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Meeting Minutes


August 23rd 2011

Attendance: Katie Brewer, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Spencer Graham, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen,  Cheryl Kent, Nicole Larocque Nan Lu, Steve Najera, Patricio Nieto, Sam Rhoades, Zack Strang, Andrew Yoder

  • CALL TO ORDER: 5:35 pm.

Mr. Finch motioned to approve the minutes for April 26 th. Mr. Strang seconded. Motion      passes 5-0-0.                          
II.        CUSG Report

  • Mr. Yoder: (President of Student Government) Liaison to the board. Carly Robinson (Vice president of internal affairs) and I will make it to as many meetings as possible.
    • Mr. Deakyne: The Bonfils Blood drive went through facility rentals last year. They are requesting between 2 and 4 conference rooms for Sept.14th 15th and November 9th and 10th.
      • Mr. Finch: We need to put a structure into our organization patterns for rentals (free vs. not free) and look at what is best and most beneficial for students.
      • Mr. Graham: turning away student groups is turning away revenue
      • Mr. Rhoades: 75% is heavily discounted already
      • Mr. Deakyne: Motion to approve or deny free request and do 75% discount. Motion seconded by Mr. Graham. Motion passes 5-0-0
      • Colin: loopholes in student group requirements

III.       Program Area Liaison Report

  •  Assignments:
      • Pool and rink: Zack Strang
      • Outdoor Program: Spencer Graham
      • Club Sports: Sam Rhoades
      • F&W: Bruce Deakyne
      • IT: George Hoey
      • Building Services/ Break Creek: Colin Finch
      • Membership: Tyler Goering  
      • Intramural: Patricio Nieto
      • Custodial Maintenance: Final recreation board member
      • Weight Room/Checkout:

IV.       Executive team reports

    • Mr. Jorgensen: There is excitement about the arrival of the new Fitness and Wellness Director, Nicole LaRocque. All areas, including fitness and wellness, are in high gear with the beginning of school year. Fitness and Wellness hired instructors and Intramurals negotiated registering online with help from Bob Lombardo.
    • Mr. Jorgensen: Ice and Dice was a success due to great a collaboration which took the load off of Patti Kish. 200 pizzas were brought in from hungry buffs and Chipotle, who also served at ice and dice, is looking to further their relations with the recreation center.
    • Mr. Jorgensen: Sunday is the welcome back training for students. There will be updates on the facility, full time staff introduction via PowerPoint, as well as a student-staff social interaction, and a strategic scavenger hunt. If a student is hired after this Sunday, they are required to go to training that is uniform with the one on Sunday. We are striving for uniformity. There are 165 to 170 returning and current students with a big influx in September and October and a small influx in February.
    • Mr. Najera: The ice rink is back up. The project was longer than anticipated because of unanticipated problems. It is running more efficiently than it previously was. We are looking to get the fifth compressor up and running, but it is running efficiently on four.
    • Mr. Najera: A lot of our facility received routine maintenance. Kit Fields had scheduled maintenance, there is new carpeting, paint, machines (At bear creek), and the tennis courts at Williams Village also had routine maintenance.
    • Mr. Najera: We are in the process of hiring for a maintenance position of structural trades with a focus on the ice rink and pool. There is also a new facilities and event manager position open.  

g.   Ms. Lu: Intramurals still doesn’t have online access to pay. We are making               sure that security is up to university standards (PCI DSS)
h.   Ms. Lu: We had a great year end. We are looking at a $30,000.00 contribution in SOR to CUSG, possibly more. If we continue to carry the other post-employment benefits as a liability, we will be looking at 30,000 dollars. If the campus controller decides the campus will carry that liability and remove it from our books, we could be looking at much more of a contribution into SOR.   
i. Ms. Lu: CUSG approved electronic time collection through the FinTrac
system which is up and running and in its trouble shooting phase. We are looking at late September for full electronic use.

  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne- We will be doing architect selection for Buff up the Rec on Friday. We are looking for board members to come to one or all of the meetings.
  • Ms. Kent: Audience can come and go, but we are looking for feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of each firm. Specific questions should be emailed to me before Friday.
  • Director’s Report

Update for Buff Up the Rec

  • Ms. Kent: (In regards to the architect firm books that were passed around at the meeting) we want a firm with a lot of experience and local presence. Most of the potential firms are a large national firm, and small local firm working with them. The firm must be able to handle a large amount of work.
  • Questions from rec board to cover in architect meeting:
      • Mr. Graham: How will we engage students?
      • Mr. Finch: Our concern is for students and the need for them to get the most benefit. The building is for students, not the university.
      • Mr. Rhoades: Environmental standards are a major concern.
      • Mr. Graham: How are we going to keep the existing recreation center functional for students during the renovation?

