President's Teaching Scholars Program




Joan Ray

English Department

ENGL 252 (Survey of British Literature II, 17th and 18th centuries) Course Description:

The literature of 17th- and 18th-century Britain reflects the changes in English society from an aristocratic poetry written under patronage to a newly emerging literary genre appropriately called the "novel" addressed to a new and growing middle class. Our major texts with be the Norton Anthology of British Literature, volume 1, in which we will begin with John Donne and end with Thomas Gray with selected readings, and an early novel, which for the spring 10 semester will be Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Students will write two in-class essays (including the final exam) and two out-of-class essays.


ENGL 498 (Major Author Senior Seminar: Jane Austen) Course Description:

One of the most popular, critically studied, and beloved novelists of all time, Jane Austen (1775 1817), left six novels, a few juvenile pieces, and two unfinished fragments of novels. This seminar will study her works in chronological order of composition as we share our insights about each text, in so doing, we will discover that while Austen wrote "courtship" novels, she also had much to say--not all of it complimentary--about the culture in which she lived and in which her fiction is set. Students will write a research paper proposal and a research paper; one in-class essay test; and one out-of-class paper. Students will also do an oral presentation to guide part of the discussion on a specific novel. Please schedule an appointment with me to arrange this.