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Meeting Minutes


March 22, 2012


Attendance:  Diane Belz, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Joshua Fishman, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Cheryl Kent, John Lanz, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Kris Schoech, Ellesse Spaeth, Sam Rhoades, Blake Royal, Dan Rummel

  1. Call to Order 5:50pm
    1. Approval of Minutes from 3/8
      1. Mr. Rhoades motions to approve Minutes from 3/8 with above changes. Ms. Spaeth seconds. Ms. Spaeth calls to question. No opposition to acclimation. Motion carries.
    2. Approval of Agenda
      1. Ms. Spaeth motions to approve the Agenda for 3/22.  Mr. Rhoades calls to question. No opposition to acclimation. Motion carries.
  2. Buff Up The Rec
    1. Ms. Kent:A total amount of $63.5 million has been approved for this project. The approved construction budget is an additive number that comes to $45,480,606. The contingency adds another $1.6667 million. The number that the architects and construction firms have been working with is $45 million. We have withheld sustainability dollars at this time in order to reach the gold level. A few weeks ago, we were $10 million over budget. We are looking better now; as of last week, we were on $1.17 million over budget. We are now moving into the design development phase.

When we got the estimate coming out of schematic design, the total cost was estimated at $56 million. Not including sustainability, the number was $45 million. The architects and contractors discovered duplications in their budgets that amount to a $400,000 budget cut. New estimates will come back to us in the next phase of design.

    1. Mr. Deakyne: The biggest thing right now is the climbing wall enclosure. It is on hold right now. We are moving into design development with the climbing wall staying where it is. We need the infrastructure for the pool as well as the tennis courts. The best decision regarding those pieces will be made in the future. Cheryl is comfortable with the current number and if we have to change our approach in the future, we will do that. The vice-chancellors have agreed to utilize the contingencies in the plan. They gave a notice to proceed and a tentative approval of the design development. They still want to see pricing and officially work within the $45 million budget. They have not released the Leeds sustainability money yet. The next set of workshops will take place on April 4 and 5.
    2. Ms. Kent:Design development is a refinement of the plan. We will look space by space at what is next for us. There will be a higher level of refinement of the exterior and interior details. This will include placement of windows, skylights, and room entry and exit points. This leads to a later process which is developing construction documents. Questions?
    3. Mr. Finch: Are the outdoor pool and tennis courts included in the new budget estimate?
    4. Ms. Kent:This number represents infrastructure, but finishing is carried as an alternate. Finishing the pool and tennis courts is a contingency that can be talked about in the future.
  1. CUSG Report
    1. Ms. Kent: CUSG elections are April 9-13. The Wardenburg Health Center is looking to restructure their Health Board. If the bill goes through, they would no longer operate the same way that the other boards function now. It would remove Wardenburg from student government budget processes. The change is related to a comingling of funds that is prohibited at the state level. They essentially amended the CUSG Constitution to redefine the Health Board.  The Health Board will become an advisory board. This move will require a 2/3-majority vote from students. The bill will be voted on tonight.
  2. Program Area Liaison Reports
    1. New Rec Board members will be assigned to new liaison positions. Ellesse will do membership, John weight room and check out. Sam is club sports. George is IT. Blake is custodial and maintenance. Colin is Building Services and Bear Creek.
  3. Executive/Task Team Reports
    1. Mr. Jorgensen: Over Spring break, club sports will be very busy. The crew team will compete at Baylor. Racquetball will be at ASU. Swim & Dive club will be at Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia. Taekwondo will compete at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora. The last weekend of break, men’s and women’s lacrosse will hold an invitational at Kittredge fields. The Colorado triathlon team won the championship. The Colorado freestyle team won the national championship, as well.  Intramurals had a good fourth season. The Outdoor Program will continue to get the Challenge Course geared up. The task teams are busy planning the year-end banquet on Sunday, April 22. It will take place at 5:30pm at the club level of the Coors Events Center. RSVP by April 12.  The banquet is being held to honor graduating seniors and key students leaders in the Rec Center. Dress is business casual and Pasta Jay’s will cater the event.
    2. Mr. Najera: The Bear Creek recreation center will be updating its free weight equipment. The maintenance team is working on the batting nets in Carlson Gym over break.
    3. Ms. Lu: Tim attended Zumba today.
    4. Ms. Belz: Student groups are active running special events. Last weekend, we held an event on the Rec lawn and on Sewall Field. All is good.
  4. Chair’s Report
    1. Mr. Deakyne: Enhancement failed to pass at Leg. Council in a tie vote. The execs told Leg. Council that they would veto current set of motions unless a compromise reached. Some cost centers were lost. We got back $3700, which went to club sports. There will be a follow-up meeting with Chris, Co-chair of the Board to make the process smoother in the future. We will meet about the attempt to fund an IT position from other sources, possibly OIT.
  5. Director’s Report
    1. Ms. Kent: We must manage all the information about the new Rec Center to respect all involved.
  6. Facility Requests


  1. Old Business
    1. Phoenix Multisport
      1. Ms. Kent: We looked at Phoenix Multisport at a couple of weeks ago. It is a group that has some grant money that they would like to apply to CU campus. We need Sober Living on campus. CAPS, parent relations, and ROTC are actively engaged with this group. They are willing to apply services for a dollar. Whether our needs mesh well is to be seen. I suggest a pilot program of one semester involving this group. For anything to happen, Rec Board must approve it because most of the activities involve the Rec. Questions, comments?
        Mr. Finch: I suggest that we stress late night programming to replace the current late night program that has no money. It comes from the Parent Fund. It won’t impact other areas and fill a need that they have.

 Mr. Deakyne: Is this program non-exclusive? Yes. Only asked for climbing wall for exclusive use.

  1. New Business
    1. By-law Review
      1. Mr. Deakyne:Newer members work with Nan. Blake will chair the review with Ellesse and John as assistance. On CUSG website bylaws for other boards can be found. We must report changes in by-laws within one week to Leg. Council. The last meeting for Leg. will probably take place on May 3. The review should be done by April 26 with a preliminary report on April 19 to the Board. We are also discussing a new members orientation, consisting of a developmental retreat at the Challenge Ropes Course. If anyone is here this summer, your assistance with planning that would be appreciated.
    2. Ms. Kent: At an informational attending meeting on Monday, we were informed that there is a utility project that will cut through the Business field. It was going to take place in 2013, but was moved up to this year. There will not be a building built on that field however, it is an 8-12 month project and it will be another 3 months until the turf is usable again. The goal is to start in late October with the field re-opening in late fall of 2013. This is an opportunity to ensure long-term use of field. The University has not entered into agreement with New Vista. They may look for long-term lease of space.
  2. Announcements
  3. Adjournment
    1. Ms. Spaeth calls to question the motion to adjourn. Mr. Rhoades seconds. Mr. Rhoades calls to question. Motion carries. Meeting adjourns at 7:04pm.