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Meeting Minutes


April 5, 2012


Attendance: Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Tim Jorgensen, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Patricio Nieto, Meg Rapp, Sam Rhoades, Blake Royal, Ellesse Spaeth, Everett Warner

  1. Call to Order 6:00 pm, Approval of Minutes from 3/22, Approval of Agenda
    1. Mr. Finch motions to approve minutes from March 22. Mr. Rhoades seconds. Ms. Spaeth calls to question. Seeing no opposition to acclimation, motion carries.
    2. Ms. Spaeth motions to approve agenda for April 5. Mr. Deakyne makes a friendly amendment to move Buff Up The Rec to the second position on the agenda. Mr. Nieto seconds. Mr. Rhoades calls to question. Seeing no opposition to acclimation, motion carries.
  2. Buff Up The Rec
    1. Ms. Rapp: We met with facility management to go over exterior of building. The South face has been moved North a bit (fitness wing) to add a porch area that will provide an outdoor social lounge. The climbing wall will remain where it was in schematic design, next to Outdoor Programs. One problem that we have run into is the underground steam tunnel and eighty telecommunication lines that run under the Rec and service homes North of Boulder Creek. Lot 380 will be removed and more parking will be added as the project develops. The pool deck will have terraced retaining walls. This will bring more green into the space and hide the required 8-foot security fence. The infrastructure for the rooftop tennis courts will be maintained. The roof will be structured, waterproofed, but the infrastructure does not make the roof usable as anything other than roof. Tennis courts require an additional slab and topping for courts. New elevator and stairwells to the roof will be added.

Mr. Deakyne: Design Review Board asked a lot about bringing the entrance to the Rec and Sewall Field together. How is that incorporated into the current design?
Ms. Rapp:We are working with the concept of rivers and streams in the building. We are trying to incorporate that theme into the outdoor design. We are rounding southwest deck to make the transition easier between Sewall Field and the entrance and to funnel people into the porch and Rec Center.
Ms. Kent: Will there be a path for cutting around building?
Ms. Rapp: The path needs to be reworked. Its relationship to the plaza and patio needs to be studied further. With further refinement, the Rec Center will be more closely tied to existing campus buildings.
Mr. Rhoades: Can you speak to the lighting of the building?
Ms. Rapp: The matrix of skylights has not been added to model, only in sight plan. Essentially 6% of the roof area above big courts and spaces is a series of translucent skylight systems to bring diffused light into the spaces. We are still working on balancing number of skylights on roof with potential for photovoltaics and harvesting sunlight for use. Better energy modeling results will be in on Monday.
Mr. Finch:What is the status of square footage? Are we under?
Ms. Rapp:We are hitting program plan on cardio, weight fitness, and current
meeting spaces. We are doubling wood gym space and adding turf space.
We are working to put together a booklet and information for Design Review Board on April 20 in Denver. We will touch base one more time before mid-May, when this phase gets wrapped up. The week after graduation, we will release illustrations to contractors, etc. to re-price the building. Sustainability people will look hard at specifications and packages to give us guidance on how we are doing on the Leeds scale. We are on track for platinum but we need to keep tracking the things we are selecting.
Mr. Royal enters at 6:12 pm.

  1. CUSG Report
  1. Program Area Liaison Reports
  1. Executive/Task Team Reports
    1. Mr. Jorgensen: You are all invited to the year-end banquet. There is a lot going on in club sports. Intramurals are trying to do new things. WellU week will take place April 16-20 and will focus on wellness. We should know about our grant any day.
    2. Mr. Najera: We recently re-finished the flooring in the aerobics studio and fixed up batting cage nets for club baseball and softball in 1b12 of Carlson Gym.
    3. Ms. Lu: My staff and some of Tim’s staff are working on packaging new summer student membership. We will be ready to present soon.
  2. Chair’s Report
    1. Mr. Deakyne: Student Government elections will be held next week. There are two tickets and a third with candidates for execs only. The Pulse clearly stated that they wanted to invest more in the Rec Center and that was going to be the focus of their ticket. I also spoke with Jeff on the Entrust ticket and they can cut student fees. Next year they would not be entertaining cuts as much as they did this year. One major issue on the ballot is the Wardenburg Health Board moving to an advisory board, which will put less liability on the University. Must have 2/3 majority and 15% voter turnout to amend CUSG Constitution to change this.

Elections for Rec Board Chair and Vice-Chair should come up soon. If anyone would like to run or nominate someone send Bruce an email. No due date at this time.

  1. Director’s Report
    1. Ms. Kent:We have not heard from Phoenix Multisport for sobriety-based programming. The ball is in their court. If they submit an application, they will have to come in to give a presentation. New Alcohol Commissioner to approve any alcohol based events to make sure University is compliant to alcohol regulations. Also, we are in process of doing year-end evaluations for Rec staff. Themes for next year will be flexibility and patience in ever-changing conditions and space. Communication is big as well. The Rec staff is planning for organizational changes that will come with new budget and new building.
  2. Facility Requests
  1. Old Business
  1. New Business
  1. Announcements
    1.  Mr. Deakyne: CU Swim & Dive has 6 national champions.
    2. Mr. Royal: Greek week coming up. Friday, April 13 will kick off Greek Week with Field Day on the Business fields. There will be a barbeque kick off event and other events throughout the week.
  2. Adjournment
    1. Mr. Royal motions to adjourn. Mr. Rhoades seconds. Mr. Nieto calls to question. Seeing no opposition to acclimation, motion carries. Meeting adjourns.