During the 2012-2013 academic year, Public Achievement students developed 25 projects to address several public issues, including bullying, disability discrimination, domestic violence, global warming, gun violence, immigration, school funding, student safety, teen pregnancy, teen substance abuse, and texting and driving. Elementary school students, who addressed bullying, for example, created an original storybook on the topic as well as coordinated a school-wide anti-bullying campaign. Their peers at Centaurus High School, who focused on school funding, implemented several fundraisers to generate support for a new technology library at the school; fundraisers included a technology drive, during which community members donated outdated computers and electronic devices, grant proposals to local foundations, and bake sales. In spring 2010, PA students also coordinated a ten-mile march from Boulder to Lafayette to both celebrate the legacy of civil rights activist Cesar Chavez and raise awareness of immigration issues. Students have also created public murals to promote peace and inclusion, coordinated school assemblies and community workshops on teen pregnancy and gang violence, and developed PSAs to address a range of issues impacting youth. As part of larger campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of teen depression and suicide, for example, students created a series of print PSAs for local RTD buses in collaboration with the City of Boulder's Youth Opportunities Advisory Board and the Second Wind Fund of Boulder County.

For additional project examples, see PA Yearbook.