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Meeting Minutes


January 13, 2011


Attendance: Ellis Bennett, Jessica Cicchinelli, Bruce Deakyne, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Nan Lu, Alicia Muirhead, Tim Jorgenson.

  • CALL TO ORDER at 5:40 pm. 
  • Capital Request Details
  • Ms. Lu- I got together with Cheryl and we considered all the direct reports, and how to maximize the use of the renovation.  Safety is always a big consideration.
  • Ms. Muirhead- What about things that desperately need to be fixed? Does this not make it on the list of capital requests?
  • Nan- (Going down the list) We have $100,000 reserved just to replace the cardio and fitness machines.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- Pool climbing wall wouldn’t impact anything just adds to the usage of the pool.
  • Mr Deakyne- Do we need to pay extra insurance claims for this?
  • Tim- no because set in the water and no increased danger. Moving on, pool vacuums, chemical controllers, and VFD for pumps (more energy-efficient pumps) are all used to keep the pool clean.
  • Ms. Kent- We can’t do all of those things for $50,000 so there is an “or” factor.
  • Ms. Kent- Wood floor finish annual maintenance: Our budget does not cover the frequency of floor cleaning and we need to be on a more regular schedule with cleaning.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- we opened up our bike studio for clubs to use as well (Triathlon and Cycling).
  • Ms. Lu- This is the start-up cost ($10,348) for the FinTrack electronic time management/payroll system and there will be about $2,000 in annual costs.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- we are focused on upgrading and redoing our floors so we have to replace our “bad” chairs then we are defeating our purpose. The hockey rental lockers are continuing to maximize and they are rental lockers so they should generate some revenue.
  • Ms. Kent- We are using the same storm entry maps that we have been for a while and we need to replace them. They are expensive, but they last a long time.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- we need to update the 15 lane lines for all pools.
  • Ms. Kent- Custodial equipment has a continual need this year we need to designate a certain amount of money to that (vacuums, floor scrubbers and so on).
  • Nan- WE never have a set budget for the items included in item 11 but it is needed.
  • Ms. Kent- The radios are not working in the dead spaces of the basement floor so we need to look at increasing the signal in these areas.
  • Ms. Lu- The scrum sledge for the men’s and women’s rugby teams should last 10-12 years and serves about 100 students a season.
  • Ms. Kent- We are waiting to totally invest in self-powered treadmills but we are willing to invest in one at Bear Creek, since they are lacking treadmills.
  • Ms. Muirhead- What about filling out all of the cardio stations with TVs. As many as those with TVs the better.
  • Ms. Kent- We could consider that and see what the price would be.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- We need to look at what the electrical capacity would be.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- I like the green treadmill idea but that is a really expensive treadmill so I think we should wait and invest more on TVs than the green treadmills.
  • Mr. Jorgenson- We are getting the pricing on replacing the window panes. We are also thinking about getting a golf simulator based on your skill level and location. Golf continues to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world so this would be popular. This does require some restrictions because of height requirements so we need to look into that.
  • Ms. Kent- We do need a new form of revenue now that we no longer have the tanning salons for health reasons.
  • Ms. Cicchinelli- What about spray tanning at Bear Creek?
  • Ms. Muirhead- I think we should incorporate the golf simulator into the renovations and this might be an incentive for people to get excited about renovations.
  • Ms. Muirhead- I would like a better estimate for bike and hockey lockers in the long-term because if it is going to take too long than it is not worth it.
  • Ms. Lu- It will be about 6-7 years for the hockey lockers.
  • Ms. Kent- When was the last time we raised prices on those?$60/year seems to be pretty low and I think we can afford to bump that up.
  • Ms. Lu- What about the regular lockers in the locker rooms?
  • Ms. Kent- We are increasing the amount that we rent in order to increase revenue.  
  • Adjournment at 6:30 pm.