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Meeting Minutes


February 12th, 2012

Attendance: Diane Belz, Bruce Deakyne, Justin Descombes, George Hoey, Tim Jorgenson, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Patricio Nieto, Sam Rhoades, Blake Royal, Ellesse Spaeth, Alex Voigt

  1. Call to Order: 5:50 pm
    1. Corrections to the minutes from January 24, 2012, January 26, 2012, and approval of agenda for February 9, 2012
      1. Approval of Minutes, January 24). Attendance change: Blake Royal present. Mr. Rhoades motions to approve minutes from January 24, with corrections. Mr. Nieto seconds. Mr. Rhoades calls to question. Motion passes 4-0-1.
      2. Approval of Minutes (January 26). Mr. Rhoades motions to approve, Ms. Voigt seconds. Motion passes 4-0-1.
      3. Approval of Agenda (February 9). Suggestion to defer chair’s report. Motion to change chair supports to before announcements. Move to acclimation. Motion passes 4-0-1.
      4. Agenda for February 9 passes.
  2. CUSG Reports


  1. Program Area Liaison Reports
  2. Executive/Task Team Reports
    1. Mr. Jorgenson (Programs): Marketing team discussed Recreation Center advertising last week. Still waiting on final results, need to continue to revise current programs. Advertising income not a lot but substantial. SEE: University of Colorado Rec Center Marketing Price Sheet, Advertisement Prices.
      Student development year-end banquet April 15 or April 22. All invited and encouraged to attend. Spring football game expected to be popular again. Special events include “Jamfest,” March 2, Relay For Life, April 13.

Patty McConnell (Wellness), Nicole Duncan (Grant team), myself moving toward submission of grant request to CO Health Foundation. $1.5 million grant request to foster movement for healthy eating. Final stage of submission, expected submission date February 15.
Nicole Duncan also heads Cause, Risk Management – progressing, not too fast. STFF: new uniforms, revisit when we know how much they will cost.


Ms. Lu: Admin note, Molly (previous secretary) wished to convey that it had been a pleasure working with the Board. Mr. Najera enters at 6:10 pm.
Mr. Najera: No major issues with the Rec since previous meeting. Carlson Gym bathroom and main court renovations in progress. Bike path from 28th Street a go to begin work. Working with the City of Boulder to obtain netting to protect bike path at lacrosse field in Kittredge. Renovations for William’s Village soccer fields in planning stage. The renovations aim to create a more inclusive environment for residents by installing new fencing, etc.

