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5050 - Graduate Studies in Writing & Rhetoric Course Descriptions

WRTG 5050 is meant to give you both a theoretical background and practical training in the teaching of college writing. Through writing exercises and workshops, discussion of reading materials, and in- class conversations about your teaching and learning experiences, you will learn methods of teaching writing and reading, strategies for responding to and assessing student writing, and ways of dealing with problems that inevitably arise in your work with student writers in the classroom and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to explore contemporary issues in the teaching and study of writing and rhetoric: for example, the meanings of literacy; the roles gender, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, cultural beliefs and values play in student learning; concepts of authority, intellectual property, institutional rights and responsibility; linguistic and stylistic standards and conventions; and the place of politics and ideology in writing instruction. Although the specific objective of this course is to prepare you to teach WRTG 1150 or its equivalent at CU wisely and well, it also means to provide you with a practical foundation from which to teach writing and reading across a variety of academic contexts.