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Meeting Minutes


February 8, 2011


Attendance: Diane Belz, Ellis Bennett, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, Spencer Graham, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, John Meyer, Alicia Muirhead, Tim Jorgenson, Sam Rhoades, Peter Swanson, Zack Strang.

  • CALL TO ORDER at 5:08 pm. 

Ms. Muirhead motioned to approve the minutes. Mr. Finch seconded. Motion passed 4-0-0.

  • Announcements 
  • Mr. Deakyne- Good news, w e have been given permission for Club Sports and Intramurals to use the Buff logo.
  • Budget 
  • Mr. Deakyne- We were asked to cut a few of the budget items we were not planning on cutting.  Do we agree that the childcare center is the first to go?
  • Mr. Deakyne- Increasing rink revenue, leaving the currently vacant custodial 1 position vacant, may cut increase in marketing spending
  • Mr. Finch- We should focus on childcare since that is a big-ticket item. I would lean towards cutting that whole area and avoid going into other areas.
  • Ms. Kent- Some of these things have already happened; eliminate the scorekeeper position, increase ice skate rental prices, leave current custodial position vacant.
  • Mr. Deakyne- does anyone want to advocate for or against? Do you think increasing revenue from the OP feasible?
  • Mr. Jorgenson- with the challenge course, yes/
  •  Mr. Finch- I would encourage not cutting our program areas.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- I think D. Increase club revenues by collecting participation fee of $5000 is a good idea.
  • Mr. Deakyne- not a huge fan of the last point, closing early and reducing the ID checker Saturdays and Sundays but we bring this back to our number one complaint of lines.
  • Ms. Kent- It would be budget neutral change to close an hour earlier and pick up an hour on Saturday and Sunday. Two people total for midnight to 1 am so these numbers are really low.
  • Mr. Finch- you are ultimately charging students more money and will ultimately price people out of these programs because students go here because it is affordable.
  • Mr. Deakyne- anything on 5%? The third point- fitness and wellness revenues worry me because we have been seeing a drop in revenues.  Reducing maintenance and other operating expenses- the building is falling apart and we should avoid that at all costs. Reducing other administration operating expenses goes back to what we give to the students.
  • Ms Kent- everything on that list is difficult so I have a hard time prioritizing this one.


  • Program Plan
  • Ms. Kent- here is the one-page summary of the 175-page Program Plan that we have. If you look at the project, we are adding roughly 30% square footage and renovating the existing building. The cost of those two things- $62.5 million, which includes an 8.16% contingency for anything that goes wrong. The student fee would range from $118-122 starting in Fall 2013. The site that we are looking at would be pushing out from the pool deck to the west and any green space would be replaced by redeveloping the parking lot into a green space. Lost parking spaces will be redeveloped most likely as street-side parking.
  • Ms. Muirhead- we need to focus on improving the climbing gym since there is high competition for climbing gyms here so we need to step it up.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- I agree but we are never going to be able to be on the same level as the other climbing gyms in boulder but we do need to improve.
  • Ms. Muirhead- Bouldering, top roping and leading would be great.
  • Ms. Kent- Proposed Program Spaces:  create a large social lobby with quick access to services, wellness suite and athletic training room, upgrading athletic training services, create warm, energy efficient, environmentally responsible spaces, renovate locker rooms, add gender inclusive and specialty rooms, refurbish (replace all systems) existing rink and support areas, size meeting, service and maintenance areas appropriately, renovating the existing south gym for multiple activities, renovate all public spaces including racquetball and squash courts, renovating the existing east gym, replace four existing courts,  renovate existing pool and add outdoor social pool.
  • Ms. Muirhead- do these numbers cover the costs of increased staffing etc.?
  • Ms. Kent- yes the $122 fee includes operating expenses.
  • Mr. Deakyne- For Rec Board tonight, we need to approve the Program Plan. Prior to LEG council on Thursday the 10th.
  • Ms. Lu- Why don’t we give the Board more time to look over this draft since it is such a huge document?
  • Mr. Meyer- We should send an electronic version of the report before the meeting so that they can look at if they want to and give them an overview at the actual meeting. In my opinion, it is premature to approve the document tonight.
  • Ms. Kent- we can make a preliminary approval of the concept and then have an electronic vote of the final document.
  • Mr. Finch- we should have a meeting on Thursday before LEG to make a final vote and then attend LEG afterwards.
  • Mr. Deakyne- If you want to paper proxy your vote you can drop it off in my box before Thursday. Anyone who is available needs to be here Thursday.

Mr. Strang motioned to approve meeting on Thursday at 6pm. Ms. Cicchinelli seconded. Motion passed 7-0-0.

  • Adjournment at 6:24 pm

Mr. Finch motioned to adjourn. Ms. Muirhead seconded. Motion passed 7-0-0.