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Board Members

The Recreation Board is a joint board of students, faculty, and staff, consisting of nine members operating under the authority of the University of Colorado Student Government. One of the most important roles of the Recreation Board is to act as a policy setting body that works toward promoting the improvement of the Recreation Center and the University community through planning and positive action. Other roles include reviewing, making recommendations, and approving the annual budget and any special financial requests. The Recreation Board is a Joint Board and reports to Legislative Council. The Student Recreation Center is a CUSG Cost Center and funded by CUSG (student fees). The budget of the Recreation center is $6.5 million. Potential applicants must fill out an application on the CUSG website.

University of Colorado Student Government
Rec Board Policy
Rec Board By-Laws

Rec Board meets for Spring 2013 every Tuesday at 5:30pm
For next meeting date contact the Chair Zach Strang
Location: Rec Center Conference Room 5

Board Members


Richard Bateman Board Member
Gabrielle Krupp Board Secretary
Spencer Graham Board Member
Jake Jeronimus


Finance Board Liaison
George Hoey Non-Student Member
Tim Jorgensen Staff
Gary Chadwick Director
John Lanz Board Member
Huan Lu Staff
Steve Najera Staff
Sam Rhoades Chair
Chris Schaefbauer CUSG President
Ellesse Spaeth Vice Chair
Lee Silbert Non-Student Member
Alec Parkin Student Member
James Bradbury Board Member
David Bretl Legislative Council Liaison
Macey Juhl Board Member