any other proposed changes for bylaws and policy?
    12. Mr. Nieto: motions to approve bylaw and policy changes.  Ms. Voigt seconds, Colin calls to question, motion passes (6,0,0).
  1. Buff of the Rec
    1. Ms. Kent: Donor wall we talked about, pool buffalo is being looked into. The website is being updated. Memberships are on sale now for the summer.
  2. Announcements

a. Ms. Kent: Free food in the conference room, Monday from 9 to 11 a.m., student employee breakfast.

  1. Adjournment

Mr. Lanz motions to move to executive session, Mr. Collin seconds, Mr. Rhoades calls to question, motion passes.