Teaching Social Justice

Teaching Social Justice is a practicum course designed to explore participatory and service-learning pedagogical practices. Through an undergraduate teaching assistantship and corresponding field experience, INVS4999 students investigate progressive pedagogical and community organizing strategies to encourage higher levels of creativity and analysis among their peers. Tied to CU's Public Achievement program, INVS4999 students serve as mentors to INVS/EDUC 2919 students, program advisors, and program ambassadors, and are thereby responsible for not only advancing the mission of Public Achievement, but also for building the infrastructure necessary to ensure civic engagement is a common experience on campus and in the Boulder County community.

Commenting on her experience as a teaching assistant, one student shared, "It was an honor and privilege to take this class. Aside from working with the instructor, whose passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled, I feel like I learned so much about the art of teaching and what it means to be an engaged citizen. I would recommend PA to every CU student because it crosses multiple disciplines, from Ethnic Studies and Psychology, to Political Science and Education."