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Meeting Minutes


2011 Feb 22nd  

Attendance: Morgan Barber, Diane Belz, Ellis Bennett, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Colin Finch, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Alicia Muirhead, Steve Najera, Tim Jorgenson, Sam Rhoades, Peter Swanson

  • CALL TO ORDER at 5:30 pm.

Board member motioned to approve the minutes. Ms. Muirhead seconded 5-0-0.

  • Announcements
  • Mr. Swanson- I met with the chair and vie chair of the BCPC, the people who need to approve our program plan to go over the plan and take whatever questions they had. They did not see any problems with the plan but want to see rough ideas of what the footprint is going o look at and parking etc.
  • Ms. Kent- BCPC is about two weeks from tomorrow (March 10th). The biggest thing is making sure the student reps are there. There are regents on the schedule for a tour with us and the first one is at 11:15, the second at 12: 15 (Wednesday February 23rd).
  • Ms. Kent- We had a successful event so Tim can you update us with the program area and  
  • CUSG Report
  • Mr. Swanson- LEG got interesting in the past week with regards to what is going on with the ITP. Their budget may be halved, regardless of students’ opinions. Our question was passed on to a second reading.
  • Ms. Kent- I would like us to have a more thorough article in the daily once we have had a second reading. We go to LEG next week with our budgets.
  • Ms. Kent- Nan and I met with Carly and Rodrigo from LEG to talk about Grad fees, so there would be a swing financially depending on the Grad students’ numbers. Nan is looking at different fee structures to see the impacts.
  • Liaison Reports


  • Executive Team Reports
  • Mr. Jorgenson- JamFest there were 36 teams last Friday night until midnight with double elimination. It was a really good time for the students and the upper tier folks who attended. Relay for Life is coming up in April, last year it raised $60,000. Colorado Girls in Sports Day, Saturday February 26th through the Girl Scouts of America. On the marketing front, we have sent out a teaser on taking out digital ads in the Rec Center so now we have surpassed any of the marketing efforts of the UMC in our first year. Student development- a lot of it going on in the program areas. Focus on transfer students because of the economy with students transferring from community colleges.
  • Ms. Kent- Sunday April 17th we have our end of the year student employee banquet. We are looking for someone to give a 2-5 minute speech from Rec Board at the banquet.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- Alicia gave me clarification on the Children’s Center numbers so I have updated those numbers.
  • Mr. Najera- We are meeting with people this week to find out why the two new compressors that we bought in 2009 have already failed. WE should have a plan for he compressors and the ice rink by the middle of next week. This may be more of an issue with the installation and the process that was used.
  • Mr. Najera-Roof repairs are going on to fix the leaking roof. Micro turbine- I spoke with Capstone and they will be sending out someone to service the Micro turbine, get it started and going, which is supposed to be running 24/7. The good thing is that we inspected the pipes and that al looks like it is in good condition.
  • Ms. Kent- I heard that over 150 people showed up for Cheap Late Night Date Night at the skating rink so that is one late night activity that has really taken off.
  • Mr. Najera- We are doing a full inspection of the pool because someone recently cut their hand on a tile in the pool. WE were trying not to empty the pool until May but we may have to do it over Spring Break.
  • Chair’s Report
  • Mr. Deakyne- All I have are project updates. Presenting to UGGS tomorrow so we will see what the progress is and what we still need to do. RHA is interested in giving a presentation on Monday Feb. 28th).
  • New Business
  • Ms. Belz- We have a continual discussion with the ROTC program about their entry t the building. We as the Fees Board last year, we identified that we were not going to charge the ROTC program for their PT program so that is included in the fee structure. The difficulty is when the PT, which is normally scheduled outside, does not want to be outside, so they are usually inside during off hours. Air force ROTC has 12 detachment schools, Marines have 2 and Army has up to 10 so when those students come they do not have Student IDs (since they are not students) and they complain about paying. The question is, they are not members and should they be paying? Agreements are in place that members of ROTC should be treated equally with other departments.
  • Ms. Kent- They are not students and they are not part of this university so they do need to pay for the fee to be fair to the students here.
  • Mr. Finch- Some Grad students here don’t even get entrance to the facility so it is not fair to allow these non-students ROTC members without asking them to pay.
  • Ms. Belz- We are already giving them preferential treatment so we
  • Mr. Najera- Did they provide you with waivers or insurance?
  • Ms. Belz- That is the problem if something were to happen we would run into a problem.
  • Ms. Belz- The Badminton Club has asked to reserve space in the Rec Center so they will need to present this plan to the Board Monday and Wednesday from 5-9pm, which I already shot down. I first offered to put them over in Carlson but they did not want to accept that.
  • Ms. Belz- Action item for tonight- Spring Break hours so we are offering special events for Faculty Staff Families etc. as a promotional thing. This is a good way to get memberships since we have been doing this for 4 years and always seen a spike in memberships.
  • Ms. Kent- It would be nice to build some summer memberships.
  • Mr. Deakyne- It is tough wit h summer memberships because it is so nice in Boulder and people do not want to be inside exercising.
  • Mr. Finch- What are the numbers that use the free week during the winter?
  • Ms. Belz- we don’t have that yet.
  • Ms. Muirhead- How do we market this?
  • Ms. Belz- Buff Bulletin
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- Can we add Grad Students to this?
  • Ms. Kent- yes.
  • Ms. Muirhead- I think offering this service to Grad Students is a good idea to promote memberships.
  • Ms. Kent- we also do a new employee free day at the Rec Center to market memberships.
  • Mr. Swanson- I do not see a downside because it doesn’t seem like we are losing any money.
  • Ms. Kent- Can we add too that we track who they are and send recruitment follow up to them?
  • Mr. Finch- As a family, what can a 6-year old do here?
  • Ms. Kent- They can play basketball, racquetball and play games with their parents.

Ms. Cicchinelli motioned to approve and Mr. Finch seconded to include Grad Students. Motion passed 5-0-0.

  • Adjournment at 6:26 pm