Athletic Trainers

  • Ms. Kent: Based on costs from different sources, we are going to invite Katie Gibson to a meeting to share information about the recreation center’s need for emergency training and care. There is an interest from Wardenberg about safety needs and an injury treatment partnership. This would jointly advance an athletic trainer through board leadership. There is a need, but now there is just a question as to how to fill it. Katie Gibson will present the needs as our side sees them.
  • New Graduate Assistant:

Ms. LaRocque: A new Graduate assistant named Duncan Lawrence, has been hired for the wellness grant from the Colorado Health Foundation to set up a competition in Wellness between Colorado University and Colorado State University. The goal is to get people up and moving and more involved in the Fitness and Wellness Program.

  • Ms. Kent: This is a planning grant, not an activity grant. We are jointly proposing a plan for 2013 implementation
  • Ms. LaRocque: We are doing a Pac 12 fitness challenge. This is an Ongoing program (4th year) and will be launching in early September for a one week competition starting October 24th and going through October 30th. It will be Facebook based for registration. More information will be available soon.
  • New Business
  1. Diane’s Requests

Mr. Deakyne: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (200 students—65% are minority, 30 advisors) put in a request for the swimming pool on Friday Nov 4th and use of the west gym. Since they are student group they receive a 75% discount. There is a charge because the participants are not students. We must approve the facility they are requesting for an exclusive group use because it is during peak hours and it is displacing students.
Ms. Kent: we have had no complaints in the past
Mr. Strang: Motion to approve. Motion seconded by Mr. Graham. Motion approved: 5-0-0.
Mr. Deakyne: Boulder county elections are October 25th thru Nov 1st. Conference rooms 1-4 would have to be booked all day for election security purposes. This would bump all students groups out for a week. There is a hold on the facility for a 75% discount because they are sponsors by a student group but have outside participants. They have put in a free request and without this, the total comes to $1,000. They have told us that at the full rate, it is not feasible and since they have no contract with a student group, a free request is not possible.
Mr. Deakyne: This event takes up student space. We need to consider how many students would actually vote. Diane has been talking directly with the people in charge of the elections

  • Mr. Graham: Motion to Table until Diane speaks with students. Motion seconded by Mr. Strang. Motion passes 5-0-0


b. Meeting Schedule
Mr. Deakyne: Meetings have been moved to 5:30 PM every other Tuesday starting next Tuesday based on a consensual agreement that this time works better for most everybody.
c. Interviews:
Mr. Deakyne: Mr. Rhoades, who was a proxy for Mr. Nieto when he was studying abroad, will be included in the interviews that will be held to find two new voting members for the board.
d. Rec Board Steering Committee, membership:
Mr. Deakyne: We need to determine how many people should be on this committee. We need to regroup from last year with what kinds of people we want on the committee and how frequently we want to meet.
e. Legislative Council Report:
Mr. Deakyne: The Legislative Council would like to have more frequent reports from its cash centers. We need a system in place to report to legislative council which includes clarity on how often they want reports, who they want to report to them, and how often is reasonable for us to be making reports.
f. Finance Board Fourth Quarter report date set at 9/20: Mr. Deakyne: We either need to delay the meeting or have someone else, like Mr. Strang, lead the meeting.
g. Williams Village Contract
Mr. Najera: Agreement for the Bear Creek Rec Center is up with housing. We will be Renegotiating items such as names for this facility as we want to brand it as recreation services. Details are up in the air and as things progress we will see which way we want to go.
f. Safety and Security
Ms. Kent: We had a meeting last week with the Colorado University Police Department regarding attacks in the Boulder area.
Mr. Najera: There was an incident on the Boulder Creek where one of our employees was the victim. There have been other armed robberies connected to the same man. Victim’s assistance for staff members as well as support and information for staff was available after the attack. We are looking at wireless camera options and motion lights. CUPD will be coming to training on Sunday to give options for student employees. Parking services had offered discount passes for student employees leaving shifts at high risk hours. We need to be proactive in student safety.
Mr. Deakyne:  Possible question for architects about security and safety option for the renovations.

  • Adjournment at 7:40 pm.  

Mr. Strang motioned to adjourn and Mr. Graham seconded. Motion passes 5-0-0.