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Meeting Minutes


February 23rd, 2012

Attendance: Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Patricio Nieto, Sam Rhoades, Blake Royal, Ellesse Spaeth, Alex Voigt

  1. Call to Order: 8:03pm
    1. Corrections to the minutes from February 9, 2012, and approval of agenda for February 23, 2012
      1. Mr. Deakyne motions to table approval of minutes from February 9 until next meeting.
      2. Mr. Deakyne motions to amend agenda for February 23 to remove 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11. Ms. Voigt seconds.
      3. Mr. Deakyne motions to amend agenda for February 23 to include only the Director’s Report and Facility Requests. Mr. Rhoades seconds. Motion passes 7-0-0.
  2. Buff Up the Rec
    1. Discussion (After Facility Requests)

Mr. Finch: Next steps for design process?
Mr. Deakyne: Architects and contractors must come back with better numbers.
Ms. Kent: They may not be able to come to another Rec Board meeting. We need a decision.
Mr. Deakyne: It would be best not to violate the Program Plan. If the tennis courts or the pool are in question, the Rec Board needs to vote.
Mr. Finch: We need to be clear if something changes. Emergency meeting possible?
Mr. Deakyne: Let’s plan on meeting next Thursday and having a longer executive session. Keep meeting confidential.

  1. CUSG Report
  2. Program Area Liaison Reports
  3. Executive/Task Team Reports
  4. Chair’s Report
  5. Director’s Report
    1. Ms. Kent: The “Colorado Be Well Campaign” employee wellness program called today. They are pursuing ways the earn trust to subsidize memberships to faculty and staff to join the Rec. This would necessitate distinction between affiliates and faculty/staff. Faculty/staff prices would include systems, offices, other employees. No objections.
    2. Phoenix Multisport
      Ms. Kent: Phoenix Multisport works with folks in community, sober living, fitness wellness outdoor programs. PM has the money to partner with University for fitness-oriented services on campus. This would add to the movement towards “recovery” campus. They will probably put out proposal requests.  This would include on-campus student services, and a counseling perspective. Permission to explore in conjunction with Wardenburg. Interested? Yes.
  6.  Facility Requests
    1. IFC Basketball Tournament
      Requested time is Sunday, April 7th 11:30am – 1:30pm for the Expansion Gym Middle and East
      1. Regular drop-in attendance on Sunday morning is sporadic.
      2. This would eliminate 2 courts for open drop in basketball.
      3. Carlson Gym is available for drop-in basketball all day and evening.
      4. General Gym is not an option for over flow as Club Volleyball is scheduled at this time.
      5. The rental rate per court is $53/hour.  2 courts for 2 hours would be $212.00 total. With the 75% discount the total rental would be $53.
      6. Discussion
        Mr. Royal abstains from vote because he is a member of the Intra-Fraternity Council.
        Ms. Kent notes that the fraternities get a discount.
        Mr. Deakyne notes that with the new facility the Intra-Fraternity Council can return with a new proposal.
        Ms. Voigt motions to approve. Mr. Rhoades seconds.
        Mr. Royal asks for clarification if the motion is looking to approve both facility requests or just the IFC Basketball Finals Game. Motion is to approve only IFC Basketball Finals Game on April 7.
        Mr. Nieto calls to question. Motion passes 6-0-1.
    2. Co-sponsored Basketball Tournament Fund Raiser- Colleges Against Cancer
      Requested time is all day Sat. April 28th for all 3 Expansion Gym Courts
      1. Daytime drop-in is sporadic and regular drop in attendance on Friday and Saturday usually fills all 3 courts.
      2. Carlson Gym is available for drop-in basketball all day and evening.
      3. General Gym (only one court possible due to backboards) would be available during the day but would not be available for in the evening due to high volleyball drop-in.
      4. The rental rate per court is $53/hour. 3 courts for 8 hours (8 hour maximum charge policy) would be $1,272.00 total. With the 75% discount the total rental would $954.
      5. Discussion
        Ms. Kent: Good fundraising opportunity.
        Mr. Deakyne
        : Good revenue, good cause, but causes concern because of displacing the high attendance of drop-in basketball. If Carlson is open, however, it will be okay.
        Mr. Nieto makes motion to approve Colleges Against Cancer’s all day use of all 3 Expansion Gym Courts on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Ms. Spaeth seconds. Ms. Voigt calls to question. Motion passes 6-0-1.
    3. BUENO Center for Multicultural Education
      Request for half price for skate rental and building admission for 8-12 girls on a Thursday or Friday evening in March
      1. Discussion
        Ms. Kent: Rec has provided this discount before. Modify to make free? If the Rec provides this service free now, it will have to do so in the future.
        Mr. Najera: Give discount, but still charge $2 skate rental.
        Mr. Finch: The Rec cannot set precedent of free service.
        Mr. Jorgenson: Require BUENO to pay $3 entry and $2 skate rental.
        Ms. Kent: Recommends offering discount, if not student group price, with stipulation that this is a STU-sponsored event.
        Mr. Finch: Suggests deferral of vote.
    4. Iris Dreamers
      Not discussed.
  7. Old Business
    Not discussed.
  8. New Business
    Not discussed.
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment
    1. Mr. Nieto motions to adjourn. Mr. Rhoades seconds. Ms. Voigt calls to question. Motion passes 7-0-0.