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Meeting Minutes


March 15th 2011


Attendance: Diane Belz, Ellis Bennett, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Justin DeCombes, Colin Finch, Kelly Finnegan, Spencer Graham, Tyler Goering, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Alicia Muirhead, Tim Jorgensen, Sam Rhoades, Dan Rummel, Zack Strang.


  • CALL TO ORDER at 6:06 pm.

Mr. Strang motioned to approve the minutes and Mr. Graham seconded.

  • Mr. DesCombes- I am the Co-President as a Facility Supervisor and we have had an idea for Faces of the Rec, a Self-Defense Class for the month of February and trying to promote Friendship of the student staff through a staff party that students wouldn’t get paid for but to have a good time and meet each other. Ideas- hide and go seek, broomball, dodge ball. We talked to Cheryl about closing the Rec Center April 1st at 9 or 10 pm for the party. Also, a Finals Week Breakfast in the conference rooms so that student-staff could come in during finals. We are also thinking about doing a mentor program for incoming freshman and transfers to try to reduce dropout rates.
  • Mr. Deakyne- It is great to see student staff get together and I will open this up to the board for any questions or comments.
  • Mr. Finch- What day were you thinking?
  • Mr. DesCombs- We are flexible for the date though we were thinking about April 1st.
  • Ms. Muirhead- Could we do this after the Buff Up the Rec vote? We could even do it the Friday after (April 8th)?
  • Ms. Belz- The date doesn’t matter but I need to let people to know that the Rec Center is not available at that time. Sundays are the biggest intramurals days so those may not work so well.
  • Mr. Finch- So 9 pm on Friday April 8th?
  • Mr. Deakyne- I say we wait until we can work with Diane on a date so my suggestion would be to include flexibility after the vote is over at 9 or 10 pm.
  • Mr. Finch- Do you need money for this?
  • Mr. DeCombes- we do not currently have a budget for this but it would be nice to have some funds for snacks or something. We were planning this on the assumption that we would not have money.
  • Ms. Kent- We will do our best to seek donors but there are no guarantees. I would recommend a potluck.  

Mr. Finch motioned to approve the Staff Party at 8 pm the Friday or Saturday after the elections. Ms. Cicchinelli seconded. Motion passed 8-0-0.

  • Director’s Report 
  • Mr. Deakyne- We just got back from Finance Board and they passed the two new compressors and earmarked a third if needed. We explained to Finance Board that there could be acid buildup when you take a compressor out so that may have been what happened so now we are going with a different company this time.
  • Mr. Finch- What is the warranty?
  • Mr. Deakyne- One year



  • Chair’s Report
  • Ms. Kent- We got the fitness grant we applied for and we will be hiring a grad assistant for that grant. Fitness competition planning grant. We had a visit with the Colorado Health Foundation and Tim is planning a meeting to shape the job description and solicit applicants at the Grad school.


  • New Business


  • Ms. Belz- Today I talked to a potential renter for the facility for a tailgate for the football games. Although we have a no-alcohol policy and this would be an alcohol-related event, we need to discuss this request and decide whether the Rec1 is our facility or a grounds that I will manage. History does have it that there has been alcohol on these grounds with a waiver through the Rec Board. They need to have their own license from the City of Boulder.
  • Mr. Finch- Why do they want to host this event inside?
  • Ms. Belz- They are an older group and the game is in early November so it may be colder. It is on the table but we do not need to vote for this tonight.
  • Mr. Deakyne- I think hosting this event may be a little hypocritical to our mission of health and wellness at the Rec Center and we should not pass this and continue to promote no alcohol in the facilities for other events.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- Larry Schwartz (Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness) is retiring in the end of April and his search may be searched nationally. We would like to have two members of the Rec Board to assist with this process.
  • Ms. Kent- This would require some time over the summer as well because this position should be starting in July.

Ms. Cicchinelli motioned to adjourn. Ms. Muirhead seconded. Motion passed 8-0-0.

Adjournment at 6:37 pm.