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Meeting Minutes


April 12, 2011


Attendance: Diane Belz, Ellis Bennett, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Tyler Goering, Spencer Graham, George Hoey, Tim Jorgensen, Cheryl Kent, Alicia Muirhead, Annie Mulvaney, Steve Najera, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang. 

  • CALL TO ORDER at 6:03 pm.

Motion passed 7-0-1. Ms. Muirhead motioned to approve the April 5th minutes and Spencer seconded. Motion passed 7-0-1.

  • CUSG Report
  • Mr. Swanson- On elections- ratifications need to be made and infractions as well, which just got turned in today but we do not know of any yet.
  • Ms. Kent- there will be a hearing on Friday night about the infractions of the elections.
  • Program Area Liaison Reports None.
  • Executive team/ Task Team Reports
  • Mr. Jorgensen- Everything is gearing up for summer and orientation. Banquet is this Sunday and confirmation has passed but we have room for 8 extra people. Fitness position search launched today and we are on the way to make an offer July 6th. Ideally this position will be here August 15th and meetings will be Monday nights. The GA (Graduate Assistant) position is also being hired around the same time and we already have some people going into Grad School in the fall that have expressed interest.
  • Ms. Muirhead- If you have any information that you want me to distribute to the Grad Students I can do that.
  • Mr. Najera- On the facilities side, we are working on the Ice Rink issues. Maintenance week is coming up so we are gearing up all the contractors and financers. 
  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne- Right now we are down to two compressors and we need 6 so we asked Finance Board for the money to cover this. This is deemed a construction project so we have to run it through Facilities Management. That will take 3-4 weeks to get those in and we have had very little activity on the rink due to the ice being soft.
  • Director’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- I want to congratulate everyone on the great work we did for the elections and now we are heading into the next phase. The Reagents should see the basic info and how much this should cost at the meeting in May. 
  • Old Business
  1. Alcohol Policy
    • Mr. Deakyne- To return to the alumni group that wants to host a tailgate party in the Rec Center, I received a paper vote from Jessica stating that she thinks we should keep the building dry and not support outside Alumni groups to drink in our facilities.
    • Ms. Muirhead- I think that this should not be allowed for non-CU groups but we should consider the revenue that this could bring in from our own alumni.
    • Mr. Goering- I think we should take this case-by-case and see how it goes.
    • Ms. Kent- Something to think about- they are not participating in a sport after drinking and this is an event like a wedding or Banquet.

Mr. Strang motioned to take all groups on a case-by-case basis since this is a rare request.

    • Mr. Graham- I just want you to think about what message we are giving off by allowing alcohol in the building since it goes against our health and wellness mission.
    • Mr. Swanson- A lot of the budget decisions we make are based on what things are core to our policy and how we decide cuts so think about that in this decision.

Mr. Strang motioned to have case-by-case basis for non-CU groups. Mr. Graham seconded. Motion failed 2-5-1.
Mr. Strang motioned to decline the request to use the Rec Center for a Tailgate party with alcohol. Mr. Goering seconded. Motion passed 7-0-1.

  • New Business
  1. Summer Intramurals
    • Ms, Mulvany- In the past we have had trouble getting students to participate in Summer Intramurals because you have to be a member of the Rec Center to participate and currently only Summer school students can participate. I am proposing a membership just for Intramurals but not for a full summer membership to boost participation.
    • Mr. Finch- How do they sign up if they can’t get into the building?
    • Ms. Mulvaney- Their captain would have to find a way to get in and so I still need to figure out how that would work but basically participants would only be in the building for about an hour a week. You still need to be at least enrolled in the Fall or for Summer school.
    • Ms. Lu- age limitation?
    • Ms. Mulvaney- No age limitation other that you would have to be a student enrolled in the fall.
    • Mr. Najera- What is the Summer Membership fee?
    • Ms. Lu- the membership fee for the summer is weekly and equivalent to the rate for the entire semester.

Mr. Strang motioned to approve the Summer Intramural Membership. Mr. Finch seconded with membership only allowed when they are participating in their Intramural Sport. Motion passed 7-0-1.  


  1. Ice Rink
  • Ms. Belz- There is a group of 36 asking for a skate discount ($3 for non-profits) because they have lower income families during Open Rec Skate.
  • Mr. Jorgensen- Rec Skate is not hard on the ice; it is hockey that chews up the ice.
  • Mr. Strang- I think that this is a good idea because we are still getting business that we wouldn’t get if we were charging $8.
  • Mr. Deakyne- the only reason that we would not give them the discount is because this is a center for CU students since they pay for it but I think that this does benefit the students because of recruitment and benefiting the community.


Mr. Strang motioned to approve the discounted rate ($3 for skate entrance and half-off skate rentals). Mr. Goering seconded. Ms. Muirhead made a friendly amendment to extend the discount to all Title I requests. Mr. Strang accepts. Motion passed 7-0-1.

c. RB Next Year

  • Mr. Deakyne- we have one open spot on the Rec Board for next year and we could also put in signs around here in case there are any freshman who are super interested in getting involved. We’ll decide on Rec Board times over the summer. 
  • Announcements
  • Ms. Belz- I have to retire this month but I will be gone the month of May so I will be back as a 1-10.
  • Ms. Kent- We are lucky to have Diane here in the same position and she still has the option to un-retire if she wants to.

Mr. Goering motioned to adjourn and Mr. Graham motioned to second. Motion passed 7-0-1.

Adjournment at 7:00 pm.