  1. Chair’s Report
    1. Finance Board & Budget Update (given at end of meeting)
      Finance Board interesting, asking questions, discussing less than 0% plus .7% increase. Cuts off 3% LIST, gave some of 0% list. Reassess before ledge order. At ledge make recommendations based off of Finance Board recommendations. Would like to dedicate some meeting time during executive session. Chat now or later date.
  2. Director’s Report
    1. Ms. Kent: Directors pass, will add if time allows at the end. (After IX, New Business) Important things with staff? Mr. Combs: hiring of new staff takes some adjusting, but no problems.
  3. Facility Requests
    1. Swim & Dive Club    
      Ms. Belz: Do not usually bring to Board, but Swim and Dive Club requests time in the competition pool for a meet for March 10, 11. Lap swim would be moved to Clare Small pool.
  4. Old Business
    1. Fitness & Wellness Program enrollment numbers
      1. Ms. Duncan (not sure): Discussion of pricing structure for classes at the Rec. SEE “Fitness & Wellness Programs.” Request to increase price of personal training, several classes. Preliminary information suggests price increases do not have a significant impact on program enrollment, so enrollment decreased for programs without price changes. Zumba (most popular program) had lower enrollment, without price change. Personal training enrollment up in January 2012 from January 2011 even with price increase. This is preliminary research and will continue to research.  Mr. Royal arrives 6:12 pm.
      2. Mr. Nieto: Working to make the website more user-friendly: easier to navigate, change look of schedules, CUSG logo. Working on fliers to advertise in residence halls. Two new programs being offered this month, 10k Training, Meditation. New program to help struggling classes: offer free class for a different struggling class each week to increase program recognition. Historically, enrollment increases in January and decreases in the spring. Not operating as we have historically.
  5. New Business
    1. Student Employee’s Board Request
      1. Mr. Justin Combs (Facilities Supervisor): Student Employee’s Board exists to change and promote relationships between employees.  On Saturday, February 18, water polo (marco polo) for employees offers employees a chance to relax and use Rec, and demonstrates that Rec supervisors are here for them. Requesting use of the Rec on the evening of March 10 for a lockdown. CUPD has offered to give a talk to employees regarding safety over Spring Break. Requesting early closure of the Rec on March 10, 2012.
        Ms. Kent: We support most of the Student Employee’s Board activities that use Rec facilities, including April flag football tournament, finals breakfast, etc.
        Mr. Rhoades motions to approve early closure of Rec on March 10, 2012. Mr. Nieto seconds. Mr. Najera requests name change from “Lock-down.” Mr. Rhoades call to question. Motion passes 6-0-0.
    2. Banners/Tables price change proposal
      1. Mr. Jorgenson: Former facility supervisor, who was a marketing student, did most of the benchmarking and came up with the original prices. Digital ads are the most popular. Legal services providers have reported increased business after using digital ads on our site.
        Mr. Najera asks what the $50/$200 difference in rate for table space accounted for. Mr. Jorgenson: daily vs. weekly ads. Ms. Belz: what is student group rate? For elections, etc.? Mr. Jorgenson: no charge. Ms. Lu suggests flexibility in pricing in packaging, digital vs. banner, dasher board, etc. Mr. Nieto moves to motion for flexibility in pricing advertisements at the discretion of Mr. Jorgenson. Ms. Voigt seconds. Mr. Rhoades suggests flexibility in pricing based on the time of year, as well. Mr. Royal inquires about existing records of ad sales. Mr. Jorgenson answers that legal services are only groups paying directly for ads, national ad firm reaches out to Boulder community. Mr. Rhoades inquires how advertising will be affected by new facility. Mr. Jorgenson responds that ads do not bring in a huge amount of money, never will reach $30k, but a little extra on the side in beneficial. Possibly in-house market research could add to ad income. Mr. Royal: Why cut back prices? Mr. Jorgenson ads were based on benchmarks, based on the history of sales. Ms. Kent: marketing approved packaging, branding, etc. will be looked at short-term plan.
        Motion passes 6-0-0.
    3. Challenge Course price change proposal
      1. Mr. Jorgenson: Trying to be customer friendly with the pricing. Prices being removed from website in order to be more flexible with pricing (i.e. non-profit vs. corporate pricing). Ms. Kent: Mr. Jorgenson has been granted flexibility with pricing. Entertain motion for packaging prices. The Challenge Course is very beneficial to students and student groups.
        Mr. Rhoades
        makes move to call motion to approve Challenge Course price change proposal giving Tim and the outdoor staff flexibility to change prices at discretion but are required to report at next meeting if price has been changed. Ms. Spaeth seconds.
        Mr. Royal inquires what the Challenge Course is. Mr. Jorgenson: Ropes course at Bear Creek, will re-open in spring. Mr. Royal: Is it popular? Why are there two different prices?  Is it profitable? Mr. Jorgenson: Yes. Prices vary depending on group. Ms. Voigt: What is the minimum number of people to book? Mr. Jorgenson: 8-10 people. Student pricing has worked in the past. Mr. Royal: It would be good for the board to hear information about who utilizes Course.
        Mr. Rhoades calls to question. Motion passes 6-0-0.
  6. Buff Up the Rec
    1. Thurs 2/16 Design Meeting (Steering 8-10am)
      1. Meeting cancelled, stay tuned. Mr. Najera: Design Review Board did not approve design, still in schematic design phase, not design development. Bruce, Cheryl, etc. meeting Tom at noon to discuss budget and timeline issues. Trying to convene in Steering next week, come visit etc. Clarification on DRB… new Rec currently designed in Clouder style, feedback to go away from nhat and more toward what the current rec is. The Rec should be a building on campus, so that it is identifiable. The current Rec is Clouderesque, but the rest of the building looks like 5 buildings. Trying to make building more cohesive looking. DRB asked architect to simplify the design, which allows them to spread dollars around building creating a more simple look. Hope to eliminate car traffic on new Sewall field (old plot). The field combines with front entrance to create a flow. DRB meeting one month from now. Facility Planning working on how to deal with delay and continue other things to not delay other construction. BCPC discussing parking in the morning.
        Ms. Kent exits 6:45 pm. Mr. Jorgenson exits 6:55 pm.
  7. Announcements
    1. Motion to move to executive session. Mr. Royal moves to motion. Mr. Rhoades seconds. None opposed to acclimation. Vote passes 6-0-0. Move into executive session.
  8. Adjournment