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Meeting Minutes


December 6th, 2011

I.  Call to Order: 5:31pm
II. Approval of Minutes and Intoductions

  1. Minutes approved with the following corrections:

Post Exec Minutes:
Attendance:  Harry Mieczko
Ib.  Amendment to stipulate that (not why)
Ic. Passed 6-0-0 (is this referring to Post-Exec or just in general?)
Mr. Nieto motioned to approve the minutes from the meeting on November 29, 2011 with the above changes. Mr. Rhoades seconded the motion. Motion passes 5-0-1 
II. CUSG report:

  1. Budgets due Jan 31st.  Coming soon.

III. Program Liaison Reports

  1. My. Graham:  met with Annaliese from Outdoor Program. The Challenge course is growing by about 25%. Could add more rental equipment gear.

IV. Executive Team Reports

  1. Mr. Najera:  freeze alarms went off.  Frozen pipes by front entrance.  Cardio room also leaked:  fixed.  Might have to replace carpet. Arena products replaced some gaskets on the oil coolers and did some cleaning and analysis.  Now all 5 compressors are running; good shape now.  Ice rink running really well.  Have to decide in the future about the 6th.
  2. Mr. Jorgensen:  Intramurals in post season play for all sports.  All other areas planning for next semester and building expansion.
  3. Ms. Lu:  On vacation.  Provided some cursory budget prep info so staff could begin budget for next fiscal year.

V.  Chair's Report.
a. Get schedules to Bruce so we can be ready to move forward next semester.
VI. Director’s Reports.

  1. Ms. Kent:  Review of Roberts Rule of Order.

Cheryl will send RRO for everyone to review
Discussion for amending already approved minutes.

  1. Mr. Strang:  Motion to clarify minutes from Nov 29th.

Mr. Graham:  I left at 7p at the beginning of the discussion. 
Mr. Nieto:  I left at 7.30p.
Both did not proxy their votes.
Motion passes 7-0-0
Search going on with the Evening Event Manager
Mr. Najera:  Had 180 applicants. Four finalists. Good candidates.
VII. Old Business
a.  IFC Wrap up:  Email with IFC from Brooks, CUSG VP of External affairs.  "Frat Boy" terminology used in the last meeting.  New learning not to use that terminology.  Cheryl would have intervened if it was a racial slur. 
Mr. Kent:  I've apologized and board might want to consider apologizing
Mr. Deakyne:  Don, Cheryl, and Bruce meeting with Brooks 12/14 at 8am. Always best to have face to face conversations.  Fewer text and emails.  Speak for yourself and don't represent the board.
Ms. Kent:  RRO.  Opinions stay in executive session.
Mr. Deakyne:  Anything discussed in executive session stays in executive session and does not go into the minutes.
Ms. Kent:  Did everyone read the email from Bruce and Brooks?   Was the outcome the best from the emails?  Does anyone want to enter additional info into the minutes?
Mr. Finch:  The IFC had met with Diane and had gotten the info.  Diane couldn't accommodate and suggested intramurals.
Mr. Deakyne:  Might be a good idea to do a follow up email.
Ms. Kent:  Why would we do that?  Encourage that this exchange has happened and not keep this exchange going.
Mr. Finch:  Lots of steps taken prior to the decision.
Mr. Deakyne: Thanks for your input.
Mr. Kent:  Apology?
Mr. Deakyne:  Any suggestions on wording?
Mr. Royal:  I agree with the board.  I am now on IFC and hope that it doesn’t create a conflict of interest.  Brooks knows what happened.  Don’t need to find the transcript of what actually happened.
Mr. Deakyne:  We are also given autonomy as a cost center.  We as a board understand the details of the rec center.
Mr. Deakyne:  Apology of "frat BOY" terminology?
Mr. Nieto:  I can write the letter.
Mr. Finch:  We as a board apologize and did not mean to be derogatory and we will go forward and keep this in mind. 
Mr. Finch:  Makes motion:  We as a Board apologize for the derogatory terminology used.  As a board we were not fully aware of the negative connotations and it was not meant to be derogatory.   We will make changes to ensure comments are respectful and not use them in the future.  In this motion we direct Bruce to send this apology and respectful correspondence before the minutes are approved. 
Mr. Nieto:  Second Motion
(Reading of apology.)
Mr. Deakyne:  discussion around sending of apology to IFC. 
Mr. Deakyne:  motion passed 7/0/0
b. Board Membership
Mr. Deakyne:  8 voting members this next spring.  Need a permanent proxy for spencer.  Alex?  Spencer will send formal writing to Alex to proxy vote until May 1.
Mr. Finch:  Lots of us leaving following this spring. There are 4 open positions and a chair. In the past when a chair is graduating we elect a chair prior to the current chair discontinuing.
Mr. Deakyne:  Can we Skype (communicate) regarding who might want to board.  We will review our policies every two years. 
Mr. Finch:  Open it up this spring and go through interview process for board members:  ex officio.  Bring on 2-3 ex officio at the beginning of the semester to ensure mutual comfort level.  Lots of turnover.  Let’s transition with good plans. 
Mr. Deakyne:  Looks like we have a plan.
Mr. Strang:  Do we have applications?
Mr. Deakyne:  No.....Everett might be a good recommendation.
Discussion continued around a good recommendation regarding number of ex officio.
IX:  Adjournment
Mr. Strang motions to adjourn.
Mr. Royal:  Just remember policy changer. Our policy and bylaws need updating. 
Mr. Rhoades seconded motion
Mr. Deakyne:  passed to adjourn
Motion passed 7/0/0.
Meeting Adjourned at: ??